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Trudeau Surrenders to Saskatchewan’s Carbon Tax Revolt


Trudeau Exposed as Toothless Tiger on Carbon Tax

Trudeau political pretensions are unraveling yet again thanks to resistance from the prairie province of Saskatchewan. On the issue of the federal carbon tax, Trudeau has weakly capitulated to Saskatchewan’s defiance. 

Despite Premier Moe’s refusal to collect the tax on natural gas heating, Trudeau has surrendered and allowed Saskatchewan to continue receiving lucrative carbon tax rebate checks. For all his bluster about the tax being the undisputed law of the land, Trudeau meekly looks the other way as Saskatchewan flouts it. Or so it seems..

Despite initially threatening to revoke Saskatchewan’s rebates, Trudeau’s resolve has now proved toothless. His subsequent announcement that Saskatchewan will still receive rebates reveals the carbon tax as a paper tiger. 

Trudeau’s failed intimidation tactics expose his weakness against conservative-led provinces who refuse to bend the knee. With no credible plan to recoup unpaid taxes, Trudeau has shown no ability to compel provincial compliance.

Saskatchewan emerging victorious in dodging the tax while still reaping rebates is a body blow to Trudeau’s environmental posturing. His capitulation to Saskatchewan’s defiance has undermined any credibility of his carbon tax plan. 

Trudeau’s meaningless carbon tax is no match for conservative backbone. 

Saskatchewan Emerges Victorious in Carbon Tax Dodge

Well, it seems Trudeau has finally surrendered to Saskatchewan. Despite refusing to pay a carbon tax on natural gas to Ottawa, the province will somehow still receive carbon rebates from the federal government. I’m sure Trudeau negotiated a great deal here.

Our genius PM Justin Trudeau claims the Canada Revenue Agency will just collect the money Saskatchewan owes. Sure, because that worked so well when Alberta fought the carbon tax. The CRA sure raked in the cash from them, but I’m sure this time will be different.

Trudeau says he has “faith” in the CRA’s “rigorous quasi-judicial proceedings.” Faith and quasi-judicial proceedings sound like a great plan. Those ten dollar words surely mean the CRA will easily wrestle away Saskatchewan’s money.

Let’s recap how Saskatchewan brilliantly avoided paying carbon taxes while still getting rebates. First, Trudeau exempted part of Atlantic Canada from the tax to buy votes. Then Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe invoked a clever measure to stop remitting the tax. 

Ottawa initially threatened to withhold Saskatchewan’s rebates, but Trudeau has now backed down from that empty threat. 

Federal Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault offered no real plan for how the CRA would collect the carbon tax money. No surprise there – the Trudeau government is always big on talking points but short on details.

Guilbeault claimed Saskatchewan residents shouldn’t be “penalized” for Premier Moe’s “politics.” Penalized? Like how Trudeau penalized Atlantic Canadians with exemptions for political gain?

Moe wants Trudeau to meet with premiers to discuss alternatives to the ineffective consumer carbon tax. But Trudeau remains inflexible, challenging premiers to create their own climate plans if they dislike the tax. Collaboration? Compromise? Why would Trudeau bother with that when he knows best?

Moe says the carbon tax adds to inflation and affordability struggles. But Trudeau doesn’t seem concerned about regular Canadians bearing the costs of his pet tax. I’m sure struggling families will be glad to know rebates are more important to him than lowering prices.

Trudeau Failed Intimidation Backfires

Trudeau claims most Canadians get more back from rebates than they pay in carbon taxes. Even if that’s true, it shows the tax isn’t really about reducing emissions so much as wealth redistribution. Not exactly a conservative principle.

Moe says Saskatchewan has reviewed alternatives and found them too expensive. But Trudeau won’t even consider compromising on his glorious tax. 

Trudeau announced with his trademark patronizing smugness that Saskatchewan will continue receiving carbon tax rebates, even as they refuse to pay the tax on natural gas.

Let’s try to get on the same page here, Trudeau only made this announcement to avoid political embarrassment. He knows it would be a horrible optic to cut off rebates over his hypocritical, unfairly applied carbon tax. So he took the easy way out.

The fact that Trudeau publicly declared Saskatchewan will still get rebates, despite not collecting the tax, shows his “plan” is an abject failure. He’s practically admitting what every Canadian already knows, that the carbon tax is meaningless.

