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Trudeau Loses the Liberals Trust in His Leadership


A Leader’s Downfall

The downfall of Justin Trudeau is nearing with each passing day. And the final blow may not even come from Poilievre and the conservatives, but it may come from the Liberals themselves.

This isn’t a prophecy, but cold, hard data confirming that Trudeau’s leadership is crashing fast.

A recent Nanos poll reveals the brutal truth – a whopping 56% of liberal Canadians have no faith in the prime minister and want Trudeau gone as Liberal leader before the next election.

The writing has been on the wall for Trudeau’s tenure for a while, but these figures confirm the Liberal brand is toast if he remains captain of the sinking ship.

The polling numbers confirm Canada is ready to move on from his tired act. A change in cast can’t come soon enough, if the Liberal party wishes to avoid electoral annihilation.

So grab some popcorn and get ready to witness Trudeau’s impending downfall accelerate into a full-on face plant.

Trudeau Loses Support

Do you believe in prophecies? Do you believe in karma? Do you think the world cycles back around to deliver justice? Maybe you will believe in such concepts by the end of today’s subject. Or maybe, you don’t have to believe anything to understand the gravity of the situation, and take the time to appreciate laughing at the ever so embarrassing Justin Trudeau.

What would possibly get you to laugh at Trudeau at the moment? Well, what if I told you that Trudeau is now not only rejected by common sense conservatives and most Canadians, but by his own liberal party and its staunch supporters. And new polling data strongly and objectively support this hypothesis.

The latest polling numbers from Nanos Research confirm what many Canadians have long been suspecting – Trudeau is facing the final countdown when it comes to his role as the leader of the liberal party moving forward.

The data shows that a strong majority of Canadians, 56%, would prefer if someone other than Trudeau led the Liberals into the next election. Because of course the brainwashed Canadian Liberals will never fully wake up to the corruption that is stemming from their preferred “woke” party, so they blame everything on one man – in this case it is none other than Trudeau, and try to kick him out for good.

What is comical is this 56% figure happens to be three times higher than the number who still support Trudeau’s continued leadership, which stands at just 17%.

The liberals really think that Trudeau is the disease and not the symptom. They actually think replacing him will clear a path for the liberal party’s impossible victory over Poilievre and the conservatives. It is quite ironic and sad at the same time.

However, that doesn’t change the fact that the polling numbers demonstrate that even many traditional Liberal voters have grown weary of Trudeau’s leadership. Since late 2021, support for replacing Trudeau has risen steadily, while the number who still back him has plunged.

And we are now seeing the final results with Liberals voters and MPs choosing to replace Trudeau than fight a losing war under his leadership.

Trudeau Always Was Smug

Which is hilarious, because just like those tales your parents used to read to you before bedtime, our downfall story actually starts – and is mainly highlighted – by an earlier liberal caucus event that Trudeau held in January of 2024. And it is one that seems to prophesize all his latest missteps somehow.

Trudeau went on the stage to deliver a speech, not to the dissenters, or the press, or the critics, but to the people within his own liberal party. The people that ought to support him through thick and thin.

He delivered what he deemed as a powerful speech talking about the liberals fighting for what is right, and fighting for Canadians. All While the people on the other side of the political spectrum play games that Trudeau is suspicious about. Funny how he is so smug in his allusion to the conservatives not working for the betterment of Canadians, while his party is embroiled in a treason scandal and Trudeau is protecting the perpetrators.

But get this, Trudeau actually doubles down on the non-existent good side of his liberal party and talks about the importance and the blessing of having a varying range of voices and perspectives. Before pathetically posturing about advancing democracy through these differences, and how it is not a weakness but a strength for all Canadians.

Little did he know that these different perspectives and opinions would come back to bite him in his back, as Liberal MPs and voters look for a way to remove him from power.

The only thing that would make this even funnier is if he predicted the downfall of Poilievre and the conservatives in his speech. And wouldn’t you know it? Trudeau follows up his political posturing with an eerie foreshadowing to the current situation that he has been going through.

Karma is Harsh

Trudeau couldn’t help but bring up Poilievre and make up lies about the way he runs the conservative party as a leader that leaves no room for discussion and second thought. The same discussion and second thoughts that led to people within Trdeau’s party second guessing his tenure as a prime minister and whether he should continue or not.

Trudeau goes through the list of candidates that Poilievre has recommended for local Canadian elections and tries to tear them down one by one for holding ideologies that don’t conform with his demands. Because if it isn’t “woke” and useless then it is harmful according to Trudeau.

Also Funny how he predicts almost every by-election result wrong, trying to puff his chest forward and talk a big game about the faltering liberal strategy in comparison with the conservative election strategy. And the end result is Trudeau losing almost every byelection and unlike his bright prediction, he seems to be heading to more losses.

No one is supporting Trudeau. No is one looking forward to the man leading Canada, let alone the liberal party itself. No one has any faith in him or his crooked right hand men.

They have been saying this for a while now, but the anger is only just bubbling. It is time for Trudeau to step down once and for all.

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