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Trudeau Silent As Churches Burn


The Trudeau government is under fire for their lack of action while Poilievre ‘s party against hate crimes targeting a Catholic church in Regina became the site of a brazen arson attack. Security cameras captured chilling footage of a masked suspect dousing the entrance in gasoline and setting it alight before fleeing. 

How convenient that just as Trudeau’s popularity plummets, a controversial attack occurs providing the perfect opportunity for public posturing. Yet with the chance to grandstand, Trudeau curiously demurs. Despite the Conservatives promoting a motion to condemn the brazen arson, Trudeau and his lackeys refuse to stand in symbolic solidarity with besieged religious groups.

Does Trudeau’s  principles vanish when there are no cameras rolling? Minorities facing bigotry don’t expect empty platitudes – they demand action. But Trudeau seems unwilling to back his lofty rhetoric with meaningful support, exposing his progressive allies as mere props.

With hate crimes mysteriously rising under Trudeau’s watch, many now question if this failure to condemn serves a darker political purpose. Does Trudeau hope to stoke division? Are minorities being cynically exploited? As Trudeau sheds allies, many sense something insidious brewing behind his refusal to stand up to rising intolerance.

The Catholic community in Regina was left shaken, after an arsonist viciously attacked the historic Blessed Sacrament Parish in the dead of night. Security cameras captured the chilling footage of a masked perpetrator methodically dousing the entrance to the church with gasoline before callously lighting it ablaze and slipping away into the darkness. Thankfully, the fire department responded swiftly and contained the damage. But investigators have confirmed this was no accident – it was a premeditated act of hate.

This brazen assault on a sacred house of worship has led to outrage and soul-searching, especially in light of the deafening silence from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government. Just days before the arson, the Conservatives had proposed a motion in Parliament explicitly condemning this and other attacks on churches. However, Trudeau and his party shamefully declined to support it, refusing to take a meaningful stand against the destruction of religious property despite constantly trumpeting their commitment to diversity and inclusion.

For the shell-shocked parish priest, James Hentges, this incident was the culmination of an escalating pattern of vandalism and intimidation. And it raises the alarming specter that certain groups are being dangerously emboldened by the absence of condemnation from the country’s leaders. Canadians across the political and religious spectrum are rightly demanding action and accountability in the face of rising intolerance. 

Yet once again, Trudeau’s lofty progressive rhetoric fails to match his lack of concrete response. His meek capitulation speaks volumes, signaling that the safety of minority congregations is far from a priority for his government. This stunning failure to protect vulnerable worshippers thoroughly undermines the Liberals’ inclusive image and casts serious doubts on their will to defend all faith communities against those who would do them harm.

While the Liberal government under Justin Trudeau refused to even symbolically condemn this brazen act of hate by supporting a motion in Parliament, the Conservatives took a strong stand by proposing that very motion in the first place. The Liberals recognized the need to unequivocally denounce the attack and reaffirm their commitment to defending places of worship from such violence. 

Yet Trudeau and the Liberals declined, dismissing this effort to stand up for religious minorities. Their inaction speaks volumes, while the Conservatives’ vow before Parliament to combat rising intolerance shows a commitment to the safety of all Canadians. The Liberal refusal to back the Conservatives’ principled position, despite video evidence of the arson, makes it clear which party takes the protection of this country and its vulnerable communities seriously.

Despite irrefutable video evidence, Trudeau spinelessly rejected joining the Conservatives’ principled condemnation.

While the Conservatives courageously spearheaded efforts to censure this act of hatred, Trudeau’s cadre callously turned their backs. They denied religious minorities the solidarity against targeted violence they deserve.

This shameful inaction exposes the Liberals’ indifference to the safety of the vulnerable. Meanwhile the Conservatives recognized the urgent need for accountability in the face of rising intolerance. Their willingness to defend all citizens regardless of creed stands in stark contrast to the Liberals’ lack of conviction.

With hate crimes increasing, it’s clear only the Conservatives are committed to meaningful leadership. Trudeau’s refusal to stand with besieged groups sends an ominous message about his priorities.

But the Liberals chose political expediency over defending fundamental freedoms, sending the dangerous message that such attacks will be tolerated. While the Conservatives work to ensure security for all, Trudeau pontificates about inclusion but fails to back up his lofty rhetoric with meaningful condemnation. 

The Liberal reluctance to support the Conservatives’ motion, despite clear evidence, makes it undeniably clear which party is serious about the duty to safeguard this nation and its diverse communities.

One has to wonder, is the lack of condemnation by Trudeau’s Liberals for the brazen arson attack on a Regina church more than mere negligence? Could this actually be an intentional distraction tactic to divert attention from other issues facing the government? 

It’s interesting timing that just as the prime minister faces ongoing scrutiny over the firing of scientists and use of the emergency act, suddenly headlines are dominated by Liberal inaction over a hate crime. Are they trying to deflect criticism by stoking new controversy? 

What might Trudeau be eager to shift focus from? The dismal state of the healthcare system? His family’s questionable WE Charity ties? With an election on the horizon, the Liberals have every incentive to gin up new political drama. 

Refusing to denounce the attack creates fresh outrage squarely aimed at them. Is it all manufactured for strategic gain? Canadians deserve to know if this refusal to act is just cynically calculated misdirection from a government mired in criticism, trying to change the channel at the expense of leaving religious groups unsafe.

While Justin Trudeau and the Liberals continue to demonstrate a shameful lack of concern for this country, the Conservatives have firmly established themselves as the only party that truly cares about Canada’s future. 

The brazen arson attack on a Regina Catholic church has shown the Tories courageously leading the charge to condemn religious hatred, while Trudeau disgracefully refused to even voice symbolic support for vulnerable groups facing violence. 

This sad incident highlights that only the Conservatives have the backbone to stand up for all Canadians. Their strong denouncement of the arson, proposed right in Parliament, proves the Tories are doing their utmost to combat rising intolerance. Unlike the indifferent Liberals, Conservatives recognize the urgent need to protect our society from those who would tear us apart. 

We should all feel safer knowing the Conservatives are ready to defend this nation’s values of inclusion and freedom. While Trudeau fails the test of leadership, the Tories are stepping up as the only party willing to take bold action when it matters most. With their steadfast devotion to keeping Canada secure, the Conservatives have shown they alone can be entrusted with this country’s future.

As we wrap up, it’s hard not to view the timing of this disturbing arson attack and the Liberal’s meek response as suspect. Why, just as Trudeau is losing political capital, does a conveniently controversial hate crime occur right in the heart of Conservative territory? And why are the Liberals so unwilling to seize the chance to condemn it? Do they want the public outraged at their callous inaction?

One can’t help but wonder if minorities are being used as political pawns by a prime minister desperate to change the channel from his many scandals. The fact that the Liberals refuse to introduce a simple denunciation of this destruction of a house of worship raises a lot of questions. And provides few answers.

With their moral authority rapidly eroding, are the Liberals allowing intolerance to rise to provide cover for their missteps? Do they think the stoking division will rally their base? Their prevaricating on this act of violence certainly seems like cynical political calculation at the expense of public safety.

As Trudeau’s grip on power weakens, we may see more of these incidents cropping up and a continued failure to decisively respond. When leadership becomes merely an exercise in holding power, rather than principles, people suffer the consequences. That may be the greatest tragedy of all in this unsettling affair.

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