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Trudeau Scheme to Crush Doctors and Sabotage Healthcare


Doctors in Trudeau Crosshairs

You won’t believe the shocking and cruel scheme Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was just caught hatching against our nation’s doctors – your jaw will hit the floor when you hear what this power-hungry socialist is planning.

Hard-working physicians could soon be fleeing Canada in droves to escape Trudeau’s wrath as he relentlessly ramps up already crushing pressures facing our hard working doctors.

But the most chilling part is Trudeau’s sinister plot for dealing with the devastating doctor shortage his outrageous attacks would cause – a plan that threatens to implode our entire healthcare system and leave Canadians in unthinkable peril.

Trudeau clearly has no clue what he’s unleashing with his reckless socialist agenda. His hare-brained schemes are putting Canadians’ very lives at risk.

You’ll be seeing red when you find out Trudeau’s next steps to solidify total power and control. He really thinks he can get away with destroying the livelihoods of our medical heroes to fund his socialist obsession?

The future of healthcare now hangs in the balance as tensions reach a boiling point. We’re in a race against the clock to halt Trudeau’s disastrous overreach before the damage is irreversible.

Trudeau Plot to Destroy Healthcare Exposed

In a stunning development, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has declared all-out war on Canadian doctors. After imposing crushing new capital gains taxes against doctors’ protests, with the inclusion rate for capital gains increasing from 50% to 66.7%, Trudeau coldly promised to just swap out any doctors who dare leave with foreign replacements.

This shocking statement lays bare the PM’s utter contempt for our medical professionals who keep Canadians alive.

When asked about doctors ditching due to his harsh taxes, the PM smugly stated that hard-working medical pros are replaceable, proudly saying: “That’s not how it works. That’s certainly not how it works in Canada.”

The wannabe socialist dictator audaciously told doctors to obediently pay up, arrogantly declaring: “Yes, we’re asking those who have, for whom the system has worked very well, who have done well over these past years to recognize that investing right now in the success of young people, it’s not just a nice thing to do, it’s essential to do.”

But Trudeau’s attempted robbery of doctors’ retirement savings and livelihoods is so egregious that it has even the most patient physicians ready to leave in droves.

Trudeau audaciously claims that the changes to the capital gains is about “fairness.” While Dr. Kathleen Ross, head of the CMA, slammed his claims as an additional blow to a medical workforce already feeling demoralized and strained in the aftermath of the pandemic.

According to Dr. Ross, Up to 8% of doctors’ retirement funds will be blatantly confiscated by Trudeau’s callous capital gains tax hike.

The CMA estimates a staggering two thirds of Canada’s doctors are incorporated small businesses directly targeted by Trudeau’s brutal tax predation. That’s a huge number of physicians who stand to have their life’s work obliterated.

But Trudeau doesn’t care – he already steals taxpayer funds yearly despite his family’s vast inherited wealth. Confiscating doctors’ retirement funds means nothing to this trust fund socialist.

Trudeau’s Finance Minister Richie Valdez openly admitted the regime’s sinister scheme to exile resisting doctors and replace them with foreign workers unfamiliar with Canada’s needs.

Valdez confessed: “We recognize that [doctors will flee Trudeau’s ruinous taxes], but one of the things that we will continue to do is encourage foreign credential recognition to help with—we know that coming out of the pandemic, our healthcare has really been hampered, and there’s a really challenge with labour.”

Valdez elaborated on the government’s plan, saying “We’ve already made a significant investment in previous budgets, and then this year, we’ve topped that up. And we will continue to invest to ensure we’re encouraging bringing talent from other countries to get their credentials recognized, and that will also encourage them to get more jobs here.”

Trudeau and his liberal gang already set aside taxpayer cash to bring in foreign replacements before unleashing their brutal tax bomb on Canada’s doctors. This sneak attack reveals their horrific scheme to deliberately sabotage our healthcare system.

With Canada already critically short of doctors pre-pandemic, Trudeau’s devastating war against doctors will have deadly consequences, especially in rural regions facing utter collapse.

Canadians will be forced to desperately seek medical care on the black market or in America as Trudeau’s socialist healthcare implosion leaves us dying on waitlists.

