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Trudeau Under Fire After Nextstar Imports Overseas Labor


Bombshell Allegations Against Nextstar

Bombshell allegations from Canada’s Building Trades Union against Trudeau and “Nextstar” have working Canadians seeing red. 

The CBTU claims Nextstar is shunning qualified local workers to fill its new Windsor battery plant with foreign labor. If true, this betrayal cuts to the core of our economic security.

While Nextstar laps up billions in taxpayer subsidies, where are the Canadian jobs it promised? Instead of hiring from nearby, hundreds of ready and able local tradespeople sit jobless as their work goes to overseas contractors.

Blame falls squarely at the feet of Prime Minister Trudeau. After wining and dining with “Nextstar” executives, he gave the green light to pack Windsor with an imported workforce. 

Selling out Canadian workers is becoming Trudeau’s calling card.

And Windsor is just the tip of the iceberg. Trudeau’s disastrous budget also targeted capital gains, threatening investment and growth. All while he keeps defending it and its adverse effects on the economy further and further.

Workers and entrepreneurs alike are hanging on by a thread as Trudeau destroys what generations built. 

Elites are trading away the livelihoods of everyday Canadians behind closed doors. Now only common sense conservatism can stop them.

Lost Jobs Despite Massive Public Subsidies

The recent accusations from Canada’s Building Trades Union, or the CBTU, that “Nextstar” is favoring foreign workers over Canadian workers at its new electric battery plant in Windsor is deeply concerning for every hard working Canadian. It does not need to be said that Canadian workers should be put first, and one cannot stand idly by while corporations take jobs away from hard-working Canadians.

“Nextstar” claims that it needs to bring in foreign workers who have specialized knowledge to get the plant up and running. However, the CBTU asserts that these foreign workers are doing basic jobs like equipment installation and forklift operation that could easily be done by qualified Canadian workers. 

In fact, the CBTU says there are currently 180 qualified Canadian iron workers and millwrights sitting at home while these jobs are instead given to foreign workers. But I guess Trudeau and his corrupt policies favor the foreign worker against the Canadian worker that has the same level of qualifications.

It was never about the need for certain talents with Trudeau and the liberals, It was always about being “woke”

But Canadians recognize how this is absolutely unacceptable. Canadian tax dollars should not be subsidising a project that displaces Canadian workers. They are being hurt enough by Trudeau and his nonsensical fiscal policies that have brought Canada’s economy and competitiveness to its knees.

Billions in Taxpayer Funds But No Canadian Hires

The federal and provincial governments have offered “Nextstar” up to $15 billion in tax incentives to build this plant in Canada. That money comes from the pockets of hard-working Canadian taxpayers. In return, those Canadian taxpayers deserve access to the jobs this project will create. But Trudeau is too busy lining his pockets with money from honest and hard working Canadians. He doesn’t have time to give them their deserved spots in the workforce.

There has always been trust in the process of free enterprise and the free market, but now, with Trudeau and his gang of Liberals manipulating the market for their favor, that Trust is long gone. 

Corporations like “Nextstar” have a duty to support the communities in which they operate. Part of that social contract means hiring locally whenever possible. 

“Nextstar” claims it will eventually employ 2,500 Canadians at the new battery plant. However, just like Trudeau and his meaningless words, why should we trust this company? If anything, they should be focused on hiring Canadians right now, starting with construction and getting the facility operational.

Some will argue that these foreign workers have specialised skills that Canadians lack. But the CBTU says that simply isn’t true in this case. The foreign workers are doing basic installation and equipment operation that Canadian tradespeople are fully capable of performing. “Nextstar” doesn’t need to look abroad for this kind of labor – those workers are right here in Canada.

“Nextstar” defends its actions by saying it isn’t directly responsible for construction and hiring at the plant. It puts the blame on its contractors and suppliers like Jeil Special Canada and Daejin. 

However, the buck stops with “Nextstar”. They are the ones who received billions in taxpayer subsidies. They are the ones who will profit from this facility. They need to take responsibility for who is hired, regardless of who the direct employer is on paper.

Trudeau Sells Out Canadian Workers Again

Prime Minister Trudeau met with “Nextstar” executives last month. Apparently after that meeting, “Nextstar” felt emboldened to increase the number of foreign workers on site rather than make good on promises to hire locally. This is extremely troubling. The Prime Minister should be defending Canadian jobs, not selling them out. But it is as if you are speaking to a wall, Trudeau and the Liberals have never and will never listen.

That Trudeau meeting is already suspicious, there is no way he will go back on his corrupt “woke” agenda and appear weak infront of his liberal followers. 

The Liberals will probably  say that bringing in foreign workers is necessary in our global economy. They will argue that companies need flexibility to stay competitive. But that argument only goes so far. And we already have evidence that foreign workers are not increasing productivity in any sector. The economy is actually getting worse.

There is a difference between hiring specialized global talent to fill skills gaps, and replacing perfectly qualified local workers with foreign labor. This case is a crystal clear example for the latter.

And after all of this and the clear example of pulling the rug from under hard working and young Canadians, who are just looking to enter the workforce and participate in their country’s economy and advance it further, Trudeau still thinks he is working for generational fairness. No wonder he sees no issue with policies like the capital gains tax that will kill competition in the economy, and in turn will further harm working Canadians. 

New Trudeau Budget Also Threatens Capital Gains, Growth

In a recent stop on his post-budget tour, Justin Trudeau once again tried to sell the controversial capital gains tax hike included in the Liberal’s latest budget. 

Speaking in Saskatoon, the PM faced repeated questions about opposition to the capital gains inclusion rate increase. His responses show a government bent on ideological taxation rather than evidence-based policy.

Trudeau claimed the current capital gains system is unfair to young people and it’s time for older, wealthier Canadians to pay more. He portrayed the capital gains changes as promoting “intergenerational fairness.”

Trudeau took a swipe at former Finance Minister Bill Morneau for arguing the capital gains increase would discourage investment. But Morneau has a point – higher capital gains taxes reduce incentives for Canadians to invest in businesses and startups. Even Trudeau’s hand-picked Advisory Council on Economic Growth advised against raising capital gains taxes.

The capital gains inclusion rate in Canada is already high compared to other advanced economies. Now is not the time to diverge from global trends by hiking taxes on capital gains further. If anything, Canada should be looking at ways to encourage more capital investment, not drive it away.

We clearly do not need more obstacles for young Canadians looking to work and produce for this great country.

Hiking taxes on capital gains over $250,000 may play well to Trudeau’s political base. But the impacts will be felt far beyond the small number of wealthy taxpayers targeted. The risks of reduced investment, business formation and productivity growth could hurt middle class Canadians.

And the workforce is not the only thing that will be affected as groups like the Canadian Medical Association have legitimate concerns that the capital gains tax hike could impact physician retirement savings. This could ultimately impair Canada’s ability to recruit and retain doctors. 

Only Conservatism Can Stop Them Now

The government needs to take these warnings seriously, not dismiss them offhand. But of course Trudeau has absolutely nothing to say to them except regurgitate the same tired response about generational fairness.

Trudeau would rather attack common sense conservatives like Pierre Poilievre and associate him with the wealthy elite, rather than actually fixing and avoiding these easy to miss issues. 

Conservatives believe in unleashing human initiative, not constraining it through government overreach. 

Canadians deserve clear headed policies that expand opportunity rather than skewing the playing field. 

Trudeau would be wise to heed the criticism from experts on the detrimental impacts these capital gains tax changes could have. But When the guy is already giving jobs to foreigners that are meant for Canadians; it is pretty much clear that he never did and will care for hard working Canadians.

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