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Trudeau Unveils School Lunch Plan As Families Struggle


Introduction To The Scheme

Another day, another episode of the Trudeau hypocrisy show. With his carbon tax jacking up prices on everything, our PM had the nerves to unveil a $1 billion school lunch plan to “help” the very kids his policies are starving.

How big of Trudeau to now feed hungry kids when his crazy taxes are a big reason they can’t afford lunch.

This recycled vote-buy is just our self-obsessed leader desperate to save face after the backlash to his 23% carbon tax hike.

He’ll exploit hungry kids then give MPs fat raises. It takes some serious arrogance to drain Canadians’ wallets then expect praise for pretending to fix it.

The real question here: is this recycled vote-buy just another empty Trudeau promise that’s all talk and no action? Is he dressing it up to feed his massive ego rather than actually feed hungry kids?

If the past tells us anything, don’t hold your breath waiting for his big talk to turn into real help for Canadian families getting crushed by Liberal policies. Talk is cheap when your policies are what’s breaking people’s budgets.

Trudeau Hopes Meals Will Distract From His Tax Pain

It was another fool’s day in Canada as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his band of spendthrift Liberals held yet another flashy press conference to announce their latest vote-buying scheme – a $1 billion national school lunch program.

This new program is supposedly going to provide school lunches for up to 400,000 kids who aren’t currently getting meals.

But can we really trust Trudeau to follow through? The Liberals have made plenty of promises before that turned out to be empty election pledges. Just like this school lunch program which was originally part of their 2021 campaign platform.

And of course, Trudeau trotted out his most reliable prop for these kinds of photo ops – Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland.

Freeland, whose constant fidgeting has become the norm now, was only too happy to stand beside Trudeau and bob her head and clap approvingly as he announced his totally late and doomed national school lunch plan.

But behind all this clapping and Freeland’s awkward fidgeting, lies the ugly truth. This school lunch thing is just a shady ploy to distract from the massive 23% carbon tax hike the Liberals just slammed struggling Canadian families with.

While Trudeau smiles for the cameras, hard-working moms and dads across the country are digging deeper to fill up their gas tanks and pay their home heating bills thanks to his extreme carbon tax grab.

The costs of everyday essentials like groceries and transportation are skyrocketing under the Trudeau government’s disastrous policies.

And Trudeau wants to lecture Canadians about making sure children have enough healthy food? The reason some kids are going hungry is because his carbon tax is starving family budgets.

It’s incredibly audacious that Trudeau proposed this school lunch program to save face, when his own policies are a major reason some Canadian families can’t afford enough food for their kids.

The rising cost of living under Trudeau’s government has suffocated family budgets. His excessive taxes and inflation have made staples like groceries and gas unaffordable for many parents.

Now he wants to act like the champion of school children going hungry – when his own carbon tax and lack of economic leadership helped create this crisis.

Trudeau is hypocritically trying to take credit for solving a problem his flawed policies substantially contributed to in the first place.

It takes real arrogance to make life harder for Canadians then expect praise for pretending to fix it.

Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre ripped into Trudeau for letting kids go hungry at school after 8 years as PM.

He slammed Trudeau for the fact that after 8 years of his rule, 1 in 4 schoolkids doesn’t get enough food.

Trudeau’s hypocrisy doesn’t end there. At the same time Trudeau is supposedly deeply concerned about feeding school children, he is also giving himself and his fellow MPs up to a 17% pay hike.

That’s right – while Canadian wages stagnate and inflation ravages household finances, Liberals are rewarding themselves with $17,000 raises. Clearly, helping regular citizens is the furthest thing from their minds.

Beyond the appalling hypocrisy, this school lunch announcement also raises serious questions about how yet another new federal program will be implemented and funded. As always with Liberal plans, details were scarce, oversight looks questionable, and past experience gives little confidence.

Trudeau Attacks Pierre Poilievre

As usual, Trudeau was super vague about how exactly this lunch program would work. He didn’t say anything about what food standards they’d use, how they’d control costs, or how they’d measure if it’s actually working.

Instead, he just fell back on his naive belief that throwing money at any problem makes it go away.

And he repeatedly took swipes at Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre and conservative premiers across the country, particularly for their vocal opposition to the federal carbon tax, which increased by 23 percent on Monday.

He accused premiers of complaining and making “political hay” of the issue instead of putting forward alternatives to the carbon tax.

Trudeau said: “Every province has the opportunity to put forward its own plan as long as they are fighting climate change to the same level that we’re asking all other Canadians to do … But we’re not seeing detailed plans from the premiers on this.”

He added: “Why do so many politicians out there stand against fighting climate change and putting more money in people’s pockets? That’s the question.”

Could it be because your carbon tax is a scam that’s actually stealing money from people’s pockets and further suffocating them?

And what’s really troubling is how Trudeau is just steamrolling over the provinces again. Education is clearly a provincial responsibility under the Constitution.

But Trudeau just breezed past the federalism issues like they don’t matter. He acted like it’s no big deal to ignore the foundations of our country.

This total disregard for Canada’s Constitution is classic Trudeau. He thinks he knows best and rules are for other people, not him.

Whether it’s the carbon tax, pipelines, healthcare money, or now school lunches, Trudeau never misses a chance to force his Liberal ways on the provinces.

And let’s not forget the giant elephant in the room – the totally frightening explosion of debt under Trudeau’s watch.

It’s generational theft on a massive scale, with today’s politicians sticking future taxpayers with crippling debt. But the Liberals keep piling on new bills for our kids and grandkids to pay, with no end in sight.

Canadians are right to be freaked out about how Trudeau’s mountain of debt will tank the economy and gut social programs. Especially with the economic uncertainties of the world we live in today, that’s going to demand responsible government spending.

But Trudeau clearly doesn’t care about tomorrow – he only lives in the moment, spending like crazy to feed his addiction to popularity and power.

Future generations? Who cares?

Bottom line, this school lunch thing is not about feeding kids. It’s totally just a political ploy to distract from the carbon tax pain and buy votes.

Trudeau thinks he can use parents’ worries to hide his own massive failures to run the country affordably.

He assumes we don’t see his pathetic track record of wasteful spending and crushing debt.

But Canadians are waking up to the damage being done by a PM who only cares about himself. Struggling families don’t benefit from Trudeau’s publicity stunts – they need real relief, real results and real leadership, none of which Justin can deliver.

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