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Trudeau Showers Bureaucrats With Lavish Salaries


Are hard-working Canadians fed up with Justin Trudeau cutting backroom deals to make his bureaucrat friends rich using their tax dollars? You bet they are. And citizens won’t believe how many of their hard-earned tax dollars Trudeau has redirected to give paper-pushers outrageous six-figure salaries.

While average Canadians pinch pennies to survive, Trudeau is signing over billions – with a B – in payouts to over one hundred thousand government workers. We’re talking jaw-dropping payment packages up to $200,000 just to shuffle papers and file reports.

Trudeau doesn’t lose sleep handing over money earned by tax paying citizens to bureaucrats already earning a fortune. It’s everyday Canadians sweating for their paychecks, but Trudeau doesn’t care about dipping into their wallets to fund this bureaucratic feast.

This jaw dropping news reveals just how many bureaucrats are cashing in thanks to Trudeau’s insider deals and backroom politics. He’s rigging the system against regular people.

Hard-working Canadians have had enough of working overtime just for Trudeau to redirect their tax dollars to his friends. It’s just plain wrong. The truth will come out – Trudeau is making average citizens pay the price for his bureaucrat gravy train.

The recent news that over 110,000 federal bureaucrats now make six-figure salaries should upset every Canadian taxpayer. This swollen bureaucracy is fueling uncontrolled government spending under Justin Trudeau’s Liberals. Even worse, taxpayers are being kept in the shadows about exactly how much of their hard-worked money is being handed out in outrageous salaries.

According to data gotten by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, the number of federal employees making $100,000 or more has exploded by 154% since 2015. This salary group now accounts for a shocking one-third of the whole federal workforce. The cost to taxpayers last year alone was nearly $14 billion, and that number will likely rise higher with upcoming retroactive raises.

Franco Terrazzano, CTF Federal Director, said “Taxpayers are tapped out and can’t afford more bureaucrats taking six-figure salaries. Enough is enough, it’s time for the feds to take some air out of the ballooning bureaucracy.”

While bureaucrats rake in lavish compensation packages, the performance of government departments and agencies continues to disappoint. As the Parliamentary Budget Officer noted, despite a marked increase in federal employees and spending since 2016, there’s been little corresponding improvement in services for taxpayers. Less than half of all performance targets are met annually. Canadians are paying more and more, but getting less and less.

This is utterly unacceptable. Taxpayers work long hours and make difficult financial sacrifices to earn their paychecks. They deserve accountability and responsible stewardship of their money. Yet the Trudeau Liberals have fostered a culture of waste, excess and entitlement within the civil service. They allow bureaucratic bloat to expand unchecked while services languish.

Unlike the provinces, the federal government does not provide taxpayers with an annual “sunshine list” to reveal high-paid employees. The Trudeau Liberals deny Canadians basic transparency surrounding bureaucratic salaries. This secrecy shields the true magnitude of payroll costs from public scrutiny.

Franco Terrazzano also said: “We pay the bills and we deserve to know how many six-figure bureaucrats we’re paying for.”

While everyday Canadians struggle, Justin Trudeau certainly has no qualms about lavishing bureaucrats with ever-more generous compensation. The priorities of his government are seriously misplaced. Public service salaries are far outpacing those in the private sector, with federal employees enjoying a substantial wage premium in addition to enviable pension and benefits.

Recent polling shows strong and growing support for Poilievre and the Conservatives. The latest Leger survey has the Tories at 41% support nationally, a six point lead over the Liberals. Among decided voters, Poilievre is the preferred choice for prime minister at 27%, ten points ahead of Justin Trudeau.

Momentum is clearly on the Conservatives’ side. Since last July, they have surged in the polls as Canadians grow increasingly dissatisfied with Trudeau’s Liberals. Two-thirds of respondents say they are unhappy with the direction of the current government.

Poilievre is tapping into real anxiety among Canadians about affordability issues and economic uncertainty. His message of accountable government, spending restraint and respect for taxpayers is resonating.

The Conservative vision aligns with the values of hard-working Canadians. Canadians yearn for balanced budgets over reckless deficits from the Liberals. They want prudence and careful spending, not waste and excess. And they deserve full transparency when it comes to how their tax dollars are being spent.

