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Trudeau Pledges $60M More to Ukraine, Ignoring Canada’s Needs


Justin Trudeau and his liberal government continue in their seemingly never ending journey of reckless spending which seems like their motto as the Canadian Defence Minister pledges $60 million in military aid to Ukraine for F16 supplies and equipment, as part of the continuing funding to help the nation of Ukraine and bolster its military while the Canadian military aches for legs to stand on.

Trudeau is happy to shout and scream his opinions about foreign affairs and leaders, condemning Putin as a ‘monster” while not giving any time of day to focus on his country’s affairs and his public’s needs. He is more than happy to spend millions to appear righteous rather than actually listen to the Canadian people and their demands. Opposition and conservative leader Pierre Poilievre understands the plight of Canadian people and condemns Trudeau’s silly political posturing that has driven Canada to be “weak and poor” under his rule.

Poilievre knows how to save Canada from further economic and political demise. His plan to refocus funding and cut unnecessary spending across the government seems like just the jolt of energy and focus that Canada needs for its dwindling economy. Actions need and will be taken; focus needs to be regained; and people in power need to be kept in check. 

The latest baffling announcement from Trudeu’s liberal government comes from the Defence Minister, Bill Blair pledging $60 million more for Ukraine reveals the misplaced priorities of Justin Trudeau’s government. 

While Canadians struggle with a collapsing healthcare system and unaffordable cost of living, Trudeau continually writes blank cheques for foreign causes.

The new $60 million in military aid is supposedly for procuring equipment and supplies to sustain Ukraine’s F-16 fighter jet fleet. This builds on a prior $15 million commitment to train Ukrainian pilots on the F-16. Taken together, Canada has now pledged $75 million explicitly directed at strengthening Ukraine’s offensive air combat capabilities. 

This comes as a small part of the funding plan and commitment announced last spring totaling $500 million in aid to the Ukrainian military. The funds are aimed largely at providing and supporting Ukraine with ammunition, vehicles and aircraft missiles.

While motivated by compassion, assisting Ukraine’s ability to bomb Russian territory risks dangerous escalation with nuclear-armed Russia. This is not something Canada is in the position for with its dwindling funds for its national defence and military reflecting a more weak and muted Canada. Moreover, it moves beyond the supposedly purely defensive aid planned and needed for Ukraine’s territorial integrity. 

Overall, the liberal government’s strong commitment to aiding Ukraine’s military would total over $2 billion in military aid and spending. A cost that the working class and the taxpayers of this nation will suffer through.

Beyond the damning financial costs, there are moral hazards in becoming a proxy participant in the war rather than simply acting as a foreign outlet for support and aid. Yet the Trudeau government ignores such complex considerations in its headlong rush to take sides in every global conflict.

Justin Trudeau and his liberal government are more focused on posturing their beliefs rather than working on strengthening Canada. Trudeau will focus on calling out Putin and calling him a “monster”, all while spending recklessly to provide aid to Ukraine, rather than focus on strengthening Canada’s military budget and defence capabilities.

Trudeau carries a worldwide vision of peace, freedom and prosperity. But how will that vision affect Canada’s own future and prosperity? Trudeau doesn’t care about the taxpayers money going into his overzealous foreign adventures. It is more important to him that Canada helps the people, just not necessarily the Canadian ones. 

This contrasts sharply with conservative leader Pierre Poilievre’s vision emphasising prudent use of taxpayer dollars to reinforce Canada’s economy and security. Poilievre understands that Canada cannot meaningfully help others abroad when we ourselves are weak at home.

Pierre Poilievre thinks Canada has become “weak, poor, and defenceless” under the liberal leadership of one Justin Trudeau. Poilievre can only promise to bring back control and strength to Canada as the Canadian people further criticise and condemn Treadue’s government and actions.

In the real world and away from Trudeau’s fantasy visions, Canada lacks the military capacity to back up Trudeau’s lofty rhetoric about promoting freedom worldwide. Our armed forces are severely underfunded and under equipped after decades of neglect. Clearly, Canada’s own military should be the top priority before any needless foreign adventures.

