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Trump Dominating A Scared Biden in the Polls


Polls Don’t Lie

New polling shows Donald Trump dominating Joe Biden in a hypothetical 2024 rematch, portending a Republican restoration. Even as Democrats dump millions into desperate ads to trick voters, their spin cannot whitewash Biden’s string of disasters.

Yet the flailing Biden White House continues dodging accountability, rebuffing oversight into the pay-to-play corruption scandal enveloping his family. This smacks of a tired regime clinging to power through opacity and obstruction.

The Marquette survey demonstrates Trump’s enduring bond with working class Americans who have endured years of Democratic governance.

Biden eked out 2020 wins in Wisconsin and other key states, but buyers’ remorse has set in. Bad policies have everyday voters hungry for change.

No amount of smooth advertising can obscure the reality that Biden’s regime is lost at sea, while Trump promises a return to steadfast leadership. The map is tilting red.

Trump Poll Victory

A new Marquette Law School poll of Wisconsin voters shows former President Donald Trump holding a slim but very substantial lead over Joe Biden in a hypothetical 2024 presidential rematch.

Among registered voters, Trump edges Biden 51 percent to 49 percent, with the same 2-point advantage among likely voters.

This is just the latest poll in the crucial swing state to indicate Trump’s continued strength against the current corrupt White House occupant. It signals potential trouble ahead for Democrats hoping to hold Wisconsin in the next presidential election.

The poll highlights Trump’s solid support among the GOP base, leading Biden 91 percent to 9 percent among Republican voters. However, he also performs well with independents, besting Biden 59 percent to 41 percent. This shows more than anything how Trump and his message of hope, liberty and prosperity continues resonating with key swing voters.

When third-party candidates are included, Trump maintains his strong and solid lead over Biden.

An indication that Trump’s advantage is baked in, not merely a product of a two-way matchup. Who could have thought that one of the most charismatic and successful presidents would gain this much traction against a crooked Democrat who slurs his words.

The poll shows independents breaking decisively for Trump, further confirming his unique appeal with non-aligned voters.

Wisconsin was critical to Trump’s victory in 2016 and is a perennial battleground state. The fact he remains competitive there against the current president spells danger for Democrats in 2024. It shows voter dissatisfaction with soaring inflation, economic malaise and the open border invasion under Biden’s weak and corrupt leadership.

This poll follows recent surveys in Pennsylvania and Georgia showing tight races as well, despite Democrats winning all three states in 2020. Biden eked out slim victories but now appears highly vulnerable as voters feel the pain of his failed policies.

Trump remains highly energized and engaged in the MAGA movement while Biden often seems weary and disengaged as president. This enthusiasm gap shows up in the Marquette poll and bodes well for GOP efforts to retake the White House.

Wisconsin is also home to a key U.S. Senate race this November. The Marquette survey shows a toss-up contest between Democrat Senator Tammy Baldwin and challenger Eric Hovde.

The seat may decide control of the Senate, where Republicans currently need just one flip to regain the majority.

Polls consistently show Biden languishing with poor approval ratings while Trump remains the dominant leader of his party. If the 2024 race comes down to these two figures again, the latest Marquette poll shows Wisconsin’s 10 electoral votes very much up for grabs.

Trump’s enduring connection with working class midwestern voters gives him a leg up. The poll offers encouraging signs for Republicans as they aim to sweep back into power in the next national elections.

Trump got Biden Shook

But Biden is very much aware of the fact of the matter and how dire the state of his presidential campaign, and now he is blatantly and publicly using everything in his sleazy democratic arsenal to combat his downfall in contrast with Trump’s continued rise despite the severe setbacks.

The latest example of the fear that has befallen the Biden administration leading to an anxious man on the brink of a meltdown, is how president Biden has formally declined an invitation to testify before the House Oversight Committee regarding his involvement in son Hunter’s overseas business schemes.

In a letter to Chairman James Comer, Biden’s counsel dismissed the bipartisan investigation as a “partisan charade” and claimed the president has “done nothing wrong.” Oh, so now Biden is on the receiving end of legal trouble and he is whining about it, how ironic is that?

This arrogant refusal to provide transparency epitomises the Biden administration’s culture of corruption. It also continues a pattern of evasiveness and denial around growing evidence of the Biden family’s pay-to-play influence peddling.

Rather than clear the air, Biden is stonewalling and distracting. He wants us to ignore documented revelations from whistleblowers like Hunter’s ex-business partner Tony Bobulinski.

If Biden has really done nothing wrong, why not testify publicly under oath? What is he hiding from the American people? What is he afraid of?

Bobulinski has already accused Hunter and his uncle James Biden of lying about their dealings with Chinese investors.

He claims the Bidens viewed Hunter’s board seat with Ukrainian gas firm Burisma as a conduit to buy influence with then-Vice President Biden. Bank records show Hunter pocketed massive payments from shady foreign sources while Biden was in office.

The White House wants us to overlook these facts. But Biden cannot dodge accountability forever. If Democrats stonewall the investigation, a Republican majority must compel Biden’s testimony next year.

Biden also continues lying that his pressure campaign against Ukraine’s prosecutor had nothing to do with shielding Burisma.
That claim defies all logic and evidence. Hunter was paid exorbitant sums by Burisma while prosecutors probed the firm’s corruption. Biden bragged about forcing the prosecutor’s firing by threatening to withhold U.S. aid.

Democrats Against Justice

And if that wasn’t brazen enough evidence for you that Biden and the Democrats are feeling the heat from Trump and are trying to counter with every possible move then the Democrats shutting down justified efforts to hold the Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas accountable for his role in the Biden border invasion might just prove it.

In a purely partisan vote, every Democrat voted to kill the impeachment trial against Mayorkas before it could even begin.

Republicans warn that vulnerable Democratic incumbents will pay a steep political price for this dereliction of duty.

Voters will punish them in November for refusing to provide oversight and solve the spiralling illegal immigration disaster. And we are already getting a glimpse of the future with Trump winning and being ahead in almost every possible popularity poll.

The Senate was set to consider two articles of impeachment charging Mayorkas with failing to secure America’s borders and lying to Congress under oath. But Democrats invoked a phoney point of order to unilaterally dismiss the charges as unconstitutional before evidence could even be presented.

This is what the Democrats have become; a weak party led by a man with no morals or integrity; a party that is scratching at every possible thing just trying to remain relevant and winning, when the facts have always been on Trump’s side.

And now their backs are against the wall and they are attempting to waste taxpayer money on political advertisements to sway the votes in favour of Biden.

In a desperate move to cling to power, Senate Democrats are launching an astronomical $79 million ad blitz across battleground states.

Their campaign arm believes slick marketing can trick voters into forgetting their party’s string of disasters in office. But ads cannot whitewash the damage from Democrats’ failed policies.

But no amount of advertising can make voters forget 40-year high inflation, economic stagnation, and violent crime surging in cities nationwide. These are the bitter fruits of Democratic governance. Deceptive ads will not cause Americans to overlook party failures.

Especially not when Democrats compound these problems with radical policies like open borders, war on American energy, wasteful spending, and attacking parental rights.

Midterm voters will render a verdict on the damage done by Democrat control of Washington. That verdict is looking increasingly harsh.

This is why the DSCC is in full panic mode, desperately trying to spark an ad blitz that can somehow save their imperilled Senate majority.

A staggering $79 million campaign shows they recognize just how much trouble these vulnerable incumbents are in.

This panicked ad spending reeks of desperation from a party that has failed voters and now seeks to cover it up. But the ultimate accountability will come on Election Day, when voters can render their judgement on Democratic governance. No amount of marketing changes that reality.

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