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Trudeau Passive as B.C. Doctor Embraces Meth “Treatment”


Introduction to the Pipe-line

Trudeau and his corrupt liberal government have facilitated and encouraged a new opioid crisis with their “safe supply” program and now the top doctor in British Columbia is looking to introduce a new hard drug to patients.

A new report revealed that under the ruse of “harm reduction,” Dr. Bonnie Henry is pushing to expand the disastrous “safer supply” program to dispense even more drugs in a vain effort to help with no backing evidence. Her team already did the liberal due diligence and called for taxpayers to fund countless drugs for patients.

Conservatives like Pierre Poilievre have come out against the program since its inception, and this time is no different with everyone criticizing the report and lambasting the failure of the liberals to treat suffering Canadians without pushing woke ideology.

Evidence and expert testimonies show that “safer supply” enables further addiction rather than complete recovery, with hand out drugs being sold on the black market.

But facts never stopped Trudeau and his “safer supply” scheme, as he is ignoring all harms and looking forward to expanding it.

Is Trudeau trying to kill Canada and Canadians right before he is voted out of office?

Bonnie and The First Hit

Recent reports suggest a troubling notion that British Columbia’s top doctor and provincial health officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, may support distributing free methamphetamine to vulnerable populations through the province’s controversial “safer supply” programs.

Handing out free meth under the guise of “harm reduction” is the expected result of Trudeau and his so-called “safer supply” program and can be described as nothing less than reckless and morally misguided.

Meth is an incredibly destructive drug that ravages minds and bodies and any notion pertaining to it being made “safe” is outright ludicrous. Giving it away freely will only further enable more addiction and chaos in our communities.

Dr. Bonnie Henry’s report cryptically references providing new “smokeable formulations” of specific stimulants.

What could this possibly mean other than meth pipes or crack cocaine? Do we really want our government facilitating crack smoking in the name of “harm reduction”? Canadians certainly don’t.

Dr. Henry’s colleagues at the BC Centre for Disease Control have already called for taxpayers to fund free cocaine, crack, and prescription meth.

While she claims not to support illegal drugs, Dr. Henry refuses to explicitly rule out meth when asked directly. This blatant evasiveness does not inspire any form of trust.

This has prompted conservatives like opposition leader Pierre Poilievre, to deliver an outcry on behalf of all Canadians criticising this farce “safe supply” program since day one.

Trudeau Encourages as Addiction Wanes In

So how did this come to be? Who enabled such actions to be taken so easily? The answer is simply Trudeau and his band of Liberal goons.

Canada suffers from a disastrous and dangerous opioid crisis, and harm reduction advocates, including Dr. Bonnie, continue to push for a more nationwide expansion of so-called “safer supply” programs.

These highly controversial and immoral initiatives provide free, government-funded substitutes like hydromorphone to drug users in an effort to displace riskier street drugs like fentanyl.

And thus, Canada’s first “safer supply” program launched way back in 2016 at the London InterCommunity Health Centre in London, Ontario, barely a year into Justin Trudeau taking office.

It primarily provided take-home hydromorphone tablets to opioid addicts. For the non-aware, hydromorphone is a potent synthetic opioid that some studies suggest is up to five times stronger than heroin.

The Liberals’ start to the program that was supposed to save addicted Canadians and help them get back on track was handing out a drug five times more powerful than heroin, let that sink in for a moment.

The LIHC pilot project was quickly proclaimed a success, again with no sufficient evidence, and thus Health Canada soon began directly funding new safer supply programs nationwide, investing over $77 million of taxpayers’ money into several projects across Canada.

Safer supply funding further increased in 2020 after the “BC centre on substance abuse” aggressively pleaded for a rapid expansion to address COVID-19 patients and overdoses.

Trudeau Advocating Addiction

Proponents of this farce of a program like to claim that by replacing fentanyl with “medical grade” opioids like hydromorphone, overdoses will be prevented.

