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Trudeau Wants to Quit Amid Chaos


Introduction to the Cowardice

Justin Trudeau has admitted defeat.

In a shocking confession, Canada’s virtue-signaling prime minister says he is now thinking about quitting.

After years of failed policies, endless scandals, and plummeting popularity, even Trudeau knows his time is up.

But rather than take responsibility, he pathetically whines that he wants to flee from the mess he created.

A mess that resulted in criminals roaming neighborhoods, invading homes and terrorizing families just to steal vehicles.

And the advice officials that are under the leadership of Trudeau give? Leave your car keys at the door for the thieves.

Trudeau’s given up while lawlessness reigns and innocent families live in fear.

It has long been time for a strong common sense leadership that is ruthless on crime and forgiving on innocent hard working canadians.

Trudeau is Becoming Aware

In recent and quite shocking news for all Canadians, Justin Trudeau has admitted to thinking about quitting his job as prime minister of Canada several times throughout the years, and the feeling is still there.

He appears to not take the struggles and criticism lightly at all yet vows in the same sentence that he will try to stay strong for Canadians. As if he is the arbiter of goodwill and without him Canada will descend into chaos, further more than it is now.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s declaration that he thinks about quitting every day but won’t abandon the fight now is nothing but pure political theater. And if it is the reality then it is a crystal clear showcase of his cowardice and pattern of running from responsibility.

This is a leader desperately trying to convince Canadians – and presumably himself in the process – that he remains as relevant as he once was and still has something to offer the country.

The truth is, Trudeau’s time has passed. His government is flailing and he is now a liability as much as the Liberal party as a whole. And Trudeau has slowly started to realize his folly.

Continued Liberal Party rule under Trudeau puts Canada at risk of irreparable damage from his misguided policies and seemingly endless ethics scandals. The only responsible decision is for Trudeau to step down and let the Canadian nation reset with a new leader, preferably a common sense conservative.

Trudeau’s hubris has led to a failed prime ministership. He entered office full of grand promises but has utterly failed to deliver results for Canadians.

His failures like the climate plan are always a convoluted mess of regulations and carbon taxes that have done nothing more than inflating the cost of living for Canadians.

Canadians see through Trudeau’s platitudes. They recognize his pretty words rarely match his subsequent actions. And they understand when Trudeau claims to be standing up for Canadian values on the world stage, he is often just virtue signaling to polish his personal brand.

Particularly concerning is Trudeau’s flouting of ethics. His brand has been irrevocably tarnished by scandals like the Aga Khan vacation, and the SNC Lavalin affair.

So, of course Trudeau, you would want to run away and forget about all your misdeeds and missteps. Of course you would want to slink away from facing accountability for all of your and the Liberal party’s corruption.

When Canadians overwhelmingly think you have caused Canada to be broken; When Canadians are regularly protesting your policies and rejecting your initiatives, then of course you would dream and whine about wanting to book it out like Trudeau.

Trudeau Forgets About Crime

But you know what is extremely infuriating about Trudeau’s statements? When he expressed his desire to stay ruling just to save Canadians from chaos. Let us focus on that for a second.

What exactly is he vouching to save Canadians from? Because if it is from him then he has all the power right now to step down and let real common sense leaders take over the country.

Or is he perhaps trying to save Canadians from the rise in crime, and especially car thefts, that increased specifically under his failed leadership?

Trudeau’s tenure has seen many atrocities befall the hard working Canadian people. And some of these issues have been lingering for years and are now bubbling to the surface at a blatant and bizarre degree.

Thieves are now invading family homes and terrorizing the families residing in them, all to steal luxury vehicles from driveways.

Unfortunately, the response from officials has been weak and outright embarrassing for all Canadians, and served as only unacceptable appeasement that enables these heinous crimes.

When a Toronto police officer recently advised citizens to surrender their car keys to thieves in order to avoid violence, it represented the new low our Country has fallen to under Trudeau and the Liberals’ leadership.

The misguided recommendation epitomizes the failures of liberal appeasement policies that embolden criminals while leaving victims defenseless and afraid.

This advice was so bad and quite telling that it received righteous backlash all over Canada with Ontario’s premiere Doug Ford even slamming the officer’s statements and hilariously adding that families should probably leave “cookies and milk as well”.

Reasons Why This is Irresponsible

Constable Marco Ricciardi’s rationale was avoiding conflict so that thieves “don’t want anything else.” But this misguided and rash advice sends precisely the wrong message.

First, it normalizes and excuses violent criminal behavior rather than restoring zero tolerance policy of punishment, something that can actually deter wrongdoers.

Theft under threat of force is not something to be empathized with or rationalized.

Second, the advice compels innocent citizens to become victims. No one should ever feel obliged or beaten down to hand over their hard-earned property to assailants that don’t care and only mean them harm.

Third, it relies on the Liberal myth that appeasement will definitely satisfy dangerous criminals.

In reality, appeasement only emboldens predators to expand their threats and demands.

Criminals who find reward without consequence will become further empowered to threaten innocent lives.

If criminals are willing to go this far to steal a vehicle then they surely won’t stop at just that.

Make things easier for criminals and they will always take a gander at taking more and more.

This defeated approach has repeatedly failed citizens under progressive governance. Yet some on the left cling to a naive belief that every criminal can be reasoned with or rehabilitated.

This denies the objective reality that evil exists and some perpetrators have no interest in social justice

Personal injury lawyer, Nainesh Kotak, talked about recently having an employee victimized right in his own driveway.

Police then proceeded to advise the victim to simply file a report and rent a replacement vehicle since the chance of recovering stolen cars is minimal.

A bizarre defeatist attitude that concedes the streets to criminals. This should be unacceptable on every level.

The sheer scale of the problem demands urgent action.

An incredible 12,200 vehicles were stolen in Toronto just last year, quadruple the number from five years ago.

Thieves have realized luxury SUVs and trucks can be stuffed into shipping containers and exported overseas to lawless regions. This has fueled a crime wave that is only worsening under Trudeau.

People are Taking a Stand

Canadian people are fed up with each day of inaction and they are already swearing to protect their own communities if the police are unable to do their jobs themselves.

A Toronto man, whose wife narrowly avoided being shot during a harrowing home invasion, has slammed the outrageous advice from police telling citizens to surrender their cars to thieves.

Peter, whose last name is being withheld for safety reasons, called the recommendations a “sad state of affairs” after his family was traumatized in their own home.

And now Peter and his community are taking it upon themselves to fortify and secure their neighborhood . But he knows ultimately the law must impose order.

As he notes, “somebody” in authority needs to connect the dots and crack down on the blatant organized crime rings terrorizing innocent families.

So with all of this happening right under Trudeau’s scummy nose, of course he would want to run away from any and all responsibility. But the fact that he thinks he is Canada’s savior when he is one of its weakest and most incompetent leaders in history should tell you all you need to know about the state of mind Trudeau is in.

Trudeau should just resign and let real and strong leaders take the mantle.

Leaders like Pierre Poilievre who vowed and promised to bring back severe punishments for repeat offenders and jailing car theft criminals for up to three years with no bail and sympathy.

Trudeau’s resignation could open new possibilities for Canada and usher in an age of truth and prosperity under the conservatives.

That’s why Canadians should all encourage Trudeau to fulfill his cowardice quitting dream as he subtracts himself from anything relating to Canada.

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