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Trudeau Silent As Khalistan Extremists Run Wild in Canada


Introduction to the Madness

Trudeau is allowing Khalistan extremists to run amok right under his nose. 

The extremist terrorist group clashed with Indian protestors in Calgary while brandishing swords and spears threatening to assassinate Indian diplomat Sanjay Verma.

All of this political and extremist tension occurred while Trudeu’s police stood by limply and watched Khalistani goons threatening innocent Canadians’ lives.

And all of this mess can be attributed to Trudeau himself for creating a safe haven to harbour extremists under the guise of “Freedom of Expression”.

But while Trudeau is blindly accusing a strategic partner in India of assassinating a Canadian-sikh activist just to satisfy radical and fanatic demands, countries like New Zealand are taking an honest stance by waiting for more evidence.

Will Trudeau change his stance on the extremist group with more public pressure, and especially after the incident in Calgary? In a perfect world the answer would be an astounding yes. 

But sadly this is not a perfect world, this is a world run by Trudeau.

Trudeau is Silent as Violence Erupts

Chaos reigns once again under the failed and corrupt leadership of Justin Trudeau and his gaggle of crony and useless Liberals, as protests between two groups unaffiliated with Canada or its business in any way, come to a clash in Calgary.

Pro-Khalistan protesters have staged concerning and outright disturbing demonstrations against Indian High Commissioner Sanjay Kumar Verma during his recent tour of Western Canada. 

Verma’s right to diplomacy in Canada has faced unacceptable intimidation that demands swift condemnation from Trudeau if he ever hopes to appear as a strong leader, but we already know the deal.

In both Surrey and Edmonton, pro-Khalistan groups gathered to oppose Verma’s presence at community events. 

Most of the Khalistani demonstrators in Calgary were spotted carrying weapons, including swords and spears that they were brandishing and waving about. 

They gathered and partook in activities like spitting and burning the Indian flag, alongside threatening counter indian protestors with their weapons. All the while the Canadian police stood around like a bunch of goofs doing absolutely nothing about the extremist display right in front of their silly eyes.

This brazen display of extremism occurred despite Verma requiring constant RCMP protection.

Allowing such dangerous protests against a distinguished guest shakes Canada’s credentials as a serious nation.

 A diplomat’s safety being threatened on our soil is an embarrassment that erodes our global reputation. 

Khalistani radicals have been emboldened by the lack of pushback under the orders of one Justin Trudeau.

Verma described his engagements as “successful”, meeting with legislators and businesses in British Columbia and Alberta. 

But the ongoing intimidation tactics demonstrate glaring limitations to his diplomatic freedoms. 

The fact that venues hosting Verma were changed or cancelled shows Canada’s weakness against extremist elements.

Yet Trudeau lacks the backbone to condemn such dangerous conduct. His silence speaks volumes about where his true sympathies lie.

Conservatives recognize extremism has no place in a civilised democracy.

Allowing extremist elements to endanger foreign diplomats on Canadian soil is a national embarrassment. But for Trudeau’s government, appeasing fringe groups takes priority over protecting distinguished guests.

All because Trudeau thinks freedom of speech means the freedom to endanger the lives of innocent people.

If a movement’s way of getting acknowledged and taken seriously is by protesting with weapons and threatening to kill any dissenters, then maybe this movement is not worth the effort of recognizing them as anything but terrorists.

But you may be asking yourself the unavoidable question…How did we possibly get here? How did Canada become the hotbed for international tensions between India and Khalistani dissenters? Why are we allowing such madness on Canadian streets threatening Canadian lives?

Trudeau Champions for Freedom, Just Not to Canadians

It all started with Justin Trudeau’s explosive allegation highlighting Indian involvement in a Canadian citizen’s murder, which as everything Trudeau talks about or does, has needlessly damaged vital relations with a key Indo-Pacific ally. 

His accusation against India was irresponsible and wholly counterproductive for Canadian interests. 

You would think a leader of a great nation like Canada would recognize that mature diplomacy requires carefully weighing words instead of emotional outbursts devoid of evidence, but we would probably not be here talking about yet another Trudeau disaster..

