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Trump Exonerated as Report Implicates Jan. 6th Committee


Introduction to the Democratic Circus

Trump was proved right once again and the Jan 6 committee’s web of lies just came crashing down.

The smoking gun comes straight from the Secret Service’s Anthony Ornato who said that the Trump team pressured the mayor for 10,000 National Guard troops before Jan 6th but the partisan democratic hacks buried this evidence and claimed Trump did nada.

The committee wasn’t seeking truth – they were desperately hiding it. They deleted files, encrypted evidence, rigged their partisan circus from day one. Anything to frame Trump as an insurrectionist.

But facing the enormous amount of evidence against them, the Democrats choose to die on a hill of shame as they continue to go after Trump with the most recent hush money case in New York.

Endless and baseless witch hunts are neverending but Trump’s resolve continues to prove mighty.

Trump is Right, Again…

The House Jan. 6 committee is facing damning accusations in regards to suppressing evidence after a hidden transcript revealed testimony that former President Trump’s administration did in fact request National Guard assistance prior to the Capitol breach. A bombshell undercutting a key, and allegedly now false, claim in the committee’s final report, that is being championed by none other than the big man himself.

Republican Rep. Barry Loudermilk released the transcript of former White House Deputy Chief of Staff Anthony Ornato’s January 2022 interview with the committee.

Ornato, who also served in the Secret Service and directly under Trump’s command, testified that White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows pressured DC Mayor Muriel Bowser to request as many National Guard troops as needed on Jan. 6th.

Specifically, Ornato recalled Meadows insisting Bowser have “10,000” guardsmen available should violence erupt between clashing protest groups. Mayor Bowser ultimately and against Meadows’ wishes requested just over 300 unarmed National Guard members to assist police with traffic duties. Yet the Jan. 6 committee, definitively and without any solid proof or further investigation, concluded that it found absolutely “no evidence” the Trump administration called for 10,000 National Guard troops to secure the Capitol.

And of course like clockwork, the corrupt liberal media outlets jumped with no hesitation on the subject and also “debunked” Trump’s claim to have offered any sort of guard reinforcements.

But against all odds and democratic omissions, Ornato’s testimony matches Trump’s assertions.

It also corroborates comments by former Trump official Kash Patel in the recent Colorado ballot eligibility case. Patel stated Mayor Bowser declined further National Guard personnel in a January 4th letter, and troops were deployed on Jan. 6th only after her request.

Ornato went on to also recall the White House urgently contacting the Defense Department for backup forces once violence began.

He described Meadows demanding to know “Where is the National Guard?” and pressing the Pentagon to send assistance immediately.

But the committee deliberately chose to omit Ornato’s account in the final report, as it falsely and blatantly claimed that Trump “never gave any order to deploy the National Guard whatsoever.”

Trump was Caught in a Cheney Web of Lies

Liz Cheney’s spokesperson Jeremy Adler, with no shame or remorse, called revelations about the hidden transcript “flatly false” and a “continuation of efforts to lie about and cover up Donald Trump’s culpability for January 6th.”. Culpability that these democratic freaks and half-wits created out of nowhere.

Which is a notion supported by conservatives, as they highlight how the committee cherry-picked and misrepresented evidence to craft a predefined narrative pinning blame solely on Donald Trump.

Keen observers have noted glaring omissions, including violence by left-wing groups during summer 2020 protests that led to extensive injuries and fatalities among police.

Selectively presenting testimony to portray Trump and allies as entirely unresponsive, while withholding evidence to the contrary, allowed the committee to peddle a one-sided account, critics argue. It also let Democrats continue to falsely brand the former president an insurrectionist who refused to stop the rioting.

The Ornato transcript exposes the partisan agenda behind the committee’s investigation and final report, and it was not even the first time we were aware of any Democratic misdeeds and suspicious behaviour regarding the January 6 investigation.

