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Trudeau Wastes Taxpayers’ Money on Failed Gun Program



The Trudeau government’s plan to buy back firearms from law-abiding Canadians proves to be a monument failure and another case of the government overly spending on useless programs.

After 4 years and $42 million of taxpayers’ hard-earned cash, not a single weapon has been recovered

This staggering incompetence encapsulates the fiscal recklessness that has defined Trudeau’s regime.

From useless hotel housing programs that cost the taxpayers over $100 million, to lavish vacations with Trudeau not spending a dime out of his pocket and letting Canadians foot the bill.

Hard workers didn’t earn their paychecks just to fund Trudeau’s nonstop extravagances. It’s time to curb this Liberal excess and make Ottawa respect taxpayers again.

Trudeau and the Gun Debacle

The Trudeau government’s disastrous gun buyback boondoggle encapsulates the fiscal incompetence that has defined this Liberal regime.

After wasting away $42 million of Canadian taxpayers’ money over the course of 4 years, the program has failed to confiscate or “buy back” a single firearm.

This egregious spending was brought to the spotlight by conservative senator Donald Niel Plett, as he went over the timeline of events since the inception of the corrupt gun control program in 2021 all the way to the present day with taxpayers’ money funding a ghost policy that hasn’t even started let alone has been successful in its goal that was set out.

The liberal representative of the government in Marc Gold could only reply with the same rehearsed and tired speech Trudeau and the other crony liberals used to – and continue to, apparently – give when cornered about anything related to their policies or legislations regarding gun control and gun ownership.

It’s all the same mind boggling speech about how it is worth it to take every gun, even from responsible gun owners, to save however many Canadian lives.

Apparently the liberal government cares about Canadians but will not give a single damn about their pockets and hard earned money, unless it is money that they can use to line their own slimy pockets.

Conservatives recognize that Canadians work hard for their money and expect wise stewardship from the government. But Canada unfortunately does not have a wise government full of common sense.

And that’s why our tax dollars, that should be treated with respect, are being tossed around by Trudeau with no accountability, despite the soaring cost of living straining family budgets.

Trudeau’s out-of-control spending is put into focus as this staggering waste highlights the need for sober, responsible leadership to rein him in and maybe get rid of him while we are at it.

The Liberals and Trudeau desperately sought partners to administer the buyback, to no avail.

Police lacked resources, the military had no role, and expecting gun owners to surrender weapons at Canada Post outlets was absurd.

Yet the costs piled up. Tens of bureaucrats have toiled away, futilely trying to build this misguided program. And for what? No guns have been recovered to justify the millions wasted.

Imagine if the $42 million had been prudently allocated to border security or police anti-gang units instead.

Countless better uses come to mind than this failed vanity project from an out-of-depth Liberal government.

This is just one of many issues that perfectly illustrates the uniqueness of Trudeau’s mix between incompetence and corruption.

Incompetence in not even giving the program legs to stand on after years of Liberals outcry and whining about the danger the guns will pose to every Canadian with every passing day. I wonder where all this energy is now?

The corruption part – much like the incompetence – is not a novel thing for Trudeau. But it is disturbing how it seems to always centre back to his extravagant and needlessly excessive spending.

Trudeau and Housing Troubles

The non-existent gun law spending is not the only recent news of Trudeau wasting Canadian tax money on failing or harmful initiatives meant to fuel the woke virtue signalling freak.

Newly released figures show Trudeau spent over $100 million just to lodge claimants in Niagara Falls hotels last year.

Another staggering sum highlighting the need for fiscal prudence instead of mindless Liberal excess.

In Niagara Falls alone, Ottawa housed nearly 5,000 asylum seekers in hotels for an average stay of 113 days.

The daily cost per person amounted to a shocking $208. In just one year, the total hotel bill reached roughly $115 million.

And if you are not infuriated enough, then know that the actual amount is likely much higher.

The immigration department admits it did not fully track expenses for part of last year.

Many more invoices remain outstanding. A lack of cost monitoring and controls leading to a fiscal disaster in the form of overly spending? The same songs with the same tunes over and over again.

The burden on municipalities is also untenable.

Local leaders have warned refugee claimants are stretching social services and affordable housing stock. While hotels temporarily shelter immigrants, long-term integration, if deportation is not attainable, requires permanent homes, something that Trudeau and his weak government can’t even keep up with.

Exacerbating this strain, the Trudeau government refuses to stem the flow.

Despite officials admitting the hotel program is unsustainable, they have pledged hundreds of millions more for temporary lodging across Canada.
Compassion is nice and all but it must be balanced with budgetary realities. Massive debts unfairly burden future generations.

Trudeau seems to think money is no object when it comes to accommodating asylum seekers. But magic money trees do not exist.

Excessive costs divert funds from other priorities or require tax hikes. Much like the already egregious and quite contentious Carbon Tax and its incoming April 1st hike.

The Canadian people are sick and tired of the wasteful spending and rampant corruption that does not seem to distance itself from Trudeau, even for a passing moment.

Maybe the Canadian people truly need a vacation from Trudeau and the liberals for quite some time. Perhaps it could be as lavish as Trudeau’s Caribbean holidays that are paid for fully with hard working Canadians’ tax money.

A Taxing Holiday

If you thought the overt spending was just on furthering a failing woke agenda that does not benefit Canadians’ day to day lives, then be amazed as the money is also wasted in the name of Trudeau’s comfort and undeserved happiness.

Documents reveal Justin Trudeau’s latest Caribbean holiday cost nearly $70,000 more than last year’s similar trip, racking up a $230,000 tab.

While Trudeau enjoyed a free 10-day stay at a luxurious Jamaican villa over Christmas, taxpayers footed the enormous bill for associated government costs.

The RCMP alone spent over $160,000 on security for the Prime Minister and his family.
The RCAF billed over $58,000 for accommodations, meals, fuel and flights to Jamaica when the initial plane had mechanical issues.

Thousands more went to communications and staffing. The total cost neared a quarter million dollars.

This in of itself follows a pattern of extravagance from the Trudeau family vacations.

Over just one year, the Prime Minister’s getaways to Jamaica, British Columbia, Montana and elsewhere topped $900,000 in taxpayer expenses. I wonder what else this money could have been reasonably spent on.

Trudeau seems oblivious to the massive strain his activities place on government finances and hardworking taxpayers.

At a time of economic uncertainty, with Canadians pinching pennies, such ostentatious travel should be punished.

Canadians should not sit aside and handle the burden of Trudeau’s wasteful and corrupt spending while he continues this very same spending as he takes vacations ignoring the people’s anger and demand for answers.

Canadians work too hard to see their money frittered away on boondoggles like the Liberal gun buyback or the unnecessary hotel housing expenses.

Canadians are only left to scream into the void waiting for some semblance of a common sense to curb Trudeau where it hurts him the most.

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