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Trudeau Makes a Cringe Housing PR Video and it Backfires


Trudeau Can’t Stop with The Cringe

Trudeau has graced us with yet another cringey PR video for his flimsy 3D printed houses as a resolution to the housing affordability crisis that is especially afflicting young Canadians.

To pour more salt on the open wound, Trudeau decided to compare his 3D printed housing plans to the ones built after world war 2, failing to see the irony in likening the housing crisis he has afflicted on Canada to a global tragedy. But Trudeau was never known to be smart.

But he is smart enough to distract everyone while executives in the “Canada mortgage and housing Corporation” line their fat pockets with even more executive bonuses for lousy work they haven’t even started on.

This is truly what Trudeau meant when he sat for an interview recently and talked about the government being on the top of the housing crisis and has been trying to help people for years. We just didn’t figure out he meant waiting for all the right opportunities to steal from every Canadian’s pocket.

Justin Trudeau Humiliation

Justin Trudeau would probably cease to exist from our world and ultimately rid all Canadians of his nauseating and infuriating corruption, if he tried spending more time without utterly embarrassing himself and everyone that happens to have the misfortune of being in his vicinity or in support of his inept antics.

The latest in Trudeau’s long and exhausting list of embarrassing PR campaigns is a twitter video where he touts his new and cool innovative idea to make housing more affordable and faster to build; cheap, 3D printed materials that will break and get destroyed as easily as a gust of wind making the rounds.

This is his grand plan. This is what he is supposed to spend billions on, in order to give a better fighting chance for the common young Canadian. But the only fighting chance this thing is giving, is the fighting chance to kick some sense into the prime minister.

Trudeau tries his hardest to imitate the style of videos that the common sense conservative leader, Pierre Poilievre, uses when he performs in his own entertaining and highly informative political pieces on twitter.

Trudeau is walking and talking in a dimly lit and unprofessional looking setting, as if it gives the feeling of a video filmed on the spot to show hard working Canadians more than happy to work on this vain and useless project.

“This will surely get the young vote back” Trudeau thought to himself, as ignorant as ever to the fact that the ship has sailed a long time ago and it is all his fault.

And his dumb solutions, epitomised in the “lego” houses for young Canadians and people in need is a silly embarrassment at best, at worst it is a horrific abomination that’s a symbol of a corrupt regime that has lost its way long before even assuming power and has been just winging it ever since. This is Trudeau’s motto in life.

Trudeau and The Weak Solutions

We talked about it before but the Trudeau government aims to spend millions of taxpayer money on modernising the homebuilding process through 3D printing and prefabrication.

This is what he is showing in this cringey PR display. A guaranteed non functional house made faster with cheaper materials.

Many experts warn these cheap techniques often produce lower-quality, flimsier structures that deteriorate faster than traditional building methods.

The reality is prefabricated and 3D printed homes currently have major drawbacks. The materials used in 3D printing like concrete and polymers remain unproven for long-term durability.

And prefabricated buildings are notorious for being poorly insulated and prone to rapid weathering. So not only is Trudeau trying to cost you heavily if you plan to heat your home with his carbon tax, but now he is outright putting you and your family in a death box and letting you figure it out when it comes to survival from disaster. But hey, even if I am still suffering, at least the cardboard house Mr. Trudeau gifted me is cheap. What a shameless liberal joke.
Canadians deserve affordable housing, but not at the expense of building safety and resilience.

It would be irresponsible to push rapid construction of subpar quality homes just to hit arbitrary targets. Doing so could leave families stuck with exorbitant repair and heating bills down the road. But who are we even talking to when the liberal establishment has always been a solid wall when it comes to hearing everyday Canadians’ struggles.

This will end up being another failure that will be added to the increasingly endless pile of similar atrocities, but at least we had a cringey video as a side dish with this rotten course.

But it never ends on the absurdity ride with Trudeau and his liberal goons, as he went back to twitter to further explain his thought process behind the innovative 3D printed houses, likening his current planning to the one Canada constructed after world war 2.

This is not a joke or a very late April Fool’s prank. Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada, likened the housing crisis that he and his gaggle of incompetent liberal goons have caused to world war 2. It does not get any more absurd than that.

It is as if he just wanted to bless all Canadians with words of truth spoken in complete and utter ignorance and condescension.

