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Trudeau Mishandles Trump NATO Pressure at Canada’s Peril


Justin Trudeau has sacrificed Canada’s security in a cowardly attempt to avoid provoking Donald Trump.

Now, with Trump poised for a potential comeback in 2024, Trudeau trembles in fear at further straining our already frayed relationship with the US. His paralysis continues hampering defense investments and straining our bonds with NATO allies.

Trudeau’s blatant appeasement of Trump has dangerously undermined Canada’s interests.

His ongoing capitulation to Trump also threatens Canada’s future prosperity and freedom. His egregious negligence has degraded our military to the point of operational ineffectiveness.

Trudeau’s first duty is to safeguard Canada. Yet he has repeatedly abdicated this responsibility in the name of political expediency.

Canadians must unite to rectify Trudeau’s destruction of Canada’s international stature. Canada needs bold leadership that puts national interests first, that defends its sovereignty and security regardless of childish foreign threats.

Trudeau has proven he lacks the backbone to stand strong for Canada. His credibility compels Canadians to pursue new governance before Trump returns. Canada’s greatness must not fall victim to Trudeau’s cowardice.

Justin Trudeau’s failure to meet Canada’s NATO spending commitments has weakened the nation at home and abroad. Though he claims progressive ideals, Trudeau’s inaction stems from fear – fear of riling America’s Former president Donald Trump, fear of spending political capital on defense instead of social programs, and fear of admitting his father’s foreign policy faults. This cowardice has endangered Canada’s national security and strained vital alliances.

When Trudeau became Prime Minister, the world hoped for a new era of Canadian leadership. Instead, he shrunk from global affairs and betrayed our allies.

Trump’s repeated warnings about inadequate NATO spending should have been taken very seriously by Trudeau. Yet Trudeau dismissed Trump’s threats, refusing to significantly boost Canada’s defense budget.

This failure to heed Trump’s demands threatens to irreparably damage relations with the U.S. should Trump be re-elected in 2024. Trudeau’s lack of credible action despite Trump’s vocal frustration casts doubt on Canada’s commitment to our alliance.

Trudeau should have recognized that Trump’s intense focus on NATO spending obligations was not mere rhetoric. But instead of working to meet the target and ease Trump’s concerns, Trudeau only paid lip service to the importance of NATO while letting Canada’s military capabilities degrade.

Now, with Trump potentially returning to power, Trudeau’s negligence in addressing Trump’s grievances with NATO could have severe consequences for the Canada-U.S. relationship. Trudeau may come to bitterly regret not taking Trump’s admonitions seriously sooner.

Trump’s NATO warning should have compelled Trudeau to do better. Yet he offered only vague platitudes about the importance of alliances, with his actions proving otherwise.

Domestically, Trudeau exploited public fear of Trump to justify inaction on defense spending. He leveraged anti-Trump sentiment in Canada to avoid commitments that could provoke Trump’s ire.

Trudeau wanted to give the impression of holding the moral high ground against the bullish Trump while actually avoiding confrontation at all costs. This allowed him to redirect spending to his pet social programs and infrastructure. He put politics over principle.

In truth, Trudeau places social spending ahead of national defense not out of noble ideals but political self-interest. He wants flashy new programs he can take credit for to help his re-election, not long-term investments in core government responsibilities like protecting Canada’s sovereignty.

So he continues running large deficits, with no timeline set to meet the NATO target. He sees no political benefit from increasing defense funds and fears losing support from his left-wing base.

Trudeau’s stance reveals an antiquated suspicion of the military rooted in his father’s legacy. Like Pierre Trudeau, he views peacekeeping as Canada’s proper defense role. But in today’s harsh geopolitical climate, with emboldened autocrats like Putin, this position is dangerously naive.

Canada needs combat-ready forces prepared to vigorously defend our borders and honor our alliances. Yet Trudeau clings to his father’s notions, hampering Canada’s ability to contribute robustly to NATO.

The consequences of Trudeau’s failure to meet NATO spending targets compromise Canadian security and weaken our global standing. With heightened Russian aggression, the Arctic is an increasing area of concern.

Trudeau’s failure to meet NATO targets defies not only our allies but the unambiguous will of the Canadian people. Recent comprehensive polling reveals a growing consensus among citizens around significantly boosting military spending, even if it means fewer dollars for other government priorities.

The Angus Reid Institute found a full 65% of Canadians support hitting the 2% GDP defense spending benchmark if Trump is re-elected, with that number jumping 10 percentage points due to concerns over Trump’s antagonism towards NATO. Even more strikingly, 70% would back a future Conservative government that pledged to meet or surpass the 2% target.

This shows a clear majority of Canadians understand that substantially increased investment in our military and defense capabilities is absolutely crucial for national security.

Another survey by Pollara Strategic Insights gave respondents a tougher choice between increasing defense spending despite less funding being available for other areas versus ignoring Trump’s threats.

Though support for more military investment dropped to 34% given this harsher trade-off, the over one-third result still shows a sizable portion of Canadians are willing to sacrifice money for important domestic programs to adequately bolster defense.

