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Trudeau Slammed by Poilievre on Twitter for White Rock Shooting


Trudeau couldn’t handle as Poilievre came out guns blazing over the Liberal government’s massive spending on ineffective firearm laws. In response to the disturbing gang shooting in White Rock, British Columbia,

Poilievre ripped into Trudeau on Twitter for being clueless about the real roots of gun violence while wasting billions going after lawful gun owners.

This comes after the shocking wave of gang related shootings terrorizing Canadian communities have persisted through the years while the Liberal government stands idle by.

Canadians now face a gut check moment. Do we tolerate a soft-on-crime government wasting billions persecuting lawful gun owners while our streets become shooting galleries? Or do we stand up and demand getting tough on gangs, securing the border, and empowering police to take back our communities?

While Justin Trudeau was busy wasting billions of taxpayers’ money on banning guns that hunt ducks, his failing gun policies alongside the circus of the court system lead to gangs and criminals running wild in the streets of Canada and causing travesties like the recent horrific shooting in White Rock, British Columbia which has left the community shaken and demanding answers.

This brazen use of automatic weapons in a residential area is unacceptable.

Alarms should be rung in every Canadian’s head after viewing such disturbing footage. As we see criminals wielding prohibited fully-automatic rifles spraying hundreds of bullets directed at their targets with no regard for innocent life.

It is only by sheer luck that one of those stray bullets did not hit an innocent bystander in the neighborhood. This violence is the grim reality of gangs and organized crime that the liberals have allowed to run amok.

This shooting should be a wakeup call that more restrictive gun laws are not the answer

Canada’s restrictive gun laws may as well be void as criminals with enough money and the right connections can obtain firearms smuggled across the border so easily.

This whole debacle prompted the leader of the opposition Pierre Poilievre to pull no punches in his condemnation of prime minister Justin Trudeau after the brazen White Rock shooting.

Poilievre took to Twitter to lambast Trudeau for being ”soft” on crime and leading smugglers criminals to bring in weapons through our unprotected border, all while he is busy wasting billions of taxpayers money on trying to come up with a plan to harass licensed “sport shooters” and confiscate hunting rifles.

Emphasis from the conservative leader spotlighted the failure of the Liberal’s restrictive gun control measures to make Canadians safer from gun violence.

And he is completely right. This is not something new or recent that spurred up overnight.

Canada has been facing issues left and right when it comes to frequent brazen shootings and harmful and unclear liberal policies and procedures do nothing but satisfy the criminal underbelly of Canada, even outright encourage it.

Just in early February, a shooting took place in broad daylight in Surrey, British Columbia severely injuring a man which followed another shooting in Surrey that targeted a sikh activist a mere 36 hours earlier. Later this very same month, another shooting took place at a bus stop that killed one man and critically injured a young boy in Toronto. The police are still puzzled by the actions and are chalking it up to mere “Gang Violence”.

Want to take a guess what is currently being done to punish such actors in the court of law? If you guessed that they are facing harsh punishments, then you might have misplaced trust in the Liberal establishment.

We have seen what Trudeau’s government deemed lawful and law abiding when they granted bail late last year for a Toronto shooter that gravely injured five people.

This man attempted to kill five people and our embarrassing court system chose to tarnish the Canadian people’s trust in its proceedings by granting him bail because of his previous criminal record and the fact that he is from a “radicalised community”.
Since when do we treat criminals differently due to their background? Since when does a clean criminal record take away from attempted mass killing?

All of these examples and countless more put into words how much of a failure the Liberal government of Justin Trudeau is. By doing nothing to address the actual roots of gun violence in Canada and by offering bails and parole for criminals, there will be no hope for the future and safety of Canadians under Liberal governance.

They could crack down on bail for gun offenders and help keep violent criminals behind bars and off the streets. But the liberal government is more busy posturing by coddling criminals with rhetoric about “systemic racism” and blaming society instead of holding individuals accountable for their actions.

Canadians deserve to feel safe in their communities. But arbitrarily confiscating more of their lawfully owned property will not change the behaviour of violent criminals.

Enforcing the laws already on the books is the only way to promote public safety.

When police officials state how your firearm bans are ineffective in terms of fighting the ongoing crime epidemic in Canada, then it is time to rightfully take a step back and listen to the people that are rightfully voicing their concerns.

The billions of dollars being spent disarming duck hunters and target shooters would be far better utilized hiring police, securing the border, prosecuting smugglers and providing youth outreach in vulnerable communities.

However, the Liberal government remains fixated on its ideological attacks against lawful firearms owners and wasting countless taxpayer money rather than evidence-based solutions that would actually reduce gun crime.

And just to put it into perspective, when Trudeau first announced plans to confiscate legally owned “assault-style” firearms, Public Safety Minister Bill Blair estimated the cost between $400M and $600M. However, internal government documents show officials warning that the buyback program could surpass $1.8 billion. The Parliamentary Budget Officer projected up to $756 million for just the initial phase of confiscation.

Rather than admit faults about these staggering costs, the Liberals downplayed the expense and rammed ahead with their unconstitutional property seizures. Hundreds of thousands of Canadian gun owners now stand to have their lawfully acquired property forcibly confiscated despite no publicly available evidence showing these firearms are a significant public safety risk.

They are happy to continue to mislead Canadians, claiming they are banning dangerous “military-style” weapons when in reality, many of the firearms on their ever-expanding prohibited list are popular hunting and sporting rifles and shotguns.

Maybe everything is actually under plan according to the likes of Justin Trudeau. Maybe this is what Canada needs to be. A nation that forgives child abusers and sex worker killers like Jatin Patel and grants them bail to be freely released onto our communities and neighborhoods. A nation that is aiming to grant parole to infamous “Pig Farm Killer” Robert Pickton that mercilessly killed 33 victims, with an alleged dozen more that have never been found, and fed them to his pigs.

But who exactly benefits from decisions like these? Who asked for these monsters to be let back into our streets? Could it perhaps be because Trudeau doesn’t care about the safety of the Canadian people if it doesn’t benefit his political image? Or maybe, in terms of the “Pig Farm Killer” situation, he is friends with these criminals.

Since allegations about Justin Trudeau’s visit to the lavish parties that the “Pig farm Killer ” hosted and used to lure his victims have been bubbling for years. I find it noteworthy to highlight and put forward these claims especially with recent suspicious Mountie activity in regards to attempting to burn and get rid of all the evidence on the farm.

This could very well be the establishment attempting to cover up Justin Trudeau’s connection to the killer.

Although, Canadians would not be shocked at the actions of their prime minister keeping in mind everything he did to harm this country and its people.

It’s the definition of insanity to keep pursuing ineffective policies yet expect different results. The billions wasted disarming duck hunters and all the political posturing about radicalized communities paint an uncaring and shameless picture of Trudeau and the liberal establishment.

Innocent bystanders are dying in broad daylight and there is no one to voice the concerns of their families, as the government looks the other way to free some more criminals.

Trudeau should bite the bullet on his failure and stand down from governance to go party with his criminal friends and let effective and strong leaders like Poilievre shine through for Canada and its people.

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