He thinks himself so much as the saviour and the harbinger of prosperity to Canada, that he lost sight of the bigger picture regarding the affordability, and the immigration issues, not to mention the pay decreases, and the homelessness, and so on and so forth.

How can one man be so blind and out of touch that he thinks this comparison is doing him any favours? How can he think this could be anything more than a cringey PR skit? Do people really fall for this?

The liberal government is filled with individuals that are not of this green earth. They are hypocritical, out of touch, condescending, and most of all corrupt in ways that are unimaginable.

This little debacle should remind you of when the deputy prime minister, Chrystia Freeland, did her own cringey skit touting and hailing micro apartments with rent higher than normal and livable ones.

The liberals, and especially Trudeau, think of Canadians as nothing more than cockroaches to gift shameful micro apartments and “lego” houses to. And then they will go and preach about all the good they are doing and put a 1000 different masks to appeal to the widest set of people ever, and still they will utterly fail and humiliate themselves in the process.

Because Trudeau and his liberal gang are not bright nor are they competent enough to actually hide their missteps and misdeeds.

But don’t you worry, they will occasionally drop wisdom nuggets on you, like how the housing crisis, which is their own fault, is akin to Canada’s world war 2 apocalypse scenario.

Which is kinda funny in retrospect as I don’t seem to remember lousy and corrupt generals giving themselves bonuses before the work is even a quarter of the way done.

Giving Away Bonuses

The recent revelation that the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation doled out over $27 million in bonuses to 98% of its employees last year should be disturbing and shocking but is it really unsurprising that in the middle of a deepening housing affordability crisis facing average Canadian families, the liberals would gift themselves money and bonuses? Specifically in regards to assisting in the housing crisis.

Every Canadian sure wishes they could get rewarded with cash for doing an awful job and wrecking the economy of their country. Hell, they wish they would be rewarded for doing absolutely nothing while pretending to hold none of the responsibility and face none of the accountability for past atrocities that directly affected innocent people’s lives.

As the CMHC’s own corporate plan for 2023-2027 indicates, ensuring housing affordability should be its top priority.


Yet the agency seems more focused on enriching its employees than serving struggling homebuyers. But what can you say, Trudeau is truly living every Canadian’s dream.

This is not an isolated incident either. Since 2020, the CMHC has paid out $102 million in bonuses to its staff.

That’s over $100 million that could have been better spent directly assisting Canadians seeking affordable housing rather than rewarding bureaucrats.

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation rightly criticised these bonuses, questioning how the CMHC can justify such expenditures when homeownership is increasingly out of reach for the average citizen

Making matters worse and sadly funnier is the lavish compensation given to CMHC executives.

The top 10 executives alone received $4.1 million in total compensation for 2023, with $3.1 million in base salary and $831,000 in bonuses.

Nearly 90% of all CMHC employees also received pay raises last year, with not a single person getting a pay cut. Over 1,000 employees now make over $100,000 in annual salary, costing taxpayers $140 million.

For a government agency tasked with a housing affordability mandate, the CMHC seems oblivious to the economic realities facing everyday Canadians.

Home prices increased substantially from 2020 to 2023, to the point where nearly 70% of people believe owning a home is only for the wealthy.

The agency’s own projections forecast continued growth in rental rates and declining vacancy rates, exacerbating housing affordability issues.
In essence, the CMHC is fattening the wallets of its employees while the housing situation worsens for millions of hard-working Canadian families.

And all Justin Trudeau can do is continue to lie to the press and the media and every Canadian unfortunate enough to listen to his interviews and speeches about how truly concerned his government has been when it comes to the housing crisis.

He blabbers about how they came in and really inserted themselves into the issue at hand when no one dared before them. Trudeau thinks this action aided the healing of the crisis at the beginning, but little does he know that he made it much worse.

Trudeau then does his classic schtick of blaming every possible thing and idea except for himself and his inept liberal government. He then goes on to mention his useless and 1005 debunked renter policies that he wishes would aid young Canadians on their journey to owning a house; before finishing off with his latest disaster in the flimsy 3D houses.

This was a rerun of all the Trudeau classics packaged into one little neat ball of corruption and absolute misery for every Canadian.

Except this time the clown show is soon going to be cancelled and a common sense program will rightfully and justifiably air on the same time slot.

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