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Trudeau Slammed For Rigging Vote To Secure Liberal Payouts


Election Delay labeled “Abuse of Power”

In a brazen abuse of power, Justin Trudeau is now openly planning to delay the next federal election purely to enrich himself and his Liberal friends. 

This latest undefendable move will outrage taxpayers forced to fund an extra year of Trudeau’s bloated pensions and perks while struggling with the cost of living crisis he created.

Make no mistake – the Liberals’ dumb excuse of avoiding holiday conflicts is nothing but a weak sham. 

Trudeau delayed elections for one reason and one reason only – pensions. The tired Trudeau Liberals know their time is up. And now every single party has turned against them, calling out their ridiculous plan.

With this move, will voters finally get the chance to kick out this corrupt, self-serving Liberal government?

Trudeau Brazenly Delays Election To Enrich Himself

The new unhinged move by Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government to delay the next elections by one week, from October 20th to October 27th, 2025, is clearly an underhanded tactic aimed at securing pensions for their precious MPs.

The made up excuse of conflict of serious local elections and holidays is obviously a political ploy by the Liberals, in order to only save themselves while neglecting others and moreover, deceiving the Canadians.

The whole act of kindness and caring about Canadians and their concerns is only for a public image to avoid any suspicious actions they have already planned. Liberals have been planning their escape plan precisely decades ago, with securing whatever amount of cash they can get before they’re kicked out.

Within Bill C-65, labeled as the “Electoral Participation Act,” or more like “”Liberal MP Pension Protection Act.” It is stated that in order for MPs to protect their pensions they need to hit six years of service, considering that they were elected in 2019, the six year mark lands on October 21,2025. 

The fact that 22 Liberals, 19 Bloc Québécois, and 6 NDP MPs stand to gain financially by delaying the elections by a mere seven days proves this decision was motivated by self-interest, not the religious holidays the Liberals claim.

Conservatives on the other hand cannot support such blatant self-dealing that comes at the expense of Canadian taxpayers, with an amount that could reach up to $120 million. 

Liberals know best that they are headed for a defeat in 2025 considering years of fiscal mismanagement, unaffordable cost of living, and countless ethics scandals. 

As their poll numbers continue to sink, the Liberals are desperately trying to cling to power long enough to maximize their own pensions. Their motivation for delaying the election could not be more obvious.

How much more self centered can the liberals get? Serving a crappy six years then deceiving Canadians and stealing their tax money on the way out and moving on to living a luxurious life pretending none of it happened, and pretending no one will remember is just levels beyond delusional. 

It’s no surprise that Trudeau now wants to save his buddies in case they lose their seats, their future can be secured. How sweet of the Prime Minister to care about his wealthy friends but neglect the poor, hungry and drained Canadians.

The Bloc Québécois has surprisingly opposed this corrupt bill, stating that accommodating religious holidays is no justification for postponing an election. This delay would also interfere with municipal elections in Quebec – another consequence the Liberals ignored in their haste to secure pensions. Conservatives echo these concerns.

Trudeau Abusing Power To Cling To Office And Cash

Conservatives stand ready to fix the damage left behind by nearly a decade of Liberal mismanagement. We will not prop up a failing government so that its MPs can profit financially. The election date must remain October 20th, as originally legislated. Canadians deserve a government focused on their needs, not political self-preservation.

It’s so impressive that the Liberals have such an undefeated ego to announce delaying the elections for the second time in the same year with only 3 months difference, thinking people would have forgotten about it and try to frame it this time as accommodating religious holidays, it took them all of 3 months to come up with such a dumb excuse. 

Meanwhile, the NDP has been taking a few now and then stands against Trudeau and his hectic moves and plans. The NDP attacked and called out the government for their new proposal of delaying the elections, but of course it’s not Singh at the helm of the opposition, we all know how that one turned out.

Instead, it’s NDP MP Lisa Marie Barron that has emerged as a champion of accountability by spearheading her party’s efforts to amend the Liberal electoral reform legislation. She slammed the election delay as MPs prioritizing their own financial interests over Canadians struggling with cost of living pressures.

“I’ve had constituents and Canadians bring this to my attention, and I just want to make it very clear that right now is not the time for members of Parliament to be thinking about their own financial gain,” she said in an interview. “We want to make sure that we’re very clear from the onset around the necessary amendments for us to move forward on this.”

After nearly a decade of ethical lapses, broken promises, and policies that have left citizens struggling, trust in Justin Trudeau’s leadership is at an all-time low. 

Canadians struggling with inflation and housing unaffordability have had enough of his vain platitudes and empty virtue signaling. The pension padding debacle may well be the final insult that costs Trudeau the next election.

Canadians deserve better than a tired, self-interested Liberal government clinging to power. Attempting to change election laws to protect their own pensions is just the latest ethical lapse demonstrating that this government has lost its way. Conservatives are ready to take the helm and steer our country back on course. The Liberal delay tactic must not stand.

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