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Trudeau Wastes Money on Cheap 3D Printed Homes


Trudeau’s Failing Housing Plans

Trudeau and his hapless housing plans are set to unleash a world of pain on the younger generations he claims he wants to help.

Throwing your hard-earned tax dollars at the housing crisis as prices march further out of reach, Trudeau’s absurd proposals for flimsy 3D printed homes and recycled construction loans reek of desperation, not solutions.

Trudeau’s PR parade can’t mask his incompetence or cover up his role in fueling this crisis through reckless immigration and runaway deficits.

And you’ll pay the price as Trudeau’s policies jack up inflation, crush mortgage affordability and lock younger generations out of the housing market. All while Canadians are struggling with employment to even attempt to buy a home.

His immigration and spending addiction have priced the Canadian Dream beyond reach.

Trudeau is not focused on solving the root issues like immigration, employment, and affordability; But he will throw away billions of dollars on proven failed ventures just to pretend he cares.

The liberals are desperate for the young vote, but the young have had enough of the circus and are now looking forward to some common sense.

Trudeau Will 3D Print Your House

Despite Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s insistence on throwing every taxpayer money at a problem without any form of thought or reason through his latest series of housing announcements pre the budget, the situation remains the same old state of dire for Canadian home buyers and renters – especially younger Canadians. Which is funny considering all of this effort is to hopefully regain back the younger voter that he lost, due to his sheer incompetence, to the common sense conservatives.

With the latest federal housing report predicting slowing home construction, constraints on new rental housing, and potential peaking home prices this year; it does not exactly feed into the rosy narrative that Trudeau painted as he promised to spend more taxpayer money for affordable housing and rentals.

With his trademark vanity and insincerity, Trudeau paraded before the cameras this week promising to make housing affordable again. But his proposals are half-baked at best and insultingly ineffective for the millions priced out of the market.

He first announced $6 billion in housing infrastructure for a plan with no grounds to stand on and no basis in logic, except for enticing the seemingly unaware and ignorant young Canadian voters with Liberal lies and general deceit.

Trudeau did all of this and embarrassed himself by showing the world his complete ineptitude all while he was heckled and made a fool by patriotic Canadians refusing to let the corrupt so-called leader speak his empty mind.

And as we have come to understand about this housing plan of his, it is one of the most embarrassing non-solutions that Trudeau may have ever thought about.

Trudeau is vowing to make housing affordable again through flimsy, factory-built homes. His plan to spend $600 million on modular and 3D printed houses provides an absurd solution to a crisis his own government created.

Trudeau promises cheap homes built from prefabricated materials and mass manufacturing techniques will make ownership viable for priced-out millennials. But living in a budget replica home reminiscent of stale public housing projects is hardly the Canadian Dream.

These cookie-cutter construction methods produce lower quality housing that deteriorates faster. Is this rickety future of housing what Trudeau envisions for the young Candians that he pretends to champion so much?

The quality of modular homes pales in comparison to traditional building practices. Yet Trudeau expects Canadians to lower their standards and accept these shoddy structures that will age poorly.

Does Trudeau think the main issue is housing materials and not land or immigration? Or does he want us to think that so he appears as the saviour all of Canada needs with his mindless spending?

It is shameful how Trudeau thinks a hardworking and proud Canadian would accept to live in a lego-like structure because his leader is too incompetent and corrupt to actually solve his issues and give him a proper residence.

Trudeau and More Money Wasted

You would think with all this clownery about 3d-printed housing, that this is enough wasteful and useless spending if Trudeau is not even going to address the root causes of the housing crisis and solve them directly before injecting taxpayer money into a corrupt and non-working system, right? Well, Trudeau thinks otherwise; because of course he would.

Trudeau went on another new conference, hoping for a sweet dose of people cheering for him and hailing his efforts in saving Canada. But also to announce an injection of $15 billion taxpayer dollars into an apartment construction program that he started years ago and has subsequently failed miserably like every other classic Trudeau venture.

Do we even need to explain the insanity surrounding this announcement? Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre, already took to twitter to express his damning opinion of Trudeau and his latest plans by simply calling them “insane”.

It does not need a degree in rocket science to see the signs and understand the gravity of the situation with Trudeau continuing a program that had a promise that was unfulfilled, by promising yet another goal in hopes that Canadians would forget and keep indulging.

However, unfortunately for Trudeau and the Liberal fools, Canadians are waking up more and more everyday, and they are aware of the world around them and how the world is under Trudeau.

Throwing billions and billions in taxpayer dollars at the problem will not suddenly make homes affordable again, no matter how much Trudeau wishes it to be so.

This crisis was created by Trudeau’s own government policies, yet he refuses to take responsibility or make the hard choices needed to rectify the damage done.

Trudeau is conveniently ignoring the effect of his deficit spending spree on rising interest rates and inflation.

His government has added over $500 billion in new debt since 2015, and just this week proposed another $25 billion in new spending for the 2024 budget.