Here, Poilievre’s approach contrasts sharply. He understands that stirring moralistic speeches is meaningless in the end without any tangible actions to further strengthen Canada’s security and sovereignty. 

Poilievre pledges to reform the dysfunctional defence procurements and cut waste across various government funds to redirect billions into reinforcing core military capabilities.

He promises to cut back unaccountable funding for multinational bureaucracies and corrupt foreign regimes. Canada can better help friendly developing nations through transparent, targeted initiatives than by pouring billions into opaque UN slush funds.

This would translate into cutting the overindulgent spending and funds going into foreign affairs like the aid to Ukrain’s military when the nation’s military requires it tenfold.

Canada’s Defence Minister, Bill Blair talks about how the funding is part of the national effort to “deepen” the connection and further cooperation with allies and especially Ukraine. He talks about balancing the funds for aid and the funds for Canada’s military itself. Words that the Canadian people might view as hollow as no action or foreseeable plan is put into place to oversee the future of Canada’s defence and spending on military.

Canada’s aid to Ukraine is brought into question itself and how much money is being poured into funding foreign militaries when the nation lacks a solid military standing by itself.

Funds pouring in with $500 million committed last spring and an extra $650 million committed by the liberal government when Zelenskyy visited Ottawa last fall.

All of this endless spending and various international commitments further add onto the list of frivolous and excessive spending that the liberal government loves to partake in without any care for the working class Canadians that are footing the bill with their hard earned tax money.

Overall, a Poilievre government will ensure a reduction of Canada’s oversized and ambitious foreign aid budget to sustainable and manageable levels while focusing it tightly and aiming it directly onto Canada’s military and defence budget alongside other national affairs that are in dire need of structure and change in an effort to rectify the liberal governments failings and raise it to standards that the average Canadian citizen would be proud of.

This will in turn allow Canada to reliably uphold NATO commitments without excessive reliance on the Foreign ally nations like the United States.

Poilievre aims to restore Canadian sovereignty over our defence policy rather than outsourcing key decisions to foreign allies.

Poilievre’s prudent approach will provide the military funding boost needed to defend Canada’s interests and strengthen its standing among its allies and peers while avoiding reckless policies that needlessly provoke dangerous foes. 

Canada, while under the failing liberal government, should speak softly while rebuilding our ability to carry a big stick, rather than the complete opposite under Trudeau and his self righteous cause.

Beyond defence spending, the Trudeau Liberals’ prolific spending habits demonstrate their confused priorities. Even amidst high inflation, soaring national debt, unaffordable housing and crumbling healthcare, Trudeau continues lavishing taxpayer funds on every special interest group knocking on his door.

Clearly, the Liberals put their political interests ahead of average Canadians struggling to make ends meet. Only masochistic elites like Trudeau could interpret the current inflationary environment as ideal for injecting hundreds of millions in new stimulus spending and foreign aid funds.

Poilievre understands such profligacy deepens Canada’s economic pain. His Conservatives will rein in an out-of-control government and refocus spending on core services that improve Canadians’ quality of life. Ottawa’s budget should prioritise strengthening our society, not pursuing global activist causes.

The choice has never been more clear. Under Poilievre’s prudent and strong leadership, Canada will retrench to get our house in order after years of Liberal failing, mismanagement and hollow promises. The Trudeau policy record showcases time and time again, a confused list of priorities and unchecked virtue signalling without the resources to back it up. Poilievre 

offers clear-eyed realism focused on core interests.

In conclusion, Justin Trudeau’s reckless foreign policy and profligate spending clearly harm Canadian interests. Poilievre pledges to restore discipline by cutting low-priority programs like excessive foreign aid to fund a robust military securing our sovereignty. The Trudeau era has weakened Canada’s global position and standing; Poilievre will only work to further strengthen it.

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