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Trudeau Threatens Scott Moe Over the Carbon Tax


Scott Moe is Criticized for Standing His Ground

Justin Trudeau set his sight on Scott Moe once again with his smug taunts and partisan potshots. The prime minister just can’t seem to resist an opportunity to belittle those who dare challenge his policies.

When questioned about rising tensions with Moe during a recent press conference, Trudeau whipped out some vicious words. He boasted that the Canada Revenue Agency was extremely capable of collecting any taxes owed by Saskatchewan, practically daring Moe to take them on.

Then Trudeau twisted the knife even further, wishing Moe “good luck” dealing with the CRA in a tone dripping with mockery. So much for thoughtful policy debates. Trudeau seems convinced that taunting dissenters is the path to victory.

The Prime Minister also took partisan shots at Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre for having the audacity to speak with protestors. Apparently engaging respectfully with citizens who have opposing views is forbidden in Trudeau’s Canada.

Canadians, premiers, and even allies oppose the carbon tax but Trudeau is incessant on continuing down the corrupt path.

How long can this combative approach continue before we demand better?

Trudeau Attacks Scott Moe

Justin Trudeau keeps demonstrating his penchant for petty insults and partisan attacks directed at anyone who dares to oppose any of his nonsensical and outright corrupt policies and programs; all while he is criticizing conservatives for supposedly doing the very thing he champions throughout his tenure as a prime minister.

This time, Scott Moe – premiere of Saskatchewan – was the target of Trudeau’s latest verbal attacks and sarcastic lampooning in regards to Moe’s incessant stand against the unjustifiable and corrupt carbon tax that will negatively affect the families of Saskatchewan.

This all started with Trudeau being questioned in a press conference during his visit to Sasketchwan about his lack of recent meetings with premier Scott Moe and what he plans to do about Moe’s opposition to the carbon tax.

Trudeau then proceeded to give the same old tired and debunked speech about how the carbon tax is actually beneficial to the families and how the rebates will bring in more money in comparison to what the families have to pay, and then he finally proceeded to address the elephant in the room and talked about how there are measures put in place to make sure that money that is owed to the federal government is being paid through the Canada Revenue Agency.

If that wasn’t a clear threat from Trudeau wrapped in political jargon and vagueness, then I don’t know what is.

Oh but it gets much worse actually, since Trudeau doubled down on his comments later on in another press conference and delivered the same threat in a sarcastic tone.

Trudeau dismissively wished Moe “good luck” in a sarcastic tone as the premier prepares to stand up to the Canada Revenue Agency over Saskatchewan’s refusal to collect the federal carbon tax on natural gas.

Trudeau promised that the CRA is very capable of collecting money that is owed and he has full confidence in their abilities to the point where he would never wish to stand against them on any matter.

What a very just and democratic prime minister, who will go on and threaten other premiers and officials if they even dare to oppose his slimy liberal agenda.

There is no honor or respect with Trudeau in charge, and he is more than happy to showcase how smug he can be with all the undeserved power he has over hard working Canadians.

Trudeau’s smug attitude shows his lack of respect for leaders with opposing views and his unwillingness to engage in meaningful policy debates.

Moe is not challenging Trudeau to virtue-signal to his voter base or take part in useless political posturing; He is advocating for the people of his province who rightly see the carbon tax as an excessive burden on families and businesses already struggling with high inflation. But rather than address these valid concerns, Trudeau opts for juvenile taunts, as if standing on principle is foolish. When Canadians already know who is the true fool in this stuation.

This corrupt tax has been unpopular across many regions of the country, especially among lower-income Canadians who feel the pinch more severely.

Trudeau, though, continues to forge ahead in typical heavy-handed fashion, dismissing dissenting perspectives from premiers like Moe and even liberal allies like Andrew Furey.

It is nothing more than a liberal elitist mindset that views leaders outside major urban centres as simplistic and worthy of ridicule rather than discussion.

How ironic is it that Trudeau is smugly threatening Scott Moe about not paying the federal government their carbon tax and challenging the CRA, when Trudeau himself has faced ethics probes over issues like failing to properly disclose expensive vacations using taxpayers money. For Trudeau to imply Moe’s stance is scandalous is the ultimate laughable hypocrisy. But it is always a new low with Trudeau in charge.

And it has gotten so low that even the likes of Steven Guilbeault found the confidence to spring to Trudeau’s defense and support his vague threats by explaining how the CRA is an independent agency and how it is just going to do its job and nothing more.

Trudeau and Liberals Against Conservative Facts

As if it wasn’t clear enough that Trudeau is trying to utilize his corrupt bureaucratic regime to scare away justified opposition to nonsensical taxes. It is easy to talk about the law and how it will be enacted, it does not change that it was clearly a threat and one that is aimed at something Trudeau is clearly fed up with.

Trudeau does not want you to keep talking and fighting the carbon tax because he wants this to be the status quo; And using the law to fight dissents is just the first step in fighting opposing speech. How is this democratic and fair exactly?

But of course the clown show on display was not enough for Trudeau so he couldn’t pass up an opportunity to hurl partisan punches at Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre over videos showing Poilievre briefly interacting respectfully with anti-carbon tax protesters.

Trudeau branded this “irresponsible” and stoking “divisions, fear and polarization” – a rich accusation coming from one of the most intentionally divisive prime ministers ever.

Trudeau has not shied away from name-calling and distortions when it suits him politically. Yet he has the gall to paint Poilievre’s cordial conversations with citizens as some great sin.

It reveals Trudeau’s fundamental disdain for viewpoints that differ from his own progressive ideology.

Poilievre has tapped into very real frustrations among struggling Canadians feeling left behind economically.
His willingness to listen to citizens of all political stripes shows a leader focused on inclusive solutions, in contrast to Trudeau’s partisan attacks. But Trudeau lacks the self-awareness to recognize his own polarizing tactics.

This pattern of behavior from the Prime Minister – petty insults of premiers, partisan cheap shots, unwillingness to meaningfully discuss policy – continues to divide at a time when Canada needs leadership that can unite a diverse country.

Blind Crusade

Trudeau’s arrogance blinds him to perspectives beyond the elite Ottawa bubble. His dismissive treatment of a Premier advocating for his citizens shows a leader who values political point-scoring above respectful discourse.

He is so blind in his crusade for the carbon tax he doesn’t take the time to look at the facts and how with each passing day allies are waking up to the reality and true cost of this useless green ambition. Even the slimy NDP leader Jagmeet Singh can’t find the proper words to fully back and support the carbon tax, even when he can’t bring himself to fully oppose it and continues to follow the Trudeau guideline of hurling insults at opposition when they are being supported by the majority of Canadians.

Nonetheless, Canadians are already against the carbon tax in droves, premiers are standing their ground and are opposing the unjust tax, and even allies can’t find any reason to support this green venture any further, then why is Trudeau still incessant on holding the minority opinion in the matter? Does he think he is taking part in counter culture or something? Does he think people will write poems about their Canadian savior long after he has left office?

Canadians deserve substantive debates on issues like affordability, inflation, energy policy and more – not juvenile sarcasm and self-righteous lecturing.

Trudeau’s combative tone and closed-minded approach continue to divide when what we need is a leader willing to bring Canadians together. His name-calling of Poilievre and taunting of Moe reveal an ultimately small leader unwilling to engage earnestly with those who see things differently.

Our divisions will not heal through sarcasm and mockery but through sincere listening, humility and focusing on shared hopes for a better future. That is the common sense leadership Canada needs now more than ever.

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