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Trudeau Multiculturalism Agenda is Breaking Down


Diversity is Not that Strong

Canada’s identity as a welcoming haven for diverse immigrants is being put to the test under Trudeau and his rampant immigration policies.

Trudeau’s reckless policies threaten to undermine core Canadian values and quality of life. Runaway growth strains schools, hospitals, and housing while changing the cultural fabric. Is unrestrained immigration still in the national interest?

Today over 60% arrive from Asia and the Middle East, posing real challenges to social cohesion and national identity.

Incidents like the attempted implementation of Sharia law in Ontario show some newcomers reject basic Canadian values like equality, tolerance and individual freedom. Multiculturalism risks fraying when diversity displaces common purpose.

Beyond culture, uncontrolled immigration damages quality of life. Aggressive growth targets strain housing and infrastructure as young Canadians struggle to buy homes. Unemployment rises as population outpaces job creation.

For conservatives, quality matters over quantity. Sustainable, orderly immigration that considers cultural integration is essential. Unfettered growth only leads to crowded hospitals, bidding wars, and divided communities.

Trudeau’s failed social engineering gambled with Canadian livelihoods. Poilievre argues for reforms to restore immigration’s benefits while relieving pressure. The time has come for enlightened, balanced leadership that puts Canada’s interests first.

Trudeau Embraces What Canadians Reject

Canada has long prided itself on being a welcoming haven for immigrants from all around the world. However, recent events and mishandlings on the part of Trudeau and the liberals have led many Canadians, especially conservatives, to question whether the country’s immigration system and policies are truly serving the national interest. Do we even have to answer this question? I think everyday Canadians are more than happy to quickly retort and answer with a resounding “No”.

While Trudeau and the liberals would like you to envision the economic and cultural contributions of newcomers, patriotic and hard working Canadians have concerns about the pace and composition of immigration under the Liberal establishment headed by the ever so corrupt Justin Trudeau.

First, and lest you forget, the raw numbers are staggering. Over the past few years, Canada has welcomed over 300,000 permanent residents annually, the highest per capita rate in the G7. And Trudeau is not looking to stop anytime soon as by 2025, the government plans to attract nearly 1 million more immigrants. Because of course let us add more fuel into the housing crisis flame. That will definitely work as planned; if the plan has always been to fail.

Conservatives rightly worry that this breakneck pace of growth is simply too much, too fast.

Trudeau Doesn’t Get Consequences

Canadian cities, schools, hospitals and infrastructure are struggling to keep up. Housing costs have skyrocketed, pricing many Canadians out of homeownership.

Everyday Canadians feel the squeeze and worry that future generations will struggle to access the services previous generations took for granted.

While the volume of immigration is concerning, the changing composition raises even more alarms for conservatives and many Canadians that had once supported this silly little scheme.

Up until the 1990s, about three-quarters of Canada’s immigrants came from Europe. Today, that figure is down to only 10%, while over 60% now come from Asia and the Middle East. Mass immigration from vastly different cultures poses real challenges for social cohesion and national identity.

Multiculturalism, once a proud Canadian value, is being strained to its absolute limits.

Canadians have no issue with retaining heritage cultures in the private sphere, but they expect newcomers to adopt mainstream Canadian values and customs in the public arena. Concepts like equality, tolerance, and individual freedom need to be a non-negotiable matter.

Some recent incidents, like the attempt to implement Sharia law in Ontario, demonstrate that not all newcomers share basic Canadian values. This threatens to erode the country’s social fabric. And it is all because of Trudeau and his erratic “woke” agenda that he wants to shove down every unwilling Canadian’s throat.

Canada’s Francophone province of Quebec has the right idea. Quebec expects immigrants to integrate into the broader culture, especially French language and secular values.
The rest of Canada could learn from Quebec’s civic integration approach. Conservatives believe strongly in one law for all Canadians, not carve outs for separate religious or ethnic communities.

