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Trudeau Receives a Verbal Beatdown from Danielle Smith


A Stand Against Corruption

Corruption. Greed. Arrogance. These hallmarks of the Trudeau regime were on full display once again when a bombshell report exposed the true extent of the gas and oil emissions cap policy.

Billions in revenue and thousands of jobs being lost is just the tip of the climate iceberg Trudeau has Canada clashing with.

But now Danielle Smith has fired herself up again to stand one on one against Trudeau and his abhorrent climate schemes. Lambasting the liberal establishment and everyone in it for the crooked individuals they are, after they played with people’s lives in hopes of scoring cheap “woke” points.

Danielle Smith’s epic rant displays the resolve a lot of conservatives still have to fight the good fight in hopes of bettering the future for every Canadian.

The only hurdle to that future is the man in power, and the people are clearly fed up with him.

Trudeau Introduces the Cap

Corruption, lies, and countless sham taxes utilising “woke” ideologies seem to be a given matter under the leadership of a liberal regime. And with Trudeau, you get all of these cornerstones multiplied by tenfold when he talks about his corrupt climate policies. And the biggest and clearest example of the abysmal approach Trudeau and the liberals take with climate and how Canadians should tackle it can never be anything other than the costly carbon tax.

We talked about the carbon tax alot and we might still touch upon it here today, but given that Trudeau and climate policies are a mixture that never disappoints in terms of insane and unhinged liberal “woke” takes and demands, something else was bound to spring up from that rotten tree. Enter, the oil and gas emissions cap. A policy so ambitiously devoid of any basis or foundation that it honestly borders on parody.

In short, the Canada oil and gas emissions cap has been a key climate policy for Trudeau and the liberals, and its function is basically in the name; Trudeau and his crooked liberals will do everything they can to cap gas and oil emissions to an arbitrary point cooked up by leftists.

This can – and absolutely will – lead to Trudeau exercising his undeserved power as a dictator forcing policies that he and the liberals deem good enough to aid Canada reach that impossible target. Cutting down important infrastructures, imposing rules and regulations that hinder the economy, and enacting costly taxes like the infamous Carbon Tax.

So, that doesn’t sound all that well, and it is supposedly the strict policy that is feeding into other abysmal liberal climate initiatives; Why are we still supporting such a travesty again?

The truth is that no is supporting it, and in fact some people are going to bat just to fight this disaster of a policy hiding under the guise of protecting the environment and doing what’s best for Canada. Danielle Smith being one of the staunch fighters against the corrupt Trudeau cap, especially after a bombshell report revealed the true extent the liberals are willing to go to just to prove their silly little schemes right.

Trudeau Receives a Beatdown

Danielle Smith, has been a very vocal opposition to Trudeau and the carbon tax scheme; Going as far as rallying up other disgruntled premiers to publicly unite and express their disdain to Trudeau in hopes of axing the corrupt tax. Trudeau obviously brushed it off as child’s play and the liberals stonewalled any further discussion.

So it is no wonder that she was enraged about the oil and gas emission cap and the subsequent report that exposed the Trudeau scheme costing Canada upwards of $247 billion in revenue alongside killing tens of thousands of jobs in the process.

And if your ears are failing you, or you are shocked into not believing what I just said, let me say it once again in more detail.

A new report from S&P Global, commissioned by the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers shows that restricting emissions from conventional oil and gas production by 40% by 2030 – as Trudeau intends – would cut $247 billion or more in capital investment over the next 9 years compared to current policy.
Nevermind the fact that this drastic change will affect the livelihoods of up to 51,000 individuals, as well as the fact that adequately paying jobs will disappear from the market entirely and without a shred of remorse from the Liberals.

Danielle Smith was as shocked as anyone at this report and decided to take the fight into her own hands as she calls out and lambasts Trudeau, humiliating him publicly and demanding that he cut all this bullshit climate policy that is going to affect Canadian lives negatively.

Smith declared the Trudeau government as an out of touch liberal establishment that is willing to sacrifice the lives and livelihoods of everyday hard working Canadians, just to score cheap political points with an initiative that is wasteful and not going to work as intended.

The Endgame for the Liberals

It has been a while since we have seen Danielle Smith this fired up, but she is 100% in the right here, especially since Albertans are among the countless people that will suffer the burn of production cuts.

Her message was clear and concise; It is time to put a cap on Trudeau and his “wacko” climate policies, not a cap on emissions that are posing no issues for Canadians, and will continue to pose no issues for years to come.

But do you honestly think that Trudeau is going to stop what he is doing even with all the fighting that Danielle Smith and the conservatives are doing?

Obviously not. This is a liberal agenda that they are desperately trying to push at the behest of everyone and everything.

It doesn’t matter how threatening and unhinged you may sound, it never stopped Trudeau from snarkily throwing shade and threatening Moe Scott with federal action because he dared oppose the carbon tax in his Saskatchewan province.

It doesn’t matter how facts and evidence are not in your favour, you can just be like Trudeau and deflect criticism while twisting an innocent interaction trying to paint the conservative opposition in a bad light.

Under the leadership of Trudeau, nothing truly matters unless it plays perfectly into the liberal agenda, and that’s exactly why Canadians will unfortunately continue to suffer endlessly until some common sense takes the charge from the goons running the country into the ground.

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