All this borrowing and spending has prompted higher interest rates from the Bank of Canada to fight inflation. But higher rates have sent mortgage costs soaring and crushed many prospective homebuyers. Seems like a cycle of despair with only the taxpaying Canadians footing all the anguish while Trudeau pretends he fixed the housing issue after he made it much worse.

Trudeau wants to floor the spending pedal and ease up on rates simultaneously, but experts compare this to driving with one foot on the gas and the other on the brakes. His deficit addiction is sabotaging any chance of interest rate relief for homebuyers.
And the continuation of this useless prime minister’s ineptitude will come back to haunt innocent hard working Canadians.

RBC President Dave McKay discussed and raised red flags regarding Canada’s deepening housing affordability crisis, warning that failure to resolve the issue as soon as possible and in the next few years, will in turn, put the already hurting Canadian economy in complete and utter jeopardy.

His blunt message exposes the bleak and horrific reality of the housing landscape that no amount of wasteful spending or vanity programs will be able to solve or curb in time.

While the prime minister trumpets half-baked proposals and repackaged funding announcements, the dream of home ownership slips further out of reach for average Canadians.

McKay aptly describes the “catch-22” strangling housing supply while demand continues to swell due to factors that are left unaddressed by Trudeau and his gang of corrupt Liberals, like the rampant and egregious immigration policies that Trudeau himself has enacted and continued to support.

The prime minister also turns a blind eye as red tape strangles construction.

Snail’s-pace permitting processes hinder new projects, yet Trudeau ignores pleas from business leaders like McKay to cut regulatory red tape.

The resulting delays curb housing growth while Canada maintains world-leading immigration intake.

Canadians are paying the price as supply falls further behind demand. Bidding wars, blind bidding, and inflated prices have locked an entire generation out of the housing market.

While higher interest rates may eventually tame inflation, McKay warns they cannot single-handedly fix the housing crisis. Reducing immigration intake remains critical to rebalancing supply and demand.

But Trudeau likes to admit absolutely no fault or responsibility, denying his policy of importing over 400,000 people per year during a housing shortage has further fueled unaffordability.

And let us focus on immigration for a little bit, as it is one of the root causes that were mentioned earlier, fueling the ongoing housing crisis

Immigration Immigration

The consequences of unchecked mass immigration are now painfully clear in not only the housing, but also the Canadian employment data.

While Trudeau would have you believe he is finally acknowledging that immigration is fueling the housing affordability fire, he shows you how much of a snake one liberal can be as he never assumes responsibility for his own corrupt federal policies.
Trudeau actually blames provincial nomination of international students and denies his own role in setting unsustainable immigration targets in the very first place. Not to mention most of the student immigration policies were thought up and pencilled in by Trudeau and the deceitful liberals.

One of those liberal goons was Sean Fraser, who previously served as a minister of immigration, allowed for the rampant immigration to overtake Canada’s borders and did not even attempt to acknowledge any consequences that may arise from such a drastic action down the line and in the future of canada.


Wanna guess where he is working now or what his position is if he was not immediately fired and shamed for ruining the country? This incompetent Liberal is serving as the current housing minister. And we wonder why Canada will never see any prosperity with the liberals in charge.

The same faces and the same stories with the same level of incompetence that is rife within this weak government; all led by the worst of them all: Justin Trudeau.

And when asked about his role in advancing the issue further and ruining Canada for Canadians, despite the constant warnings and red flags that were issued to the liberal government while they screamed “bigot” at anyone opposing immigration, Sean Fraser simply assumes none of the responsibility. Just like his mentor, Justin Trudeau

No one wants to be responsible for the fall of Canada when all these so-called politicians and liberals were giddy at every turn when enacting “woke” policies that serve one failing and useless agenda, and now here we are.

With places like Vancouver getting but a mere glimpse at the housing hell that Canada will soon face under Trudeau as data confirms that on average, 106% of the median income is needed to cover housing costs.

While the prime minister idly muses about lowering temporary residents to 5% of the population, cutting permanent resident intake is also critical to rebalancing the labour market.

With Canada now growing its population by 1 million people every 9 months, we are haunted by a mushrooming unemployed population straining social services.

There are 250,000 more unemployed Canadians now than just a year ago, concentrated in immigrant-heavy provinces like Ontario.

What a farce to declare that immigration brings with it prosperity for all Canadians when we are now witnessing a housing crisis and an employment crisis feeding into the general unaffordability that Canadians are suffering from, and it is all due to rampant and unchecked immigration.

One root cause will affect another, leading to a whole new crisis that feeds into an old one.

A cycle of corruption and despair that Canadians have had to suffer through for 8 years under Trudeau, and all he has to say for all his misdeeds is to inject endless taxpayer money, build cheap lego homes for Canadians, and run away from all the accountability. I wonder what young Canadians don’t see in such a strong, smart, and determined leader.

Trudeau remains content to let the middle class suffer endlessly overpriced homes and mounting job insecurity.

He callously dismisses the plight of younger Canadians whose dreams of home ownership and gainful employment are receding under his government’s mismanagement.

It is time for some common sense conservatism to be slapped into Trudeau, as he leaves Canadians to pursue prosperity on their own accord and away from his grubby liberal hands.

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