Beyond values, conservatives have worries about social and political divisions arising from Canada’s evolving immigration patterns. New immigrant groups often cluster in major cities, amplifying ethnic enclaves. Metropolitan areas like Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver have seen alarming increases in gang violence, anti-Semitic attacks, and tensions between rival groups. Even stable democracies can fray at the edges when diversity replaces common purpose and identity.

At its core, large-scale immigration changes the very nature of a nation. Canada was founded by British and French settlers, later joined by European immigrants who largely shared customs and values.

Mass influxes from Asia, Africa and the Middle East transform Canadian identity in ways that can’t be fully predicted. Some dilution of the country’s heritage and social contract is inevitable and concerning.

But that is just the new sparkling idea that Canadians, who once supported immigration without any restraints, have started to engage with and understand after conservatives have been hammering home the disadvantages of increased and rampant immigration.

The other side of immigration is the side everyone is very much familiar with. The side that hurts the housing infrastructure and doesn’t deliver when it comes to job productivity and moving the economy forward. This is the side that Canadians have been grappling with for years now.

The Liberal government’s aggressive growth targets have strained housing and infrastructure beyond reasonable limits. Canadians, especially young families, are suffering from this failed social engineering experiment.

Poilievre Is Fighting

Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre has fought against rampant immigration since the very beginning and has been warning every Canadian about the ineptitude coming from Trudeau and his nonsensical immigration policies.

For conservatives, quality matters more than quantity when it comes to immigration. Canada needs an orderly, sustainable intake that considers carrying capacity and cultural integration challenges.

Otherwise, we risk diminishing the very qualities that attract immigrants in the first place. Unfettered growth leads to crowded hospitals, bidding wars for homes, and ethnic enclaves that undermine social cohesion.

Canada’s uncontrolled immigration is detrimentally impacting housing and employment.

Trudeau has come to acknowledge before that temporary residents now constitute a staggering 7.5% of Canada’s population, up from just 2% in 2017. This largely explains pressured housing markets, as one million newcomers arrived in nine months.

Immigrants overwhelmingly settle in major cities, intensifying demand amidst shortages. In Ontario, home to most immigrants, unemployment rose from 5.3% to 6.7% over the past year despite adding 86,000 jobs. The province now has 576,000 unemployed, up 134,000 from March 2022. Clearly, the population is growing faster than employment opportunities.

Nationally, Canada’s unemployment rate spiked to 6.1% in March compared to 5.1% last year. Although 324,000 jobs were added, the working age population soared by over one million. There are now 247,000 more unemployed Canadians than in March 2022.

Rather than take accountability, Trudeau blames provinces for the over three million temporary residents his government permitted. Yet the federal government controls overall immigration levels and caps. Trudeau portrays himself as powerless in the face of climbing numbers under his watch.

Trudeau’s proposed solution is to merely reduce temporary residents to 5% of the population, which likely remains inadequate. Consider our record 431,645 permanent residents welcomed in 2022, approaching 500,000 annually. An incredible 900,000 foreign students entered last year with refugee claims spiking from 16,000 to 137,000 since 2015.

This is sheer madness while struggling with a housing crisis and swelling unemployment. No rational country would admit one million newcomers amidst such volatility. But Trudeau governs by feelings rather than sanity or realism.

In November, he attacked Conservatives as “anti-immigration” for questioning why housing is cheaper in America. But the difference is clearly our much faster population growth under Trudeau’s policies. Immigration only benefits Canada when sustainable and orderly.

That’s what you get when you put the incompetent immigration minister in charge of the housing crisis that he contributed to in the first place. That is the Trudeau genius for you.

Conservatives treasure our immigrant heritage yet recognize today’s reckless practices are harming citizens and new arrivals alike. With balanced reforms, we can restore immigration’s advantages while relieving pressure on housing and jobs.

We must chart a prudent course to avoid rising inequality and resentment. Now is the time for enlightened and common sense leadership to forge an immigration consensus that puts Canada’s interests first.

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