Trudeau claims the CRA will collect the unpaid taxes from Saskatchewan eventually. If anyone believes that, I’ve got a pipeline to sell you. There is zero indication Saskatchewan will ever pay this carbon tax based on Trudeau’s spineless leadership.

The virtue-signaling Prime Minister wants to posture about fighting climate change with his carbon tax. But his actions show it’s really just about money and power. Letting Saskatchewan dodge the tax completely undermines any environmental claims.

During his announcement, Trudeau could barely conceal his irritation at having been outmaneuvered by Premier Moe. It must be frustrating when provinces don’t bow unquestioningly to the Liberal agenda.

Trudeau is likely worried about further political backlash if he cancels the rebates. So much for principles – it’s clear reelection is his only real priority. Any pretense of environmental concerns takes a backseat.

With this announcement, Trudeau has shown he does not actually expect provinces to comply with his carbon tax rules. It is merely a suggestion that can be ignored.

Premier Moe played Trudeau like a fiddle on this issue. He stood up to Trudeau’s bullying, refused to bend the knee, and now keeps Saskatchewan’s money while still getting federal rebate checks.

Trudeau’s weakness and mismanagement on this carbon tax issue should make every Canadian concerned. He has shown no ability to cooperate with the provinces. The sooner we replace this government, the better.

However they did it, Saskatchewan emerged victorious in avoiding Trudeau’s ineffective tax while still reaping rebates. Let’s hope more provinces can twist Trudeau’s arm and win similar concessions. The carbon tax needs more than a few tweaks – it needs a full repeal and replacement.

When Saskatchewan announced they will stop collecting this ludicrous tax on natural gas heating, allowing citizens to keep more of their hard-earned money, their resolve showed every Canadian what a government with backbone really looks like. A government that actually cares for its people.

Saskatchewan took matters into their own hands and removed the tax on natural gas heating, and now families will save hundreds of dollars this year thanks to this common sense move.

Even Saskatchewan’s electric utility will eliminate the carbon tax portion of bills, saving customers an average of $21 per month. Meanwhile, Trudeau continues gouging tax paying Canadians to death in the name of his socialist agenda. Maybe we should all move to Saskatchewan for a better life.

Premier Moe acknowledges refusing to collect the tax violates federal law. But he points out it creates fairness compared to Trudeau exempting part of Atlantic Canada. Equality under the law? Not under Trudeau.

Moe has also been attacked and called out by Guilbeault saying it’s immoral and irresponsible for a premier to decide not to follow the law.

In response to a question from a reporter, Gulibeault said: “If Premier Scott Moe decides that he wants to start breaking laws and not respecting federal laws, then measures will have to be taken,”.

Trudeau Caught Vote-Buying Youth Support in Budget

Meanwhile, Trudeau is once again desperate to buy young people’s votes. The ethically-challenged PM is so desperate to stop hemorrhaging youth support, he packed this budget with cheap tricks aimed at buying votes. 

Trudeau’s constant whining about “intergenerational fairness” is meant to mask his vote-buying schemes. He’s recklessly bribing you with today’s money to steal your votes. Don’t fall for this self-serving fraud.

If Trudeau claims young people are the economy’s engine. So why is he bribing you into dependency instead of empowering you to stand on your own two feet? His socialist policies betray millennials.

Trudeau’s budget could have encouraged youth entrepreneurship and job creation. Instead he doled out goodies to turn you into his dependent subjects.Trudeau clearly believes he can purchase your loyalty like a commodity.

The ongoing carbon tax saga between Trudeau and Saskatchewan reveals much about the Prime Minister’s flawed leadership. Premier Moe, on the other hand, successfully stood up to federal overreach and protected his province’s interests.

Similarly, Trudeau’s desperate attempts to buy young peoples’ support with budget vote-buying schemes expose his craven politicking. 

Moe and Saskatchewan have shown real backbone in standing up to Trudeau’s hypocrisy and self-interest. Canada needs leaders who respect provincial rights and govern responsibly. Trudeau has proven time and again he is not up to the task. 

The future of this country depends on electing principled conservatives, not vote-seeking liberals like Trudeau, who puts his own political fortunes first.

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