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Trump Foresees ‘100%’ Terror Attack From Chinese Immigrants


America faces an imminent terrorist attack ignited by Chinese Communist infiltrators crossing our open southern border, as former President Trump urgently warns.

As thousands of potentially dangerous Chinese nationals flood into the U.S. daily under the Biden administration’s negligent policies, Trump sounds the alarm that Beijing is unleashing a Trojan Horse invasion.

The CCP is aggressively pushing migrants into America, paying them up to $50,000 each, with the aim of planting terror cells and saboteurs within our communities. Trump understands the gravity of this border crisis and national security threat.

But the Biden administration refuses to take action, dismantling border protections and lifting travel restrictions that previously deterred this infiltration. Now terror strikes on our homeland are imminent, enabled by enemies exploiting Biden’s weakness.

How many innocent American lives are we willing to sacrifice due to Biden’s negligence?

A terrorist attack on our homeland is imminent if we don’t act now. That’s the dire warning from Trump as thousands of potentially dangerous Chinese nationals flood across our southern border.

Empowered by Joe Biden’s weakness, China’s communist regime is unleashing a Trojan Horse invasion, paying migrants up to $50,000 each to infiltrate America. Their mission – sabotage and chaos through terror.

Is the CCP’s aim to plant terror cells and saboteurs within our communities?

Trump understands the gravity of the border crisis and national security threats facing America today. As the Biden administration fails to secure the southern border and recklessly lifts travel restrictions, Trump sounds the alarm about the dangers ahead.

In a recent interview, Trump expressed deep concern over troubling developments that could jeopardize the safety and prosperity of the American people. He warns that the flood of Chinese nationals illegally entering through the porous southern border could enable a terrorist attack on our homeland. This comes as the Biden administration irresponsibly dismantles border security measures and overturns prudent travel bans enacted by Trump to keep America safe.

In addition, Trump pledged strong action against China’s economic aggression towards the United States if he returns to the Oval Office. His previous administration proved America can stand up to Beijing’s abusive trade practices, achieving breakthroughs that benefited American workers. But Biden reversed this progress. Trump offers solutions like major tariffs to compel China to cease cheating and start competing fairly.

America must heed Trump’s call and empower him to implement the bold solutions needed to defend our nation.

The present danger stems from the Biden administration’s negligence regarding the massive influx of illegal immigrants across the Rio Grande. Statistics confirm an exponential spike in Chinese citizens paying up to $50,000 each to enter America illegally.

Trump warns of the dangerous implications of the flood of Chinese nationals illegally crossing the southern border under the Biden administration. He points out that thousands of potentially dangerous foreigners from an adversarial power are entering America daily.

When Trump was in office, his travel bans and immigration restrictions greatly reduced this influx of migrants crossing our border. But Biden’s lax policies have opened the floodgates, leaving our country exposed to threats from within our own borders.

This is exemplified by the ongoing border crisis ignited by Biden’s reckless policies. Upon taking office, Biden quickly scrapped Trump’s immigration framework that had delivered historic declines in illegal immigration. Biden halted border wall construction, weakened enforcement of immigration laws, and signaled that entering America would face minimal consequences.

The results have been disastrous. Under Biden, over 2 million illegal immigrants crossed in his first year, with 2022 seeing over 2.3 million crossings – the highest numbers ever recorded. This wave of migrants stresses border communities, which Texas strives to help despite an unending flow.

Biden’s policies caused this crisis yet he refuses to correct course, forcing states like Texas to restore control. Governor Abbott has deployed the National Guard to deter crossings in places like Eagle Pass. But the task is immense, so Abbott vows to expand Texas’ presence along the Rio Grande to cover areas neglected by federal authorities.

Imagine the potential damage if even a small number of these masses crossing our borders are terrorists or saboteurs directed by adversarial powers like China. They could unleash havoc on our infrastructure, military bases, cyber networks and cities. Picture the innocent lives lost in one attack by an assimilated migrant. This is the urgent danger Trump compels America to recognize – lax policies that have needlessly exposed us to threats from within.

Trump’s immigration framework kept America safe by fortifying our border and enhancing vetting. The results speak for themselves – no foreign directed attacks occurred on Trump’s watch. Now America must choose – heed Trump’s warnings and demand action from feckless leaders? Or ignore the peril and suffer the consequences?

In a related threat, Trump spotlighted the risk of Iran developing nuclear weapons under the toothless Biden regime. Here too, Trump’s sanctions and pressure contained the rogue regime’s nuclear ambitions. But Biden returned to a policy of appeasement, substantiated by Iran brazenly ramping up its nuclear program and supporting terrorism abroad.

Trump plainly stated the consequences – Iran is on the brink of getting nuclear weapons, the most lethal arms on earth. This poses an overwhelming threat to America’s safety and our allies. Again, Trump calls out the peril we face and urges changing policy before it’s too late.

He warns that Iran is dangerously close to having nukes. These are the deadliest weapons that exist, able to cause unimaginable destruction. This puts America’s interests and our partners across the globe in mortal jeopardy. Trump highlights the dangerous situation and presses for immediate action to prevent a point of no return. We must turn away from this path before Iran secures nuclear capability and holds the world hostage.

Beyond these security threats, Trump aims to counter China’s economic warfare that has plundered American prosperity for decades. He pledges to impose punitive tariffs on Chinese goods to rectify gross trade imbalances and end China’s drawing off of U.S. companies’ intellectual property. Trump’s Administration proved America can stand up to Beijing’s abusive practices, achieving trade breakthroughs and bringing manufacturing jobs back home.

But Biden reversed this progress, and America’s trade deficit with China balloons while China props up its national champion companies with subsidies and market barriers. Trump offers the solution – fighting fire with fire through massive tariffs to compel China to compete fairly. This bold but necessary move will defend American innovation and prosperity.

The dirty truth is that Joe Biden’s policies have undermined national security and sold out American workers. Tough countermeasures are now required to face these predatory regimes that perceive the U.S. as weak under Biden.

The choice for voters is increasingly clear – a return to Trump’s security and prosperity or enduring four more years of Biden-induced threats and decline. Trump displays the vision to identify encroaching dangers and the courage to tackle them head-on. He will reclaim America’s strength, safeguard our families, and restore the great economy surrendered by Biden.

This is the cause patriots must embrace. American renewal under a true leader, or American retreat under Biden-style capitulation. There are no foregone conclusions in history. The future remains unwritten. Together we can shape it through our solidarity, spirit and effort. But we must first make the fateful choice between two divergent paths.

One path leads to the golden shores of opportunity guided by a captain who has weathered storms and understands the threats ahead. The other path descends into darkness cloaked in ignorance, neglect and denial. Which America shall we hand to our children?

America is fortunate to have the liberties, abundance, and opportunities that many societies lack. But these blessings did not simply happen – they are the hard-earned fruits of struggle by past generations who sacrificed to build a better nation. History has presented us with the duty to prove we can preserve this inheritance.

We cannot take for granted what so many fought to achieve. The time has come to renew their spirit of vigilance and determination in defending our freedoms. Though threats loom ahead, we must face them with moral courage and clarity of purpose.

This nation has overcome great challenges before thanks to citizens of strong character. We too can rise to meet the tests of our time, if we stand together. The road forward may be hard, but Americans have never shied from hardship in the name of high ideals.

If we keep working to perfect our union, we can write the next great chapter in the unfinished story of liberty and justice for all. But it starts with making wise choices in the present moment, guided by our founding values. Our future is unwritten, and it awaits the industrious hands and stout hearts of a free citizenry.

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