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Trudeau Under Fire as Quebec Farmers Cry Foul


Trudeau Attacked By Farmers

War has been declared on Justin Trudeau by Canada’s aggrieved farmers! While the out-of-touch PM rubbed elbows with elites at Davos, peddling useless WEF agendas, he ignored the suffering of rural Canadians.

Now Quebec’s proud agricultural producers have had enough – they’re taking the fight right to Trudeau’s doorstep.

Hundreds strong, a rebel tractor army flies the Maple Leaf while blockading highways across Quebec. These salt-of-the-earth farm families are calling out Trudeau’s hypocrisy and failed policies that are destroying their livelihoods.

Yet still, the aloof PM refuses to listen. Oblivious to the economic ruin facing rural communities, Trudeau stacks on more taxes, regulations, and Big Ag subsidies – anything to virtue signal, while hard-working farmers go bankrupt.

No more! The farmers are declaring war on Trudeau’s elitist government. Like the Freedom Convoy before them, they’ll encircle Parliament until the out-of-touch Liberals start serving the people, not useless globalist agendas.

Rural Canada is under attack, and the farmers are fighting back! Their tractors are coming to expose Trudeau’s hypocrisy and take back their livelihoods!

Farmers Protest Are Coming For Trudeau

Inspired by recent farmer protests in Europe and India, Canadian farmers have started their own street protests in a convoy of tractors and trucks. They are protesting against Justin Trudeau and his extreme environmental policies.

The Groups of farmers have gathered in Rimouski, Quebec as part of this growing movement.


These protests started in Europe and have now spread to Canada. It’s shaping up to be a huge uprising that Trudeau’s government is not ready for.

A long line of tractors and trucks waving Canadian flags is driving towards Ottawa. These proud farmers are saying they have had enough after years of too much red tape and falling profits that threaten their ability to make a living. They say Trudeau’s government, which is out of touch with agriculture, caused this.

With a tax hike coming on April 1st, the upset farmers want to send a strong message that they won’t accept the government constantly hurting their ability to earn a living. The growing anger among rural Canadians is coming to a boiling point.

Like the Freedom Convoy, this grassroots prairie protest wants to bring the capital to a halt until Trudeau recognizes the suffering of farm families across Canada.

The farmers are demonstrating against what they see as excessive government regulations and falling incomes that threaten their livelihoods. They want to send a message to the Trudeau government that they will not tolerate any more red tape and declining profits. 

The protesters say the current government is out of touch with the issues facing agricultural producers in Quebec. The farmers are demanding policy changes to ease regulations and support farm revenues. 

For too long, farmers in Quebec have struggled under excessive government regulations imposed by politicians in far-away Ottawa unfamiliar with the daily challenges of running a farm. The constant flood of paperwork, inspections, and new environmental rules have caused costs to balloon.

At the same time, the prices farmers get for milk, eggs, and crops have stagnated or even dropped. Stuck between growing costs and shrinking income, farm bankruptcies have shot up across Quebec. Yet the detached Prime Minister appears unaware of the growing unrest building among Canada’s agricultural industry.

The COVID disruptions and lockdowns threw the framers’ carefully planned production schedules into chaos. Now Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has sent the costs of essential fertilizers and fuels through the roof. All the while, the Trudeau government is piling on new environmental regulations and refusing to lift tariffs on farm machinery parts from China.

For these salt-of-the-earth farm families, hosting lively Christmas dinners and passing down the land to their children grows less certain with each passing year. And still, their concerns go unheard in Ottawa. But perhaps today, their rumbling tractor march will finally break through the Liberal government’s indifference.

Outraged Dairy Producer Speaks Out

Dairy producer François Pigeon from Saint-Eugène-de-Ladrière and administrator of the Fédération UPA of Bas-Saint-Laurent told CBC’s Radio-Canada in an interview that their intention is not to block traffic, only to impede it, to make people aware of the importance of agriculture and see how it affects their daily meals. 