They claim that by getting addicts off of tainted street drugs, overdoses and deaths can be reduced.

However, for any keen and understanding eye, this glosses over the dangers of diversion – the widespread resale of so-called “safer supply” drugs on the black market.

This very keen eye is what experts and various other doctors used, in order to warn the Liberal government about the harmful side effects of the program.

This has happened countless times with the recent one being in November of last year where another group of addiction experts has spoken out against Trudeau’s controversial “safer supply” program.

This time twice as many physicians were willing to publicly criticize safer supply, despite activist efforts to silence any and all opposition or criticism.

It seems, as usual, the wall of silence is crumbling as objective evidence of failure continues to mount.

In an open letter, 35 doctors warned the federal government that freely distributing potent opioids like hydromorphone is being widely abused and is putting Canadians at “grave risk”

The doctors contend there is “accumulating evidence” that taxpayers are funding drug dealing by providing free opioids that get resold illegally on the black market.

This diverted supply ends up in the wrong hands – youth, people in recovery, and those new to opioids who underestimate the danger of the addiction.

Critics report being personally harassed for questioning safer supply.

After the first open letter back in September of last year, harm reduction activists like Euan Thomson, falsely accused signatories of corruption and profiteering off safer supply – ignoring the obvious fact that these doctors earn nothing from speaking out.
Zoe Dodd, a leading safer supply advocate, has gone so far as to claim addiction medicine itself should be “dismantled” for opposing her radical prescriptions. This hysterical intimidation aims to chill dissent, no matter how unethical the program.

They even attempted to go further than just criticisms by reframing harms as benefits with written guides that tell doctors not to see the drug diversion crises as harmful, but rather view it as a form of “compassionate sharing”

With statements like this the moral mask is sliding off and the liberals are showing their true colors – insane and deranged psychopaths with not even a shred of care for the average Canadian let alone the average affected drug addict.

But the strategy is failing as numbers speaking out swell. The doubling of signatories in just six weeks shows the dam is breaking as ethical doctors refuse to stay silent.

On the other righteous hand, Dr. Lisa Bromley, who previously remained anonymous to avoid backlash, has now signed on despite expecting more “personal attacks.” She’s tired of the “gaslighting” used to disguise safer supply failure. Her duty to patients harmed by diverted drugs outweighs fear of activist retaliation.

Addicted to Ignoring Advice

So it seems that putting free heroin-strength drugs on the streets will cause a surging addiction crisis and will subsequently transition to deadly fentanyl use among addicts.

However, the Canadian Liberal government headed by certified halfwit Justin Trudeau continues to ignore these documented harms. Or are they aware of the harms and the lack of evidence but are actively ignoring it to further expand their failing and corrupt program? You know the answer is obviously yes under Trudeau and the Liberals’ leadership.

British Columbia, just last month, acknowledged uncertainty about whether its controversial “safer supply” opioid program is actually working.

A government report admits evidence is “quite limited” and the initiative can’t be called “fully evidence-based.” and yet as we talked about earlier, officials still recommend expanding it to include fentanyl and heroin.

This seems ideologically driven rather than based on facts.

B.C.’s approach has failed to curb overdose deaths despite promises. Doubling down with more radical measures will only worsen the crisis.

If this is not the opposite of sound policy, then I don’t know what could possibly be. But you still get petty and loser activists continue pushing this dangerous experiment while ignoring any and all facts.

Recovery and Rehabilitation

No matter how many times the Canadian people state this fact, it will always be said as it will always hold true, but flooding communities with free heroin and fentanyl will not end well and we are already starting to see the consequences.

Conservatives fought tooth and nail to abort this awful program, but their efforts were trumped in the house of commons time and time again.

Conservative leader, Pierre Poilievre, warned Canadians before anyone with expertise came out of the woodwork, and right now Liberals are bearing the fruit of their misguided activist labour while Canadians and taxpayers suffer through increased spending and rising crime.

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