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Trudeau Pressured Facebook to Ban Negative Stories About Him


Trudeau Iron Fist of Censorship Exposed

A massive bombshell has exploded, revealing Trudeau ‘s twisted iron-fist censorship to cling to power. Leaked documents prove Trudeau illegally pressured Facebook to ban reports that could sink him politically. 

He forced social media giants to scrub any hint of scandals under the guise of “misinformation.” All while allowing viral lies about Conservatives to spread unchecked!

This proves lunatic Trudeau will stop at nothing to crush dissent and rig your vote. He exploited media giants like puppets to brainwash Canadians with propaganda. 

If unflattering facts emerge, Trudeau ensures you won’t see them with his authoritarian censorship. He demands Canadians only consume his twisted narrative.

Make no mistake, this is proof Trudeau’s dictatorship is imminent. He is a power-mad authoritarian who ignores laws and constitutions to control the flow of information. 

Your access to the truth means nothing to him. Only cementing his grip over Canada through lies and suppression matters. 

But the question is – how much farther will Trudeau go to deceive Canadians and corrupt our democracy?

Trudeau Obsessed with Controlling Narratives

The recent news from the Public Inquiry on Foreign Interference has exposed deeply concerning actions by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his government to tip the scales in their favor during the 2019 federal election. 

While Trudeau was busy suppressing negative stories about himself, he showed no interest in stopping the spread of misinformation about his Conservative opponents. This blatant double standard reveals the Liberals’ win-at-all-costs mentality and disregard for democratic principles. 

The inquiry heard alarming testimony about how the Prime Minister’s Office moved to censor negative content about Trudeau in the lead-up to the 2019 election. 

According to Allen Sutherland, an assistant secretary in the Privy Council Office, a false story was circulating online claiming Trudeau had engaged in an inappropriate relationship with a student when he was a teacher years prior. 

This rumor was published on the American website The Buffalo Chronicle just before the election.

Trudeau dismissed the allegation as a mere rumor. But was it? there could have been truth to the accusation that he wanted to suppress.

Perhaps it was factual information that would damage Trudeau politically if it gained wider exposure. Trudeau may have feared the allegation could end his aspirations for re-election if it went viral.

Sutherland testified that Facebook itself brought the story to the attention of the Privy Council Office, concerned about the potential impact on the election. 

He stated that “The content might have gained significant attention were it amplified, and therefore risked threatening the integrity of the election.”

At the direction of the Clerk of the Privy Council Ian Shugart, Sutherland then made an extraordinary request of Facebook – to censor the content and remove the article entirely. Facebook quickly complied with this demand from the Prime Minister’s Office to suppress the false information.

Does this ring a bill? This revelation rings alarm bells when considered in light of Trudeau’s broader pattern of seeking to control information about himself online. The Prime Minister has shown an obsession with censoring social media content critical of him under the guise of “disinformation.”

Trudeau’s 2019 censorship request to Facebook now seems disturbingly aligned with his push to grant the government vast new powers over online speech. For instance, his draconian online harms bill further demonstrates Trudeau’s willingness to impose authoritarian restrictions on speech in order to silence critics.

However, Sutherland admitted that he and other officials decided not to make any public announcement about this government intervention to scrub the internet of negative content about Trudeau. 

As he stated, “The rationale for the decision was that an intervention might ‘amplify, rather than reduce the impact of misinformation and disinformation.'”

Essentially, the Prime Minister’s Office justified the secrecy around its censorship efforts by arguing that being transparent about its pressure on Facebook to remove anti-Trudeau material might inadvertently draw more attention to the story. 

It was more important to make the content disappear than uphold principles of transparency and democratic accountability.

This extraordinary revelation of Trudeau exploiting government power to manage his image raised alarm bells among Conservatives. 

It suggested a partisan abuse of authority to shelter the Prime Minister from public criticism rather than faithfully serving all Canadians. 

Trudeau claims to want to fight misinformation online, but his stance is so quickly revealed to be nothing more than a complete double standard compared to ignoring misinformation about Conservatives online, which also adds to already existent suspicions of political interference.

In contrast, Conservatives faced a barrage of misinformation on the Chinese social media platform WeChat during the 2019 and 2021 elections. 

The inquiry heard from Conservative MP Michael Chong’s lawyer about false stories spreading on WeChat that claimed Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole wanted to “break diplomatic relations with China.”

Chinese-language articles also described Chinese Canadians as “scared of the Conservative platform.” Another inflammatory story called MP Kenny Chiu “anti-Chinese” for proposing a foreign influence registry.