Pigeon acknowledges that the protest was inspired by the ongoing European farmers protests in places like France, Belgium and Poland. 

However, Pigeon wanted to make clear that the demonstrators had no intention of creating any social unrest, just merely wanted their presence to be recognized.

He said the reason they started these protests is because they: “ want to express the dismay of many producers.” 

The farmers’ despair is understandable considering the Liberal government’s disastrous agricultural policies. 

The province’s net agricultural income is projected to drop from $959 million in 2022 to $66 million in 2024, according to the Department of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. 

This marks a 49.2% decrease in net income from 2023 and an 86.5% increase in losses for 2024. Declines of this magnitude have not been seen since the Great Depression in 1938. 

Meanwhile, costs for essential supplies like fuel and fertilizer continue to skyrocket, putting extreme financial pressure on farmers.

And once again, Canada’s mainstream media shows its partisan bias by refusing to cover the Quebec farmer protests. Outlets like the CBC act as lap dogs for Trudeau’s Liberals, conveniently ignoring any dissent against their agenda. 

These same propagandists cheered on oppressive COVID mandates and demonized the Freedom Convoy. Now they give no air time to the rural revolt brewing among Canada’s farmers.

Canadians Against WEF Agenda

While the media elites ignore rural struggles, Justin Trudeau continues pushing his WEF-approved climate alarmism that disproportionately hurts average Canadians. 

He’d rather virtue signal at Davos than help energy workers feed their families. Trudeau saddles Canada’s oil, gas and agriculture industries with reckless emissions targets while giving China a free pass.

Who pays the price for Trudeau’s Net Zero scheme? Not jet-setting celebrities or UN bureaucrats, but blue-collar Canadians whose livelihoods depend on affordable gas and electricity. 

The same struggling middle class that Trudeau loves lecturing yet keeps squeezing to death with carbon taxes and extreme environmental policies.

The media refuses to tell the truth – that Trudeau’s climate agenda is all economic pain and no environmental gain. He chokes the life out of Canada’s industries while global emissions continue rising. 

The Quebec farmers’ revolt exposes his climate policies as complete failures. It’s time Trudeau and his media cheerleaders started listening to real working Canadians and not WEF elites.

The agricultural producers of Quebec are sounding an alarm, but is Trudeau listening? His government seems obsessed with quixotic environmental and social engineering schemes straight out of Davos, while ignoring the basic needs of rural Canadians. 

The farmers protesting know that sweeping climate accords mean little if working families can no longer afford to put food on the table or pass their farms down to their children. 

A delegation of farmers from the Gaspésie region has also traveled to Rimouski in solidarity with the protesters. Yet will their combined voice be enough to break through Trudeau’s progressive bubble? As economic conditions deteriorate, concern grows that the Canadian government is tone-deaf to the worries of its agricultural sector.

The needs of rural communities cannot be ignored just to pursue idealistic climate plans developed in academic and international settings. Dairy producers and crop farmers are the backbone of Quebec’s economy. They not only deserve input on policy decisions, but Trudeau must prioritize their perspectives.

No advanced country can thrive without a strong farming industry providing essential food and stability. Yet Canada’s current governing party acts like food just magically shows up in grocery stores. They make policies with no understanding of the tireless work and tiny profit margins behind every carton of eggs and gallon of milk. It is time for Trudeau to wake up and address the needs of those farming Canada’s fields and raising its livestock.

That’s why Quebec’s farmers are driving their tractors to the capital to directly voice their complaints. While Trudeau rubbed elbows with celebrities at Davos, touting his feminist plans, the farmers fighting to preserve their livelihoods went unseen.

No longer ignored, farmers take to the streets today demanding the government stop its attacks on agriculture. They won’t allow centuries of farming tradition to be wiped out due to the pretentious whims of a prime minister more familiar with Hollywood than the heartland.

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