Justin Trudeau’s handling of this bureaucracy betrays a profound disconnect and disregard for real families trying to get ahead. While he hobnobs with the elite and showers bureaucrats with ever-more lavish compensation, the cost of living skyrockets for average people. His government is completely out of touch.

Then In a pathetic attempt to distract from his terrible record, Trudeau has the nerve to say Poilievre wants to take Canada backwards. This is completely laughable coming from the man who has sent Canada crashing backwards at top speed.

Under Trudeau’s disastrous leadership, inflation has skyrocketed to levels not seen in 40 years. Cost of living has become unaffordable for huge groups of Canadians. Government debt is totally out of control. Yet Trudeau still shamelessly tries to fool voters that things are better with him leading.

Canadians aren’t fools though. They can clearly see everything has gotten 10 times worse under Trudeau’s disastrous prime ministership. Our economy is shaky, unity is breaking apart, freedoms are disappearing and national pride is shrinking. Everything Trudeau touches turns to ashes.

With over 110,000 federal employees now making six-figures courtesy of taxpayers, enough is enough. The bureaucracy has become bloated, entitled and inefficient under the Liberals. Meat and potatoes issues like affordability don’t register as concerns for Trudeau. He caters to narrow special interests rather than the wider public good.

Canadians see through the arrogance and hypocrisy of Trudeau’s Liberals. That’s reflected clearly in the polls, which show growing support for the Conservatives.

The latest Nanos survey underscores this trend. Nationally, the Tories now lead at 40.8%, while the Liberals trail in second at just 23.4%. This is a yawning 17 point gap between the two parties. Even worse for Trudeau, the Liberals are now within the margin of error of the third place NDP.

Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre also dominates the preferred prime minister ratings. He sits at 36.3%, nearly double Trudeau’s meager 18.6% support on this important measure of leadership.

These poll numbers demonstrate that Canadians are fed up with eight years of scandals, hypocrisy and self-serving governance from Trudeau’s Liberals. There is a strong desire for real change, not more of the same.

The Conservative platform aims to restore disciplined spending and streamline operations. A Poilievre government would demand better performance for the endless tax dollars being poured into federal departments and agencies. No longer would bureaucrats receive lavish compensation regardless of outcomes for citizens.

Canadians have had enough of Liberal mismanagement. Trudeau’s government is out of control on spending and oblivious to real concerns of real people. The bloated federal bureaucracy is just one visible symbol of their fiscal recklessness. Reducing this bloat will be a priority for the Conservatives.

Hard-working taxpayers deserve a government that respects their sacrifices and acts as a responsible steward of their money. They’ve been taken for granted by the Liberals for far too long. Precious tax dollars have been squandered on bureaucracy while services lag. The Conservative vision for smaller, more efficient government can’t come soon enough.

Poilievre’s common-sense approach is resonating. He grasps kitchen-table realities that seem foreign to Trudeau’s Liberals. Canadians are flocking to the Conservative banner because they want real change, not more irresponsible governance. The long-suffering taxpayer has allies in Poilievre and the Conservatives.

Slashing bureaucratic bloat will be step one. Beyond the recent salary revelations, spending is out of control across the government. A Poilievre administration will restore discipline on expenditures and refocus priorities towards taxpayers. The culture of entitlement fostered under Trudeau ends now.

Canadians deserve full transparency on how their tax dollars are being spent. The Conservatives will deliver an annual “sunshine list” to reveal high-paid bureaucrats. Secrecy and stonewalling have allowed bureaucracy to metastasize under the Liberals. Those days end with a new government.

Hard-working citizens struggling with skyrocketing costs need relief. Yet Justin Trudeau ignorantly pours more of their money into a bloated, entitled bureaucracy. Public service salaries and benefits now far exceed those of private sector workers. This is terribly unfair and unsustainable.

Pierre Poilievre and the Conservatives offer the clear alternative needed to rein in this bureaucracy. Canadians are responding enthusiastically. The era of Liberal mismanagement ends in the next election. Canadians see through Trudeau’s arrogance, hypocrisy and fiscal recklessness. They want better for their families.

The runaway bureaucracy is just one symptom of the Liberals’ detachment from real people. Canadians have had enough. Renewal is coming. The Conservatives will restore fiscal prudence and accountability. Taxpayers deserve an efficient, responsible government that improves their lives. That’s the Poilievre commitment.

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