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Trump Blasts Bragg’s Politically Driven Prosecution as “Hoax”


Biden’s Sneaky Move Exposed

In a super sneaky move to take down his archenemy, Joe Biden’s gone and told Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg to go after Donald J. Trump right before the elections.

So get this, Biden’s buddy Bragg just slapped Trump with some phony charges – total political trickery pretending to be justice. It’s like something straight out of a dictator’s playbook.

And guess who’s leading the charge? None other than Biden’s right-hand man, Matthew Colangelo, who practically oozes hatred for Trump. Colangelo’s been on an anti-Trump rampage since forever, from working with Letitia James to helping out Biden’s shady DOJ.

Now he’s using Bragg’s office to mess with Trump for political gain.

Let’s not kid ourselves – Joe’s using the justice system like a weapon to drag Trump through endless court battles and hopefully mess up his chances in the election. But mark my words, their plan is going to blow up in their faces.

Joe Biden’s shamelessly bending justice to crush his political enemy. But Trump’s still got the people on his side as he fights tooth and nail for America’s future.

Trump Calls Out Bragg for Politicizing Justice System Against Him

The politically motivated prosecution of former President Trump by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is an egregious abuse of power that threatens the foundation of our democracy.

Bragg’s decision to charge Trump is a blatant attempt by Democrats to weaponize the justice system against their political opponents. This sets a dangerous precedent that could undermine free and fair elections in America.

Bragg’s lead prosecutor on the case, Matthew Colangelo, has an extensive history of investigating ex-President Trump that reeks of an anti-Trump vendetta.

Colangelo previously worked under radical leftist New York Attorney General Letitia James, who conducted her own politically driven investigation into Trump’s finances.

While working for James, Colangelo was directly involved in the probe into the Trump Organization, which James used to smear Trump in the press and score political points with the far-left base.

Colangelo’s obsession with targeting Trump continued when he joined the Biden Justice Department, no doubt to aid Biden’s efforts to weaponize his DOJ against political rivals.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan rightly pointed out that it is highly suspicious that a former Biden DOJ official like Colangelo is now leading the prosecution against Biden’s chief political opponent.

This blatant conflict of interest exposes the larger pattern of corruption that has infested the Biden administration.

Bragg’s prosecution relies on an absurd legal theory to turn a minor misdemeanor into a felony in order to justify bringing charges years after the statute of limitations expired.

Retired Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz slammed Bragg’s actions as operating on an invalid legal premise because he invoked federal statutes over which New York has no jurisdiction. This amounts to unethical legal manipulation purely out of political animosity toward the former President.

Beyond legal gymnastics, Bragg’s charges are substantively meritless. As Professor Dershowitz noted, no bank has claimed fraud regarding Trump’s financial statements. In fact, lenders made large profits off interest from Trump’s loans.

This exposes Bragg’s supposed “election fraud” conspiracy as the political hit job that it is. The flimsy case seems intentionally designed to drag Trump through the courts during his presidential run.

DA Bragg has turned the Manhattan DA’s office into a political weapon for the Democrats. The House Judiciary Committee rightly denounced Bragg for allowing an obvious political vendetta to hijack the justice system for partisan gain.

This erosion of impartial justice by Bragg and other Democrat prosecutors imperils the rule of law and threatens to strip all Americans of equal treatment under the law.

The ordeal also highlights a troubling pattern of growing radicalism within the Democratic Party. Bragg and Colangelo’s abuse of power mirrors the Biden administration’s efforts to unleash the full force of federal law enforcement against their political opponents.

This alarming authoritarian shift toward third-world style political prosecutions represents a grave danger to our civil liberties.

Trump is facing these baseless charges with his trademark strength and optimism. He rightfully denounces this “witch hunt” as the latest hoax from the Democrats designed to distract the public from Biden’s many mounting failures.

While Biden’s propaganda media fans the flames of this charade, Trump will continue fighting for the American people.

Trump’s supporters stand steadfastly behind him as he battles this injustice. The ex-President’s political rivals may abuse their power to harass him, but they cannot break his stalwart spirit.

There is no allegation that can shake the support of his loyal base. If anything, the out-of-control political targeting only re-energizes supporters for Trump’s impending comeback.

