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Trump Gets Backup As Congressman Exposes Flawed Prosecution


Fatal And Assault On Justice

A bombshell letter has rocked the court in NYC, detonating a direct hit against the corrupt show trial targeting Trump. Texas Congressman Troy Nehls fired off a judicial missile, blowing holes through the malicious prosecution’s fatal flaws.

Like a prosecutor gone rogue, Manhattan DA abusing power to harass a political foe. The baseless indictment rests on imaginary crimes, no real evidence and unconstitutional assumptions.

This assault on justice has now suffered a devastating blow. Congressman Nehls’ letter calls out the trial’s blatant manipulation of facts and laws for political gain. He warns the biased judge against enabling an outcome that shreds due process and balances of power.

As the courtroom shakes from these truth bombs, all eyes turn to the judge’s looming decision. Will he dismiss this unscrupulous farce masquerading as impartial proceedings? Or will he defy justice to empower an unaccountable DA’s vengeance? The sanctity of America’s legal system hangs in the balance.

Yet again the Left’s schemes collapse under the weight of their own corruption. This trial was a political hit job from day one. But hubris led Bragg to overplay his hand until the façade crashed down. 

Congressman Exposes “Fatal Flaws” In Trump Trial

Judge Juan Merchan faces a backlash and warnings from Reps for fatal flaws in Trump’s case. It is no wonder anymore for any other politically driven show against Donald Trump only to gain some points. little do they know, its points against them. 

The famous witch hunt politically driven trial against the former president Donald Trump has overreached prosecutorial reeking from it, as Rep. Troy Nehls, R-Texas has rightfully sent a letter to Acting New York Supreme Court Judge Juan Merchan on Thursday. 

Consisting of warnings against the ongoing trial that it suffers from fatal flaws that will be a threat to the process and the balance of power. This partisan witch hunt seeks to criminalize routine practices without federal oversight.

At its core, with no evidence being provided or shown validation against the allegations of finance violations, it only rests on an unconstitutional premise. 

“This prosecution suffers from numerous fatal flaws, but most notably, it is premised upon the baseless contention that a formal finding that a violation of federal law occurred, which the federal government has not affirmatively established within the contours of a final adjudication with proper procedural safeguards,” he continued. “This proves fatal to the case at hand.”

The Federal Election Commission, not Bragg’s local office, holds a sole federal authority to enforce and adjudicate federal election laws under powers granted by Congress. Yet the FEC already declined to find Trump actually violated any federal statutes regarding the payments.

But Bragg has tried nonstop to bootstrap the charges onto imaginary federal crimes, only to satisfy his attack as a political nemesis. Such prosecutorial games make an utter mockery of impartial justice.

The out of audacity overreach doesn’t end there. Bragg converted routine misdemeanors into dubious felonies by speciously alleging “other crimes.” He coupled minor recordkeeping miscues with ludicrous claims of “election tampering.” 

In reality, the actual evidence connecting the payments to any electoral impact is virtually nonexistent. No documents or witnesses directly implicate Trump in directing the payments to influence the election. 

“Without appropriate consideration of the primary jurisdiction doctrine, the case before you could mean that Congress’s legislative process is nullified, for our laws can be enforced by state prosecutors without federal oversight.”

At best, indirect inferences suggest he may have been aware – but mere awareness of staff activities does not equate to criminal intent.

Trump Faces Biased Judge Enabling DA’s Abuse

Making matters worse, the statute of limitations for the alleged activity expired long ago. Basic time limits on prosecution prevent unfair surprise charges or stale evidence. Yet Bragg plowed ahead anyway, confirming his motivations have nothing to do with impartial law enforcement.

This unprecedented assault on executive power undermines constitutional checks and balances. If state DAs can unilaterally criminalize federal activities despite federal agencies declining prosecution, no president is safe from local persecution. Power-hungry prosecutors could harass disfavored leaders without restraint.

