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Trump Exposes Biden’s Goon in Georgia Case


Trump showcased new shocking evidence that reveal the white house played a huge hand in his Georgia case by planting a political hitman in Fulton’s DA office to make up fake fraud charges against the former president.

Fear can be smelt through the air, as this whole scheme goes to show that even Joe Biden knows he’ll get crushed by Trump in 2024 so he’s getting desperate.

He’s using every dirty trick to hobble Trump’s unstoppable campaign before it steamrolls him again.

But Biden just stepped on a landmine that’s blown right up in his face.

His corrupt plot only fired up Trump’s base even more and now President Trump’s resolve and his movement is even stronger after this failed and miserable backroom nonsense.

The white house’s fear and distress in the face of the media they swore by only goes to show the effects of truth and justice on the Democratic cronies.

Stakes couldn’t be higher come 2024. How much longer will voters tolerate tactics like political espionage and sham prosecutions from leaders sworn to uphold the constitution? There can be no middle ground – we must make the right choice before it’s too late.

The Biden administration’s brazen attempt to sabotage President Trump’s 2024 campaign may have backfired spectacularly. As new evidence points to a sinister White House plot targeting President Trump in Georgia. Sources claim that Biden operatives planted a high-level mole in the Fulton County DA’s office to fabricate fraud charges against the former President.

This explosive claim regarding what could be considered actual 2024 election fraud by Biden, demands a full investigation – it would confirm the administration abused power to prosecute its top political foe.

This stunning abuse of power reeks of desperation from a flailing regime terrified of Trump’s rising poll numbers and favorability. The White House knows Biden would be trounced in a rematch, so they are abusing law enforcement tools to hamstring Trump’s return. It is the move of a coward who knows he cannot win fair and square.

Desperation is the word that comes to mind when discussing any action from team Biden.

And they are rightly panicked by former president Trump’s surging momentum. Trump has dominated the early 2024 GOP contests while Biden limps ahead with no credible challenger.

Polls show Republicans united behind Trump as enthusiastic as ever. Meanwhile Biden is plagued by buyer’s remorse among Independents and even Democrats.

So What do you do when faced with adversity you put yourself into with incompetence? You abuse your power to try and knee-cap your political rival before he steamrolls you and your party like it is 2016 all over once again.

The Deep State mole at the center of this apparent abuse of office is one Jeff DiSantis.

His extensive Democrat ties make him the prime suspect for White House coordination to punish President Trump.

DiSantis worked on DA Willis’ campaign and ran the Georgia Democrat party. He was also Deputy Director of Compliance for the DNC itself and worked with candidates from over a dozen states on a wide variety of goals, from the presidency of the United States to district attorneys and mayors.

Sources are now certain DiSantis acted on orders from Biden’s politicized Justice Department. He is the true mastermind abusing prosecutorial powers to fabricate a bogus case against President Trump.

The partisan witch hunt plainly aims to block Trump’s return in 2024 by any means necessary.

With the corrupt administration’s and the deep state swamp’s fingerprints all over this, does anyone actually believe a local Democrat DA such as Willis would indict an ex-President without White House approval? This entire persecution started only after Biden took power. The timing proves it serves his aggressive political agenda.

And DiSantis’ partisan record shows he is willing to misuse legal tools to target political opponents. He likely scrubbed grand jurors of conservatives by exploiting voter data. This rigged jury rubber-stamped the indictment despite no real evidence of wrongdoing.

Worse still, DiSantis helped install Willis’ alleged lover in a key role to control hiring. This looks like a quid pro quo to buy Willis’ cooperation with the White House plot.

She provides the figurehead while DiSantis masterminds this sham of a case from the inside.

This disturbing scandal exposes how low the Biden administration will sink to punish opposition. Weaponizing law enforcement to fabricate criminal charges against political rivals is a grave threat to democracy. It brings banana republic persecution right to this great Nation’s shores.

The White House believes it can get away with strong-arming the justice system into punishing their partisan nemeses. But they have gone too far. Now is the time to demand transparency and accountability before more damage is done to the rule of law.

But if you think this outrageous interference has weakened Trump’s resolve, then think again as it has only strengthened President Trump’s hand.

Trump, in his own way of celebrating and saying “I told you so” once again, took to his social media “Truth Social” to repost this article in full glory.

Patriotic Americans and voters welcomed all new evidence pointing to the truth that they believed in all along as they see clearly how Biden is running scared and abusing his power.

It is embarrassingly sad that Biden once claimed to be defending democracy and promised to restore integrity after Trump, but instead he moved to weaponize federal force against his critics.

First the FBI raided President Trump’s home. Then he sent an armed IRS SWAT team to harass conservatives. Now his operatives fabricate bogus indictments through a complicit local DA against President Trump?

A man calling for justice and truth has completely lost the plot and utilizes banana republic tactics against his political foes.

The contrast between this Democratic circus and Trump’s confident leadership of Republicans as he moves forward towards a much needed rematch with Biden could not be more stark.

Trump is scaring Biden right to his rotten core with his dominant victory in South Carolina which further cements his place as the undisputed leader of the Republican Party.

Despite the best efforts of the biased media and the Democratic establishment to undermine him at every turn, Trump prevails yet again with the strong backing of the GOP base and grassroots conservatives across the nation.

This landslide win, among many others before, and many others after, should dispel all doubt – Trump remains Republicans’ best champion and the left’s worst nightmare.

Victories like these however, should worry every Trump critic and get them to face reality.

Attacks on Trump only make his base more determined than ever to deliver him victory.

The more the left abuses power to rig the system against him, be it with fake news or egregious court cases with baseless allegations, the more hardworking patriots feel resolved to break the establishment’s chokehold through sheer grassroots people power.

When “people power” is against you, when Trump is winning in every poll and looking forward to returning to the oval office with confidence, you reach dangerously close to the breaking point. This is the current state of Biden’s white house.

Escalating attacks on the free press reveal a regime under siege. A regime that aims to hide Biden’s unfitness from any public accounting, long enough to steal the presidential election in 2024. Biden grows increasingly unhinged trying to bully and intimidate journalists who highlight his floundering leadership.

This is cornered animal behavior from an administration terrified of losing power and being held accountable.

This White House vendetta, against any and all critics, treats the symptoms while the underlying disease festers – Biden’s failed leadership. But even his most sycophantic reporters cannot prop up a flailing, bitter president barreling wildly off the rails.

Biden’s intimidation tactics only confirm that his crony and fraudulent presidency has finally reached its final stage.

Come 2024, voters will have the chance to impose consequences for Biden’s assault on our values. His abuses of power have ensured Trump’s agenda of restoring law and order carries more urgency than ever.

The choice for the republic could not be more apparent or critical. Biden’s schemes have only showcased why America needs four more years of President Trump’s principled leadership before it’s too late.

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