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Trump compares his criminal indictments to Navalny’s Death


At a Fox News town hall interview on Tuesday, Donald Trump compared his criminal indictments to the imprisonment and death of Putin’s top rival Alexei Navalny.

This profound insight from the former president once again reveals the sinister forces aligned against him. Just as Navalny challenged Putin’s autocratic regime, Trump takes on the deeply entrenched corruption plaguing our own government institutions.

Now these totalitarian powers seek to silence him through legal harassment and trumped-up prosecutions. But Trump stands resilient as a dissident voice speaking truth in the face of persecution.

The parallels between Navalny and Trump are striking. Both command widespread grassroots support among everyday citizens tired of being ignored by detached elites. Both pose a formidable threat to the establishment through their bold truth-telling and vows to dismantle corrupt governance.

And just as Navalny met a tragic death, Trump now faces unrelenting attacks from threatened autocrats weaponizing the legal system for political payback.

The relentless persecution of Donald J. Trump continues unabated. The forces aligned against him will stop at nothing to destroy this great man who dared to take on the Washington establishment.

Their latest affront comes as Trump rightfully drew comparisons between the political targeting he faces here in America and the tragic case of Russian dissident Alexei Navalny.

The former president posted on Instagram in light of Navalny’s death and said, “The sudden death of Alexei Navalny has made me more and more aware of what is happening in our Country. It is a slow, steady progression, with CROOKED, Radical Left Politicians, Prosecutors, and Judges leading us down a path to destruction. Open Borders, Rigged Elections, and Grossly Unfair Courtroom Decisions are DESTROYING AMERICA. WE ARE A NATION IN DECLINE, A FAILING NATION! MAGA2024”

Navalny bravely challenged the autocratic Putin regime in Russia, only to face imprisonment in brutal conditions that led to his untimely death. Trump recognized Navalny’s courage in speaking truth to power, even under threat of retribution.

It is a courage Trump himself exhibits daily, as he calls out the rampant corruption crippling our government institutions and the injustice plaguing our judicial system.

Like Navalny, Trump poses a formidable threat to the entrenched powers that be. His America First agenda upended politics as usual, putting the forgotten men and women of this country first once again. He extracted Americans from bad trade deals, rebuilt the military, secured the borders, and restored law and order. At every step, he faced resistance from zealous bureaucrats, the fake news media, and progressive extremists who prize power over principle.

Now out of office, the forces aligned against Trump have only intensified their unwarranted attacks. They fear his continued influence and know that his return to the White House in 2024 would undo their socialist transformation of America.

So they have weaponized the justice system, cooking up sham investigations, meritless lawsuits, and politically motivated indictments. It is lawfare, plain and simple – an abuse of legal tools to take down a political enemy.

Like the Kremlin’s treatment of Navalny, these cases have nothing to do with upholding justice or truth. They are about power and control, about silencing influential opposition voices who threaten the elite establishment.

The $355 million civil fine against Trump is especially outrageous, ordered by a biased judge based on fake charges made up by an attorney general trying to advance his political career. It ignores the principle of rule of law to single out and massively punish someone without any factual or legal justification.

This political retribution is unheard of in America, more reminiscent of third-world dictatorships and banana republics. It sets a dangerous precedent by weaponizing the justice system against the opposition party. All Americans, whether one supports Trump or not, should be concerned by this authoritarian turn in our government.

But Trump remains unbowed in true Navalny-like fashion. The outlandish penalties, unfair trials, and bogus indictments do not deter him one bit. He continues fighting for the forgotten men and women, sounding the alarm about left-wing corruption and the need to Make America Great Again. His enemies may cage him with legal harassment but his voice rings louder than ever.

Like Navalny, Trump understands that complying with the truth puts a target on your back when you take on entrenched corruption. But that will not stop patriots from pursuing justice.

Trump stands for truth against power, underscoring the hypocrisy of prosecutions against him for purely political purposes. He rightly calls them out as a form of fascism infecting our judicial system – a symptom of a nation in decline under leftist governance.

This politicization of our justice system, deploying prosecutorial powers to punish political foes, is corrosive to the rule of law. It must be called out and condemned by all freedom-loving Americans.

The media turns a blind eye, just as they ignore Hunter Biden’s crooked dealings and rampant elite corruption. But everyday citizens see this double standard clearly and stand firmly behind Trump.

He enjoys overwhelming support across the conservative base and beyond, as evidenced by the outpouring of grassroots donations to aid his legal defense.

A GoFundMe campaign launched by supporter Elena Cardone has already raised over $185,000 from some 4,000 individual donors, despite having an ambitious $355 million goal matching the punitive civil penalty imposed on Trump.

This organic fundraising effort demonstrates the depth and breadth of backing for Trump across the Republican Party’s base and beyond. Average citizens are opening their wallets to stand with Trump against what they see as an unjust political witch hunt abusing the legal system.

The speed at which this campaign gained steam highlights the well of support Trump enjoys, from big dollar investors to working class families giving whatever they can spare.

Despite the best efforts of the left to isolate and demonize Trump, his backers continue to rally around him in remarkable shows of loyalty. The success of this and other fundraising efforts to offset his escalating legal costs is a testament to Trump’s enduring connection with voters.
No matter the allegations thrown at him, his supporters trust Trump and view efforts to prosecute him as profoundly unjust.

This unshakable support across conservative strongholds and swing voters is part of why Trump remains well-positioned for a 2024 comeback bid. Attacks on him often backfire, only strengthening the resolve of his base to defend him and restore him to the White House.

The sham investigations only strengthen the resolve of his supporters, who recognize the great injustice being perpetrated. Like Navalny in Russia, Trump has become a political dissident in his own country – persecuted by the powers that want to silence him for daring to expose their corruption and fight for the people.

This newest witch hunt against Trump exposes the left’s authoritarian tendencies. Their hunger for control is stronger than any loyalty to democratic values or fair justice. They participate in crude political payback made possible by a cooperative bureaucratic system and misleading media outlets. It is an American disgrace similar to unstable dictatorships, not the so-called land of liberty.

But Trump is leading the fight against these totalitarian forces. His bravery motivates a freedom movement of loyal citizens determined to bring back the government based on careful thinking, fair justice, and agreement of the people. We the People – not bureaucrats not elected but appointed, regulators influenced by special interests, and political agents pretending to be prosecutors – must properly guide the direction of this country.

And so the struggle continues, with Trump leading the charge. Like Navalny, he faces constant threats and persecution from autocratic elites who regard him as an existential danger. And like Navalny, Trump prevails through the righteousness of his cause and support of the people. Try as they may, the radical left cannot extinguish his fighting spirit or the MAGA movement’s crusade to save our republic.

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