And a wide-ranging poll conducted by EKOS Research found a commanding supermajority of citizens believe higher military spending overall is a definite priority for the nation. Fully 66% think Canada should devote more dollars to defense, while just 18% favor reductions. Canadians have awoken to the growing dangers posed by Putin’s aggression and view robustly funding our military as imperative.

The message from citizens to Trudeau is clear: with adversaries like Russia and China looming, the public sees national defense as a top priority. Canadians are speaking out that they want our NATO commitments honored and our military properly equipped to face down anti-democratic dictators trying to expand their reach.

Trudeau can no longer hide behind assumptions the people don’t want substantial defense investments. His duty is to heed their call and deliver the comprehensive military funding plan they demand. The polling data leaves no doubt – Canadians have given their direction, and Trudeau must align himself with their wisdom.

But Canada lacks adequate monitoring and defense capabilities in our northern regions. And recruitment challenges have left the Armed Forces understaffed, threatening operational readiness. Until these deficiencies are addressed, Canada cannot fulfill its core territorial defense duties.

Trudeau’s inaction also hurts our relationships with NATO allies. They have contributed extensively to defending Europe’s borders from Russian encroachment. But Canada has not reciprocated appropriately. Our small Latvia deployment pales in comparison to most European commitments. And repeated promise-breaking on spending undermines trust in Canada. This threatens our ability to gain allied support on issues like Arctic sovereignty.

In shirking its NATO obligations, Canada also loses global influence. Biden’s administration has expressed frustration at laggard spenders not pulling their weight in transatlantic security.

Trudeau’s lack of leadership on this front reduces our standing in Washington. And it diminishes our role in NATO, preventing us from shaping the alliance’s future direction. We cannot advance our national interests if allies perceive us as unreliable.

Ultimately, Trudeau’s NATO failure highlights his deficiencies as a leader. He avoids tough decisions that may have political downsides. He puts his own electoral fortunes ahead of hard necessities like funding our military. And he clings to outdated ideas instead of adapting to new realities. This leads to weak compromises that satisfy no one while eroding Canada’s strength.

Justin Trudeau’s misplaced priorities with NATO spending reveal his government’s dangerous obsession with woke virtue signaling over strengthening national security. While allies boost defense budgets responding to Russian aggression, Trudeau shovels millions into peripheral gender programs instead of properly equipping our military. This performative progressivism undermines military readiness and strains alliances.

Trudeau’s recent NATO aid package symbolizes this failure. He trumpeted $3 billion for Ukraine, hoping to conceal wasting $4 million on “gender-inclusive demining.” This absurd initiative aims to promote women in Ukraine’s landmine removal efforts. Trudeau cares more about feminist vanity projects than safely dismantling deadly explosives.

His government claims involving women in demining is empowering. But during war, lives depend on quickly clearing mines, regardless of who does it. Trudeau’s posturing about gender inclusion literally endangers Ukrainians. And it shows he prioritizes signaling virtue over pragmatic defense aid.

This misguided emphasis recurs across Trudeau’s NATO contributions. Another $1 million went to enhancing gender equity in Ukrainian media. Trudeau also insists Ukraine meets radical environmental standards for military technology transfers. He even delayed key radar system deliveries over lack of French language capacity.

As allies urgently provide weapons to resist Russian conquest, Trudeau obsesses over identity politics and his green agenda. Defense Minister Anita Anand admits Trudeau rejected her request for more military exports to Ukraine. But he eagerly funded fringe feminist initiatives irrelevant to Ukraine’s survival.

Trudeau’s progressive pretensions also infect his NATO spending commitments closer to home. His new defense policy stresses climate change and diversity over combat strength. And he diverts billions from military budgets to environmental schemes with dubious security value.

Trudeau’s dangerous naivete and vain virtue signaling have endangered Canada’s security and made us an embarrassment on the world stage. His pathetically weak leadership puts all citizens at risk.

While that bumbling trust fund baby Trudeau virtue signals about identity politics, our enemies are boldly preparing for war. His woke fantasies have left gaping holes in our defenses that adversaries will brutally exploit.

Canadians will pay in blood for Trudeau’s astounding military unreadiness and total lack of preparedness. Our soldiers will die in future conflicts betrayed by their own government’s stunning negligence and incompetence.

Trudeau has made Canada an international laughingstock. Our allies mock us behind our backs for childish wokeness over pragmatism. Dictators gleefully rub their hands knowing Trudeau’s idiocy has made us a soft target.

The time has come to oust this dangerously naive boy-king before he does irreparable harm. Trudeau has proven utterly unfit to lead our nation through gathering storms. We must replace him with mature leadership truly dedicated to defending Canada.

The future security of Canada is at stake. Canadians cannot afford one more day of Trudeau’s disastrous reign. His humiliating failures endanger everything previous generations sacrificed to build. Canada must unite as citizens to remove this clown at the ballot box for Canada’s sake.

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