In January of this current year, it was revealed to the public that the crooked and partisan House Jan. 6 committee deleted over 100 encrypted files just before Republicans took control of Congress.

House oversight chair Rep. Barry Loudermilk’s probe at the time uncovered that the Democratic-led committee, chaired by Rep. Bennie Thompson, failed to properly archive all records as required when power transferred to the GOP House majority.

Thompson claimed he turned over 4 terabytes of data to the new Republican probe.

However, forensic analysis revealed the drives contained far less data. Further scrutiny determined 117 files were deleted and encrypted on January 1st, 2023 – just before the handoff to Republicans.

This means Thompson’s team intentionally concealed key information days before they had to surrender materials, and Conservatives understand why they would be ashamed.

Now that more evidence has come out in regards to the Democratic circus and their mishandling of evidence, the cards are righteously stacked against them, and their lies are being laid bare for the whole world to witness, they are choosing to die on their hill of shame rather than admit defeat and face accountability.

But what do we expect from someone who is alleged to have made efforts to stymie any and all guard involvement.

Just days before the January 6 rIots, Cheney’s father, Dick Cheney, organised a January 3rd op-ed that was supported by former defence secretaries advising against military deployment. However, it was soon after reported that Liz Cheney herself organised the op-ed secretly and cunningly planning to pressure the defence department to not deploy any resources come January 6.

Could this possibly be Cheney seemingly wanting to prevent any perception of swift, decisive action by president Trump to stop the violence? Surely this is not an effort to portray a delayed, indifferent response in order to advanced Democrats’ narrative right? I guess we can only see the answers right in front of our eyes.

For republicans, the controversies surrounding omitted testimony and alleged evidence tampering by Cheney and the committee add to the long and exhaustive list of accumulated concerns over Democratic credibility.

Citing witnesses like Patel they view as lacking believability, while suppressing corroborating testimony from veteran law enforcement figures like Ornato, smacks of cherry-picking to craft a preconceived narrative.

From a conservative perspective, the deep involvement of partisan figures like Liz Cheney irreparably tainted the investigation as a political hit job right from the very start.

When Liz Cheney was lobbying misleading attacks against new House Speaker Mike Johnson late last year, claiming he “dangerously” supported Trump’s election fraud claims despite knowing they were false, you know you had a partisan hack that is out to get Donald Trump without solid ground to stand on.

According to Cheney at the time, Johnson’s efforts urging Republicans to sign an amicus brief questioning the 2020 election prove he peddled claims he knew to be untrue.

She portrays the new Speaker as an unprincipled opportunist who sold out the Constitution to gain Trump’s favour, when she should probably look in the mirror to take a good look at an actual unprincipled opportunist who turned on her party to gain favours with the sleazy Democrats.

But Cheney indulged in her favourite pastime as she once again omitted key context in her silly tirade against Mike Johnson.

Many House Republicans sincerely shared concerns about election irregularities and unconstitutional changes to voting rules in 2020. Johnson gave voice to these legitimate worries from constituents.

Cheney showed her elitist colours by sneering that voicing these concerns, through proper legal channels, is somehow unconstitutional.

Her arrogance exemplifies the Washington swamp’s disdain toward disaffected voters who cherish their rights.

The Witch Hunts Know No Shame

A disdain so strong and baseless that it has blinded the Democrats into wanting to bring the former president to trial right in the middle of an ongoing election season, even when he has defended himself and won multiple others concerning allegations over election foul play.

Lawyers for President Trump have filed a motion to postpone this upcoming farce New York trial over alleged hush money payments until after the Supreme Court rules on the scope of presidential immunity.

No president should be subjected to politicised prosecutions or used as a scapegoat by successors of the opposing party.

Presidents must have the freedom and security to act in the national interest without worrying about legal harassment.

Trump rightfully called out this nonsense for what it truly is, “Election Interference”.

And the patriotic American people stand with Trump in wanting this whole circus to be shut down and replaced with people that truly love this country and are not here to just violate its sanctity.

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