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Trudeau Screws Up Another Deal For Canada



Trudeau and his incompetence continue to bring Canada to its knees and present it as a global laughingstock.

His latest failure to finalise a lucrative LNG deal with Greece has Conservatives seeing red.

Pierre Poilieve shredded the half-witted prime minister, exposing his pattern of rejecting countless nations’ pleas for an energy partnership; only for these same nations to start partnering up with Qatar and China after being rejected by Canada.

While allies scramble to break from Russian energy, Trudeau is dodging the chance to make Canada an energy superpower and is instead focused on increasing the carbon tax for Canadians.

And if you threaten him with facts, he is more than happy to show you his true authoritarian nature if it means continuing his silly little climate scheme.

When will Canada get rid of these destructive liberals once and for all?

Trudeau Screws Up…Again

Once again, the Trudeau liberal government has shown that it is unwilling to leverage Canada’s abundant natural energy resources to help our allies and further promote our national interests.

Despite the pleas from Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis to purchase Canadian liquified natural gas or LNG for short, he left his meetings in Ottawa this week empty-handed and without even a solid handshake deal.

This embarrassing failure stems directly from Trudeau’s misguided policies that have prevented Canada’s LNG industry from reaching its full potential.

At a time when global energy markets are in upheaval, Canada should be stepping up as a reliable supplier of natural gas to our allies.

Thanks to our vast resources, renewable hydro power, and proximity to overseas markets, we have every advantage to become a leading LNG exporter. Yet the Liberals have squandered this opportunity at every turn.

Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre made sure to voice his distaste for Trudeau’s ineptitude and lack of any motivation to grow Canada’s business ventures and benefit Canadians further and further; Making sure to highlight how Greece was not the first country to ask for this specific energy partnership and it is not the last one to be bafflingly rejected by Trudeau.

So are you wondering exactly how many countries have asked for this partnership, only Trudeau to sabotage the deals? The answer is too many for it to only be a sole unfortunate outcome by a meek prime minister.

Trudeau Doesn’t Get Business

Trudeau had countries like Germany with its chancellor, Olaf Scholz, asking for Canada to be a prime partner with Germany, as a supplier of LNG, with the country moving away in “warp speed” from primarily utilising Russia’s energy resources.

Sholz even went on to state how Canada should be the prime LNG energy partner for all of Europe, as he vowed to build the necessary ports and facilitate the process of delivery.

Kaspars Ozolins, Latvia’s ambassador to Canada, wholeheartedly supported a Canada energy partnership and was willing to participate in building new import terminals near the baltic sea port just to act as a further encouragement for Canadian Investors.

Even Japan chimed in to highlight the energy crisis the world is facing and how Canada is an important ally to have a closer relationship with to secure a good LNG partnership, only to be met with no commitment comment from Trudeau and his liberal goons as if the world is trying to strike deals with a bunch of whiny and entitled teenagers.

And the world has seemingly come to terms with this sad state of affairs as they draw the finger to Trudeau by striking deals with Qatar and China for their natural gases. Even the United States is looking to increase its LNG exports to accommodate for an oblivious and lacking partner in Canada.

This brings us back to the Greece situation, where Trudeau and the liberals keep clinging to their naïve belief that Canada should not produce more fossil fuels, even if it would help displace dirtier sources of energy globally.

Their irrational opposition to increasing Canada’s fossil fuel production defies logic both economically and environmentally.

Study after study has shown that displacing coal with LNG in Asian power plants would lead to massive reductions in global greenhouse gas emissions.

By shipping clean Canadian natural gas abroad, we could play a major role in reducing worldwide emissions while also earning billions in export revenue. But even in a win-win scenario for the corrupt liberals, they can’t help but squander their way to the finish line and fall flat on their face as the word laughs at their expected misfortune.

In a time when global superpowers are looking to distance themselves from Russia’s influence, this short-sighted ideology prevents Canada from becoming a strong energy superpower and improving our trade balance.

It also lets down valuable partners like Greece, who are seeking stable supplies of natural gas not only for themselves but other European nations as previously discussed.

As Mitsotakis explained, Greece could be a gateway for Canadian LNG into eastern Europe and even Ukraine.

But the Liberals seem uninterested in harnessing Canada’s energy potential for geopolitical and humanitarian gain.

Funny considering all the wasteful spending Canada is funding for Ukraine to assist it in the war. It seems that weapons and tanks are a-okay, but a valuable energy resource that would also further assist Canada’s economy in the process is a big no no for Trudeau.

This whole process is a big mystery and it feeds into the daily question of whether Trudeau is a complete dunce or a malicious individual deliberately destroying Canada?

Because Trudeau’s excuses and answers continue to justifiably ring hollow to many Canadians, as he claims that there is not a strong business case for LNG exports, but that is largely due to his own government’s policies and excessive regulations that have stalled or cancelled over a dozen proposed export facilities. Who is he trying to fool here exactly?

Every action – or inaction I should say – that Trudeau and the liberals take, especially when it comes to the abundant energy resources that Canada possesses, has left Canadians more and more dumbfounded.

You would think with the Carbon Tax hike on April 1st the Liberals would be trying to offset some of the harmful side effects this change will have on the dying economy of Canada. But they are neither cutting the egregious tax nor are they taking lucrative business deals and partnerships with other allied nations.
In fact Trudeau’s stooge and environment minister, Steven Guilbeault, wants to prime Canadians for a further increase beyond the upcoming April 1st Carbon Tax hike.

More Taxes, Worse Economy

Speaking to CTV during question period, Guilbeault refused to rule out raising the carbon tax indefinitely, despite already planned hikes that will impoverish Canadian families.

The existing tax of $65 per tonne on emissions will climb to $170 per tonne by 2030. But Guilbeault hinted that is only the beginning, as the Liberals mull further increases beyond 2030. This never-ending carbon tax spiral will squeeze household budgets and dampen economic growth.

Trudeau continues to live in denial, pretending the tax does not fuel inflation or hurt competitiveness. But evidence proves otherwise.

Since Saskatchewan scrapped the carbon tax on natural gas, inflation there has consistently run below the national average.

Yet Trudeau is busy ignoring the facts laid down in front of his eyes as he dodges lucrative business partnerships and continues to plunge Canada into a taxation hell aimed at only lining up his and his liberal goons’ pockets.

And when cornered he will let his innocent mask slip out just a little bit to show you the gruesome authoritarian individual underneath, as he bluntly states about how “democracy” does not work with his climate policy.

Justin Trudeau has repeatedly shown he is not up to the job; And when he is threatened he is more than happy to resort to his imaginary enemies’ authoritarian tactics.

His naïve ideology and incompetence can only be fought with some common sense conservatism.

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