Trudeau’s claim that Indian operatives played a role in Hardeep Singh Nijjar’s killing has sparked an entirely avoidable political firestorm. 

India swiftly denied the allegations and accused Canada of harbouring anti-India extremists. 

Trudeau’s rhetoric has achieved nothing beyond sabotaging productive ties between two diplomatic nations that should be cooperating closely.

While the circumstances of Nijjar’s death merit investigation on a neutral foundation, Trudeau opted for sensation over prudence. 

His explosive accusation stunned India and outraged the Indian-Canadian community. 

Such amateur diplomacy has real consequences, with India suspending security and economic dialogues with Canada. 

Rather than triggering needless disputes through unproven allegations, maybe Trudeau should have waited and carefully calculated his words, but he is too busy virtue signalling as a warrior for justice and free speech as long as the speech does not affect him personally of course.

And if you think this simple mistake would not spiral even further then I hope you are ready for more embarrassment surrounding Trudeau and his rash decisions as Trudeau’s conduct jeopardises Canada’s standing within the Five Eyes intelligence network. 

Our allies are carefully balancing relations with India as geopolitical realignments occur. Only Trudeau chose inflammatory language likely to provoke Indian backlash. 

This imprudent approach leaves Canada isolated as other Five Eyes nations seek India’s strategic partnership.

On complex issues like the Khalistan movement, maturity and nuance should have been essential as a means in the beginning, but if recent happenings are anything to go by, we now realise that the movement is rife with violent extremists and alleged terrorists and as such should be dealt the hardest hand from the Canadian government. But the hardest hand is unavailable with Trudeau in power.

While patriotic and freedom loving Canadians will defend free expression to their last breath, especially under the oppressive regime of Trudeau and the Liberals, they cannot however simply ignore legitimate concerns and safety warnings regarding extremist elements within the Sikh diaspora forming the Khalistan movement. 

The Khalistan movement sought refuge in western countries as a way to garner support and issue referendums asking if they should be independent from India as an ethnic nation in an effort to represent the favourable results to the United Nations so that it may enact policies that will facilitate the separation movement’s goals.

This process was detailed to be extremely ineffective and time wasting by several political experts so the Khalistani people resorted to the extreme scenario.

But brandishing weapons and threatening diplomats, as occurred during protests against India’s High Commissioner, is and will forever be unacceptable on Canadian soil.

What more does Trudeau need for him to recognize the movement’s danger to innocent Canadians? What more does he and the Liberals need to recognize the movement as a terrorist organisation?

Talking Some Sense is Now Met With Threats

Well it appears he needs a lot more than just a wakeup call especially with how Canada’s official stance is repeating unproven claims, while countries like New Zealand urge caution until facts emerge.

New Zealand Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters questioned the credibility of Trudeau’s accusation against India. 

He noted allegations require evidence, which Ottawa has failed to furnish. 

Peters’ legal background recognizes that responsible authority stems from facts, not partisan pandering.

Unlike Trudeau, New Zealand’s government understands prudent diplomacy avoids leaping to conclusions without justification. 

Peters said the full truth will only emerge when Canada’s claims are tested in court. 

This shows New Zealand respects due process and India’s right to rebut allegations.

New Zealand’s position aligns with Australia’s stance urging more proof from Canada. This consensus among objective allies exposes Trudeau’s position as an unwise outlier.

But you know what Khalistani activists have done in response to New Zealand’s objective and honest remarks? They threatened to assassinate the man. What a peaceful group of individuals that Trudeau loves to support.

The reprehensible  threats against New Zealand Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters were made by pro-Khalistan extremist Gurpatwant Singh Pannun. 

Pannun’s incitement of violence against Peters for questioning unproven allegations against India is disturbingly characteristic of dangerous extremists.

Yet Trudeau is more than happy to give him citizenship and allow him a platform to dispel his toxic attacks and threats against the opposition’s lives, which is something he does quite frequently.

The contrast between Peters’ courage and Trudeau’s capitulation is instructive. 

Extremists thrive when democratic leaders are too timid to boldly defend pluralism against those seeking to terrorise others into silence. 

Canadians deserve principled leadership that upholds our freedoms from those who menace them.

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