Trudeau couldn’t care less about Canadians’ lives or well-being. He’s on a power trip, aiming for a socialist paradise, even if it means trampling over countless victims with his crazy policies.

While our top-notch healthcare system goes up in flames thanks to Trudeau’s disastrous moves, his plan to swap out Canadian doctors with untrained foreigners is like adding fuel to the fire. Patients are just collateral damage to Trudeau and his blindly loyal liberal followers.

CMA President Dr. Ross condemned Trudeau’s vicious attacks on doctors, declaring he “jeopardizes ongoing efforts across Canada to recruit and retain a high-quality health workforce. Increasing the capital gains inclusion rate for corporations will create another barrier to retaining and recruiting physicians in a time when our health system and the providers within it are already under constant strain.”

The way these liberal fanatics see it, Canadian patients are just pawns in Trudeau’s socialist game. We’re all just parts in his big government machine, where our lives only count if they fit his collectivist agenda.

Lots of doctors think Trudeau’s playing dirty, using them as his scapegoats. Most of them aren’t rolling in cash, just earning regular middle-class wages for all the hard work and dedication they put in. And what does Trudeau do? He snatches away their retirement funds to win over people who’d rather sit back and do nothing.

Trudeau is wrecking doctors’ wallets on purpose, aiming to make them rely entirely on the government. It’s all part of his plan to have them dancing to his tune in his socialist takeover.

While doctors keep their own practices, they’ve got some freedom with their cash. But Trudeau’s dead set on making them beg for every penny from the government.

Liberal Minister Dismisses Doctor Outrage

Trudeau’s liberal health minister Mark Holland acknowledges the outrage among doctors but refuses to relent on the crippling tax increases. Holland lies that “there’s still a lot of tax advantages” when Trudeau is openly confiscating doctors’ retirement savings through his draconian capital gains tax hike.

This liberal minion really let the mask slip when he said: “But look, we can choose what kind of society we live in. Do we want to be in communities where there are huge discrepancies?” This chilling statement reveals the liberals’ true socialist agenda – they want wealth redistribution and equality of outcome, even if it means ruining the livelihoods of Canada’s hardest working professionals.

Holland claims the tax hike is about making those who’ve benefited most pay more, but doctors already contribute immense value to society through their skills and long hours caring for the sick.

Their comfortable retirements are earned through dedication. Now Trudeau wants to loot their savings to pad government coffers and redistribute to favored groups, leaving doctors broke and unable to retire after decades of practice.

Doctors are already stretched thin and facing burnout after selflessly sacrificing during the pandemic. But Holland shows callous disregard, saying doctors should pay up for the “greater good.” He ignores the coming doctor shortage as physicians flee Trudeau’s confiscatory taxes. Canadians will suffer long wait times and subpar care under foreign replacements.

Holland says the capital gains tax changes are “fair,” but this socialist tyranny will only breed poverty and misery.

He says docs are just money-hungry, but they worked hard and saved up for retirement fair and square. Trudeau’s rip-off taxes are the real crime here. His health minister is showing their true colors, seeing doctors as nothing but walking ATMs to empty out. Screw Canadians’ health, right?

Trudeau and his cronies think punishing success will somehow make us all better off. They’re crazy enough to believe that robbing the hardest workers will make us all equal—equally broke like those poor people in banana republics.

Trudeau’s brutal attack on doctors is just the latest skirmish in his all-out war against success and freedom. This wannabe dictator has taken over Canada’s medical scene just to satisfy his power-hungry cravings. Any doctors who dare to stand up to him will feel his wrath.

This socialist wannabe has already forced Canadians to shuffle off this mortal coil against doctors’ wishes. Now he’s killing off their careers too. This puts all of us in danger, as he wipes out our once-great healthcare system in his quest for total control.

Our doctors deserve way more respect than this from the guy running the show. Trudeau’s on a mission to wreck our economy and our healthcare system along with it. If we don’t put a stop to this socialist disaster, our healthcare will end up on life support.

We’ve got to band together and put an end to Trudeau’s war on doctors before it’s too late. The fate of our country’s health hangs in the balance.

After enduring 8 agonizing years of Trudeau’s tyranny, Canadians simply can’t afford to suffer any longer. It’s high time we kick him out of office once and for all before he wreaks any more havoc on our great country.

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