To prevent this dangerous precedent, the judge must refer the case’s federal issues back to the FEC as Congressman Nehls recommends. If federal election experts find no wrongdoing occurred, then Bragg’s house of cards collapses. Even if the FEC disagrees with Trump’s actions, prosecution would still rightfully fall to federal officials, not New York opportunists.

Bragg stubbornly refuses to let the proper federal authorities resolve the federal questions which reeks of an unethical personal vendetta. He wants to deny Trump impartial federal review before a neutral FEC panel. This naked rush to judgment evinces an appalling lack of integrity.

Neutral legal experts across America have warned Bragg’s case is exceptionally weak. Any unbiased observer knows Bragg lacks both the facts and the authority to convict here. 

But justice plays no role in Bragg’s calculations. His sole motivation is left-wing political bloodlust to penalize Trump despite the flimsy grounds for prosecution.

His actions continue a dangerous pattern of Trump opponents subverting laws for political gain. From national security abuses to the partisan impeachments, Democrats have constantly bent rules to attack Trump since 2016. Bragg is simply their latest unethical pawn obsessed with destroying his predecessor at all costs.

This cannot stand. If the judicial system values fairness over partisanship, Bragg’s abusive prosecutorial overreach must fail. Let the FEC pass its neutral judgment before any state action proceeds. To do otherwise shreds due process and allows unaccountable DAs to trample constitutional rights based on personal vendettas.

No matter one’s political leanings, every American should reject this perversion of justice. Today it may be used against Trump, but tomorrow it could target any citizen who dares challenge power. Weaponizing law enforcement to punish political enemies is a tactic of Third World dictatorships, not constitutional democracies.

All Americans remain innocent until proven guilty. But this trial already indicates Bragg’s integrity. His brazen manipulation of the system for political gain severely damages faith in the impartiality of law. The judge must refer federal issues to the FEC and dismiss Bragg’s baseless charges before he can further undermine trust in justice.

Voters Backlash On Biden’s Partisan Maneuvering

Voters see through such naked partisan maneuvering. Efforts to weaponize the law against Trump and conservatives will provoke a massive backlash. The political pendulum eventually swings against those who grossly abuse power without principle.

In his short-sighted zeal, Bragg may appease leftists today with his unscrupulous legal games. But if impartial justice prevails, his prosecutorial misconduct will go down in infamy as a disgraceful vendetta. 

It’s time to end Bragg’s personal obsession, rebuke all who peddle justice for political payback, and renew faith that equal protection still exists for every citizen regardless of status.

Though claiming lofty ideals, Bragg ultimately represents the worst of partisan corruption of justice. His actions assault the highest American principles of equal treatment under law. Such abuses of power must never infect America’s legal system from top to bottom. 

Meanwhile, Trump has been leading a war room in NYC while addressing the Libertarians’ national convention on Saturday, putting an effort to win over activists regarding his tiring useless trial ongoing.

Trump is trying to win over the crowd, saying: “In the last year, I’ve been indicted by the government on 91 different things. So if I wasn’t a libertarian before, I sure as hell am a Libertarian now.” 

In addition, Trump said he would release “limited government so that the people can have an unlimited future.” He promised that “United we will be unstoppable. If we unite, we are unstoppable.”

Playing his cards in his favor in a right way, claiming he doesn’t throw people in jail to let them rot unlike Joe Biden is doing right now. Collecting allies is a piece of cake for Trump nowadays, no need for pressuring the voters or a sway method, they are already convinced with evidence regarding his policies.

In conclusion, Judge Merchan now faces a stark choice. He can uphold the impartial rule of law by dismissing Bragg’s fatally flawed case, referring federal issues to nonpartisan FEC review. 

Or he can allow an unethical DA’s personal vendetta to corrupt justice, authorizing prosecutorial misconduct that shreds due process and constitutional rights. 

For the sanctity of the American legal system, Merchant must follow his oath – end this charade masquerading as justice and reassert blind, equal protection under law. 

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