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Trudeau Under Fire for Misusing Millions on Woke Projects


China Making Canada a “Vassal State” Under Trudeau

You Won’t Believe How Trudeau is Misusing Millions While China Plots to Make Canada a Vassal State. A shocking report reveals how Justin Trudeau is frittering away millions on woke projects and collaborating with China – just as global tensions reach the boiling point.

As warnings sound about the world teetering on disaster, Trudeau diverts massive defense funds to controversial equity schemes. Is he deliberately weakening Canada’s military?

You’ll be seeing red when you find out how many soldier vacancies could have been filled with the millions wasted on diversity hype.

Internal leaks confirm Trudeau is letting China wage an “undeclared war” to make Canada a vassal state using alarming new techniques. Yet he does nothing to counter this foreign interference.

Trudeau welcomed Chinese spy cameras into top government offices even after they were banned by our ally America. Is he actively enabling a foreign takeover?

This report sparks grave doubts about whose side Trudeau is really on. As global catastrophe looms, he wanders around obliviously like a clueless tourist.

Canadians deserve to know why Trudeau is selling us out to China and dismantling defenses when we need them most. This scandal will permanently shatter trust in the Trudeau government.

Trudeau’s Wasteful Spending on Diversity Schemes Leaves Military Ill-Prepared

The world’s in a mess, teetering on the edge of disaster. With all the heat in Europe and the Middle East, it feels like we’re one step away from a third world war. You’d think we’d learned from past mistakes that being ready is key when things get dicey. But our guy, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau? Seems like he missed that memo.

While the storm clouds gather, he’s off playing with woke projects instead of battening down the hatches.

Instead of beefing up our defenses, Trudeau’s government is throwing millions at these wild equity and inclusion schemes. Poilievre has been vocal about wacko Trudeau’s Corruption Pattern

Get this, the Department of National Defence dropped a whopping $9.5 million on them! If that cash had gone into filling the empty spots in our Armed Forces, we might actually be prepared for what’s coming. But nope, Trudeau’s more into looking politically correct than keeping us safe.

The spending breakdown from this new report is just ridiculous when you think about what’s going on in the world. Over 20 grand on a Black History Month speaker? Six grand for an equity lecture? And seriously, $166 for transgender pride flags? And don’t even get me started on the $1,266 workshop about the “gendered nature of security.” It’s like they’re living in a sitcom instead of the real world.

While the government throws heaps of money at trendy causes, our military’s getting the short end of the stick in Canada. Trudeau’s slashed defense spending by a cool billion.

We’re talking serious shortages here—fighter jets, choppers, ships all crying out for replacements while we’re stuck with rusty old models. And get this, our soldiers are missing even the basics like decent winter gear and sleeping bags.

And if that wasn’t enough, Vice Admiral Angus Topshee decides to sneak off to China for some naval conference without even a heads-up to the public.

Like seriously? We’re cozying up to a country that’s not exactly playing nice with our democracy, especially with tensions high in Europe and the Middle East. It’s like he’s waving a flag saying, “Hey, we’re cool with whatever you’re up to.”

In times like these, we can’t afford to look weak or try to butter up potential threats. Trudeau’s got to drop this whole obsession with identity politics and being ‘woke’ and start focusing on keeping us safe. It’s time to put an end to virtue-signaling and get real about beefing up our defenses.

Even voices within Trudeau’s own party are sounding alarms about China’s troubling infiltration of Canada. Liberal MP John McKay recently confessed that Canadians have reason to be deeply concerned about Beijing’s aggressive attempts to turn us into a vassal state.

As McKay admitted, “The Chinese government is using techniques of intrusion and interference that no security service has ever seen.”

With thousands of Canadian troops readying to deploy abroad, Ottawa seems more interested in appointing gay advisors and engineering gender-neutral uniforms than in provisioning the forces for their mission.

In a 2021 briefing note, the Department of National Defence declared that “diversity and inclusion” were top priorities. This underscores how severely Trudeau has lost sight of what truly matters for Canada’s security.

The data shows that transgender individuals make up a tiny fraction of military personnel, well under 1%. Yet the government’s propaganda implies enlisting more transgender troops is a burning issue vital to the CAF’s operational effectiveness.

In truth, this obsessive political correctness only undermines morale and trust in leadership.

Spy Cameras Welcomed by Trudeau Compromise Canada

Trudeau’s obsession with “diversity” and “inclusion” has come at the expense of basic national security precautions. Chinese-made Hikvision surveillance cameras banned by Canada’s closest ally, the United States, remain in use across our government.

These easily hacked devices pose a massive risk, yet are still found everywhere from the Justice Ministry to the Space Agency. Even CSIS refuses to confirm or deny whether it deploys this Chinese spyware. The rot runs deep thanks to Trudeau’s negligence.

Wacko Trudeau keeps dodging and deflecting from giving proper answers to the Foreign Interference Commission’s report, which showed China’s meddling lowered Canadians’ trust in our electoral system.

Meanwhile, the government turns a blind eye to its own glaring lack of diversity and inclusion. Veterans struggling with post-traumatic stress have been shamefully excluded from adequate support programs.

Trudeau’s feminist posturing rings hollow when his party stands accused of mishandling sexual misconduct allegations. Clearly, his lofty rhetoric far outpaces action when it comes to supporting marginalized groups.

Trudeau’s cozying up to Beijing is seriously freaking out Canadians, especially with all the shady stuff the PRC pulled in our elections and their bold hostage games. Canada needs to toughen up, but Trudeau’s more into stroking China’s ego than calling out their bad behavior.

He’s all about spouting off progressive buzzwords while conveniently ignoring the serious human rights violations.

Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre has consistently called out Trudeau’s dangerous collaboration with China’s totalitarian regime. On multiple occasions, Poilievre exposed Trudeau’s willingness to work with Beijing on morally bankrupt projects, including bio-terrorism experiments.

So basically, Trudeau is wandering around like a lost tourist in a pretty countryside, totally oblivious to the hurricane heading straight for us.

While he’s yapping about diversity and inclusion, there’s a storm brewing, and nobody seems to be panicking. It’s like Ottawa’s living in its own fairy tale world, totally clueless about the chaos on the horizon.

Trudeau’s had plenty of time to get Canada ready, gather our allies, and gear up for a showdown ever since tensions started rising ages ago. But at every step, he’s failed miserably.

While the threat of global war looms, his government’s more interested in pushing politically correct agendas than beefing up our military. It’s mind-boggling how off-track their priorities are in such a critical time.

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