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Trump Gagged Unconstitutionally by NY Judge to Rig Trial


Introduction To The Attack On Trump

A constitutional crisis is blowing up in New York as a partisan judge slapped a gag order on Trump after feeling threatened by his Truth Social platform. This authoritarian effort to illegally silence Trump comes just as he’s gearing up to launch his 2024 run.

The politically motivated gag aims to rig the outcome of a bogus show trial over decade-old stuff. The judge denied Trump’s request to delay the trial until after the election. This naked attempt to time the courtroom theatrics for maximum political damage has Trump supporters seeing red.

The left knows Trump’s rhetorical skills are unmatched when he can speak directly to the public. So they desperately moved to censor him from exposing their lies, aware he could easily win the case in the court of public opinion.

But efforts to illegally muzzle Trump will only backfire as his suppressed voice echoes louder than ever in patriots’ hearts. His Truth Social platform shines light on their darkness and will power his comeback against the failing Biden regime.

NY Judge Slaps Gag Order on Trump

New York Judge Juan Merchan, who’s handling Trump’s upcoming criminal trial over hush money payments, has slapped a gag order on Trump to stop him publicly commenting on the case after feeling threatened by Trump’s Truth Social posts exposing their partisan witch hunts.

Republican presidential candidate and former U.S. President Donald Trump gestures at a campaign event ahead of the Republican presidential primary election in North Charleston, South Carolina, U.S. February 14, 2024. REUTERS/Sam Wolfe

The politically motivated gag order is an outrageous attempt to influence the outcome and silence Trump from defending himself and revealing the Dems’ lies. It comes after Merchan set an April 15th trial date despite Trump’s objections.

Merchan justified it by claiming Trump’s past statements were threats and referenced threats on Truth Social. Really, the judge is just abusing his power to censor Trump’s free speech for Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg, a Democrat with a clear vendetta against the top contender for 2024.

Trump’s charged over alleged hush money his former lawyer Michael Cohen paid Stormy Daniels during the 2016 election. Daniels claimed she had an affair with Trump years ago, which he denies. The payments were totally legal but Dems want to criminalize this routine practice.

Cohen is a convicted liar who can’t be trusted. He turned on Trump to get a lighter sentence. Now he’s working with DA Bragg to fabricate smears on Trump right before the 2024 campaign. They want to use Cohen’s lies to paint Trump as dishonest.

Trump openly exposed their dirty political games at 40 Wall Street: ‘This is all about election interference.’

Bragg has reopened this flimsy case after it was rightly dismissed by his predecessor. The alleged crimes took place well over a decade ago and there is no victim. Charging Trump now over the payments is clearly just a political witch hunt.

But Judge Merchan rejected Trump’s legitimate request to delay the trial until after the 2024 election. The timing will allow Democrats to exploit the trial for partisan gain. They want to detract media attention from Biden’s failures by attacking his likely election winner.

Having failed to stop the improperly timed trial, Bragg requested this unconstitutional gag order to silence Trump’s powerful counterattacks and defense.

He does not want jurors or voters hearing Trump’s side of the story before they render their verdict. The judge readily agreed to this abusive request.

Merchan’s reference to threats on Truth Social is especially concerning. No public figure should be gagged based on comments by private citizens on an open social media platform they do not control. But this is merely a scare tactic to justify the unjustifiable.

Trump’s Truth Social is a haven of free speech, in stark contrast to the censorship on leftist platforms like Meta. It allows open discussion and dissent without heavy-handed moderation against disfavored views.

Naturally this scares politicians like Bragg who are used to controlling narratives and censoring dissent. But free debate on Trump’s platform cannot be held against him.

This unconstitutional gag order is a desperate attempt by the leftist New York justice system to silence Trump’s ability to defend himself against their politically motivated prosecution.

As Trump’s spokesperson Steven Cheung correctly stated, “American voters have a fundamental right to hear the uncensored voice of the leading candidate for the highest office in the land.”

Trump is the victim here, being relentlessly targeted by a justice system that no longer dispenses equal justice. From partisan witch hunts like the Russia hoax to unconstitutional gag orders, the left controls many levers of power and is increasingly abusing them against political foes.

But the American people see through these undemocratic tactics. Efforts to silence Trump will only make him more popular with freedom-loving citizens. His approval is steadily rising in the polls while Biden and the radical Democrats flounder without any message besides attacking their opponents.

Trump has the truth on his side. He will not be deterred by unlawful gag orders or show trial prosecutions. The left can try to bring him down with more lies and censorship, but they cannot stop his America First movement.

The rule of law is at stake. Americans must stand united against politically motivated abuses of prosecutorial power meant to criminalize routine business deals and protected speech. All to take out their top political adversary before the next national election.

This miscarriage of justice will for sure become Exhibit A if voters put Trump back in the White House.

He’ll finally clean out the corruption infecting the justice system and work to prevent these kinds of power abuses against any citizen of any party. Only by kicking out partisan hacks from power can fairness under law be brought back.

Also, Letitia James campaigned on attacking Trump before she was even elected Attorney General. She’s wasted crazy taxpayer dollars on cynical investigations looking for any dirt she can find on him, even claiming he misvalued some real estate assets.

Her joke of a civil case was rightly dismissed, but shows how far she’ll go to misuse her power against political enemies.

Trump is scheduled to be grilled by Letitia James just days before the hush money criminal trial starts. The timing is obviously coordinated for max political damage to Trump as he revs up his 2024 campaign.

James is abusing her power for the most cynical partisan reasons, knowing the headlines of Trump being questioned under oath will play right into Democrat campaign ads.

Biden’s Brain Freeze

Also instead of attacking the former president, Biden and the democrats should be busy with the latest disastrous Baltimore Bridge collapse.

But his early brain dementia is stopping him. In a recent press conference discussing the Baltimore Bridge collapse, Biden made confusing statements about commuting on the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore and this is just the latest evidence he is experiencing cognitive decline.

Biden claimed he frequently took the train over this bridge when commuting from Delaware. But as anyone familiar with the area knows, this bridge only carries vehicle traffic, not trains.

This sort of confused memory and loose grasp of factual details seems to happen regularly with him. It is concerning and suggests Biden is exhibiting early signs of dementia.

Plus, Biden shows no money restraint as he immediately promises federal cash to rebuild that collapsed Baltimore bridge. This reeks of political opportunism to funnel taxpayer dollars into Democrat-run cities.

The smart move would be having the shipping company’s insurance investigate and cover the costs. But Biden wants the feds to take over so there’s no independent scrutiny that could reveal Baltimore’s failures to properly maintain the bridge.

Biden claims this was just an unfortunate accident when the cause is still unknown. He doesn’t want tough questions about the bridge’s condition that insurance folks would ask. This is classic behavior from leftist politicians whose anti-cop policies have caused crime and infrastructure to crumble in cities they mismanage.

Instead of letting insurance experts do their jobs and find out why the bridge collapsed, Biden swoops in as the savior just handing Baltimore a blank taxpayer-funded check. This is what you get from Dems who refuse to hold their buddies accountable and just throw money at problems.

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