Despite being aware of this misleading content aimed at Conservative candidates, the government did not make any request for WeChat to take down the posts. 

When pressed on this double standard, PCO assistant secretary Sutherland argued the WeChat misinformation was in Mandarin and so only reached Chinese voters. He claimed the Buffalo Chronicle story about Trudeau had more potential to go viral nationally.

Sutherland’s excuses ring hollow. The fact is, Prime Minister Trudeau cared more about protecting his own image than promoting a fair election. 

He was happy to use government resources to scrub the internet of unflattering rumors about himself, while remaining content to let Conservatives be bashed and criticized online. 

Trudeau exploited his power to censor only to manage his public persona, not defend the integrity of the electoral process for all parties. 

Conservatives Blast Trudeau’s Information Dictatorship

But when Conservatives complained of being tarred by lies on WeChat, Trudeau turned a blind eye. His partisan application of censorship reveals an abuse of power to game the system.

Erin O’Toole testified that this foreign interference campaign cost his Conservative party as many as 9 seats in the 2021 election. Chinese-language misinformation eroded support among Chinese Canadian voters in key ridings. 

Yet the government failed to sound the alarm or demand social media platforms takedown these false claims. 

And when Trudeau was asked to man up and give a coherent answer about what Erin O’Toole said, he just accused and blamed him instead.

More disturbingly, the Former Conservative MP Kenny Chiu openly stated that Ottawa left him open to Chinese-language misinformation in the 2021 election. 

Documents presented at an inquiry into foreign interference show federal officials knew of a misinformation campaign targeting Conservatives. Chiu says Ottawa should have made this public at the time.

Trudeau’s government prioritized managing his personal brand over election integrity. This self-serving censorship for political gain is an affront to Canada’s democracy. 

The Prime Minister’s Office should not be pressuring Big Tech to tip the scales by removing content unfavorable to Liberals while ignoring misinformation harming Conservatives.

Canadians expect better from the world’s supposed leader in democracy. Justin Trudeau has repeatedly proven his government values control of the narrative over free and fair elections. 

He has obstructed investigations into his own misconduct, while refusing to defend Conservatives from foreign propaganda campaigns. Such blatantly partisan application of Canada’s laws erodes public trust.

In light of revelations about the Trudeau government’s efforts to suppress criticism online, the right question to ask here – did the Liberals provide financial incentives to Chinese social media platforms like WeChat to spread anti-Conservative propaganda?

We know now that Trudeau exploited his power to pressure companies like Facebook to censor unflattering content about himself. This raises suspicions that he may have gone even further to manipulate the online landscape against his opponents.

Did Liberal government agencies direct funding or other compensation to WeChat and other Chinese platforms to sponsor posts attacking Conservatives? Were secret deals made to flood Chinese-language media with pro-Liberal narratives?

With Trudeau’s history of misusing power, quieting critics, and twisting information, it wouldn’t be shocking if they did. Canadians know he’ll do anything to protect his weak political game and keep up his PR tricks.

Trudeau’s hypocrisy in messing with online content shows his controlling tendencies. He ruthlessly used his power to scrub criticism of himself from the internet, while ignoring foreign meddling against the conservatives.

This obvious double standard exposes a dictator-like leader who demands total control of information to prop up his personality cult.

Trudeau expects Canada’s democracy and laws to serve him like lackeys. His willingness to twist free speech and fair elections to maintain power echoes the tactics of authoritarian regimes like the one he admires in Beijing. Silencing dissent to engineer favorable narratives is the behavior of a despot, not an ethical prime minister.

Under Trudeau, government institutions have been warped into propaganda arms protecting his image and partisan interests above all.

The systemic censorship of criticism shows Trudeau views citizens as subjects, not free-thinking individuals. He shamelessly poisons Canada’s online discourse to limit voices who challenge his rule.

Trudeau’s actions prove he only serves his endless hunger for control. His deepest loyalty is to himself, not Canadian voters or principles.

Leaders must never be allowed to arbitrarily censor opinions as political weapons. Canadians have an unbreakable right to scrutinize the words and actions of public figures, no matter how unflattering. A fair society depends on this openness and open discussion, which Trudeau corrupts to deceive voters and cling to his throne.

To restrain dangerous demagogues like Trudeau, strict protections are needed against partisan censorship and election rigging. Tech companies must resist government pressure to arbitrarily silence legal speech. Rules limiting online content must be defined impartially and enforced transparently, not used as tools for tyrants.

Trudeau’s abuses have torn away Canada’s reputation as a bastion of democracy. His PR stunts will no longer be believed by Canadians.

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