This miscarriage of justice has only strengthened the resolve of millions of American patriots to drain the swamp and restore impartial justice.

Bragg’s actions validate the rapidly growing distrust in politicized federal law enforcement under Biden’s supervision.

Come November, voters will get the chance to smack down these third-world-style political prosecutions.

Bragg and his Democrat pals using courts and prosecutors as weapons for their own gain is just downright un-American. This messing with fair justice hits at the core of our democracy. If we don’t do something about it, nobody’s rights will be safe from whichever party happens to be in charge.

In the meantime, all of us who believe in fair justice and equal treatment under the law must speak up against this blatant abuse aimed at Trump.

Letting these power-hungry tactics slide sets us up for even worse stuff down the road. This shameless politicizing of law enforcement by the top Democrats is a huge threat to the integrity of our justice system. The future of fair justice in America is hanging by a thread.

That is why it is so crucial that Trump is reaching out to unite all defenders of freedom against this authoritarian tide.

Trump to address ‘Libertarian Party concerns’

His upcoming speech at the Libertarian National Convention demonstrates his commitment to bridging divides and rallying every liberty-loving patriot to speak out against these injustices.

Trump showing up at the Libertarian National Convention is another sign of his mission to bring all freedom fighters together under his America First banner.

He gets that Libertarians and his Republican crew share a lot of the same values and goals. This move shows why the 45th President clicks with such a wide-ranging bunch in his quest to rescue our country from Biden’s left-wing takeover.

The Libertarian Party’s theme of “Become Ungovernable” totally captures that rebellious vibe of citizens craving liberty all over America. People from all walks of life have been standing up against crazy government power grabs these past few years under Biden.

Whether it’s businesses getting shut down or being forced into vaccine mandates, Americans aren’t giving up their freedoms without a fight. And Trump’s right there with them, proudly backing this growing rebellion against the authoritarian Left.

In contrast, Joe Biden belittles this freedom movement as “ultra-MAGA” – a badge of honor patriots proudly wear.

Biden derides those defiantly clinging to their constitutional rights as “semi-fascists.” His administration brands parents speaking out at school board meetings as “domestic terrorists.”

This reveals the Democrats’ deep contempt for dissent against their radical ideology. They seek to criminalize and crush any opposition to their regime.

Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s political prosecution of Trump epitomizes the Democrats’ authoritarian crackdown on dissenters. Trump is the highest profile leader of the resistance against the Left, making him their number one target.

The flimsy indictment abusing obscure statutes to drag a former president through show trials is a threat to all Americans. If they can do this to Trump, they can do it to anyone.

Bragg’s Stalinist show trial sets the stage for Third World style political prosecutions. The partisan persecution is possible only because Democrats have corrupted the justice system. They have installed radical loyalists as prosecutors willing to weaponize the law to punish their party’s opponents. This systemic corruption has engulfed federal law enforcement under Biden’s partisan leadership.

Radical DA Bragg provides a case study in how the Left abuses prosecutorial powers for political gain. The Democrats are inappropriately coordinating across various levels of government to enable this political vendetta.

Trump is like a shield standing strong against this whole authoritarian wave. Everyone who values freedom has to rally behind him before America goes down a dark path where dissent is crushed.

Our rights as laid out in the Constitution are hanging on by a thread as the democrats tighten their grip on power and start using government muscle to shut down any opposition.

If Bragg can just make up charges to go after a former President, what’s to stop him from coming after regular citizens like us? This blatant power trip is a real threat to the rule of law.

It’s like ripping off the mask of fair justice and showing us America’s messed-up two-tiered system that treats pals of the elite differently than people who speak out.

All signs point to the democrats planning to ramp up these authoritarian moves as we get closer to the election. They want to scare us into shutting up and make sure Trump doesn’t bounce back no matter what.

But we can’t let fear hold us back from standing up for our rights and fighting to take our country back from the authoritarian crooked joe.

With democracy itself feeling the heat, Trump’s out there trying to bring together all freedom fighters from both sides of the aisle.

We have to stand side by side, patriots from all walks of life, and push back against this democrats power grab. Most Americans still believe in freedom, and if we stand firm and raise our voices, we can break the democrats’ hold on power and bring back a government that’s truly for the people.

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