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Trudeau Let the CBC Loot Taxpayers


A shocking government coverup has been revealed that demands immediate action. The CBC was just caught secretly hiding a $400,000 lawsuit against the Conservatives for nearly 3 years, deceiving Canadians about where their tax dollars went.

You heard that right – our taxpayer dollars wasted on a failed partisan lawsuit, and the CBC tried to bury it. They accused the Conservatives of copyright infringement right before the 2019 election in a blatant attempt to influence the vote. And the whole frivolous thing got thrown out of court anyway!

But the real scandal is the CBC kept the receipts secret despite repeated questions. Conservative Senator Don Plett demanded answers on the costs in 2021, but got stonewalled again and again.

It took filing an access to information request to uncover that taxpayers got gouged for almost $400,000 on the CBC’s baseless attack against its political enemies.

This reeks of an establishment protecting its own. The CBC thinks it’s above accountability while it acts as the propaganda arm for the Liberals. They’ll abuse public money on anything that hurts the Conservatives without consequence.

A bombshell government coverup has now been exposed.

Let’s back up a second – right before the 2019 election, the CBC sued the Conservatives for copyright infringement over some broadcast footage used in an ad. A blatantly biassed move to influence the election against their political rivals.

Here’s the kicker – the frivolous lawsuit got dismissed anyway! But the CBC still billed taxpayers $400k in legal fees for their baseless attack.

When Conservative Senator Don Plett started asking how much this all cost back in 2021, the CBC deliberately stonewalled him. They blocked any effort at transparency. It took filing an access to information request just to get answers on where our public money went.

For 3 years, the CBC actively covered up the costs, deceiving Canadians about this colossal waste of funds simply to target their political enemies. All while taxpayers struggle to make ends meet.

This reeks of an establishment abusing its power and protecting its own interests, not the public’s. The CBC acts as a propaganda arm for the Liberals, wasting our money on partisan ambitions.Enough is enough.

The most galling part of this whole affair is how the CBC nonchalantly frittered away nearly $400,000 of public funds on a frivolous partisan lawsuit. They accused the Conservatives of copyright infringement right before an election, a transparently biassed political hit job. Yet even when their shaky case got tossed out, the CBC still pocketed all that taxpayer cash.

For what? Wasting 3 years of time and hundreds of thousands of dollars on an unimportant attack against their political adversaries. This reckless splurging of citizens’ money is absolutely unacceptable.

But it’s perhaps even more unacceptable that the CBC refuses to take any responsibility after deliberately deceiving Canadians and Parliament about the costs for years. They believe they can wantonly spend our tax dollars trying to smear opposition parties without consequence.

This brazen lack of accountability has become far too common under Justin Trudeau’s government. His allies like the CBC think they can do no wrong. They feel entitled to public money for partisan pet projects, untouched by oversight.

It’s clear this complacent, unethical attitude permeates the upper echelons of the CBC and the ruling Liberal establishment. After nearly 3 years of covering up the lawsuit costs, it’s doubtful real change will come unless forced upon them.

Canadians are tired of watching powerful institutions like the CBC act with impunity while citizens struggle to make ends meet. The days of irresponsible misuse of tax dollars by Trudeau’s cronies need to end immediately. Either the CBC learns accountability, or heads must roll. This brazen disregard for the public’s money must stop now.

Just look at the barrage of controversies from the Liberals lately – from the WE charity scandal to the ArriveCan contract cronyism to the climate minister’s lavish globetrotting. It’s as if they’ve given up caring about public perception and are simply focused on self-enriching their inner circles before it’s too late.

Canadians are left wondering what else Trudeau’s government is hiding or brushing under the rug in these final days. How many more ethically questionable deals have been struck, tax dollars misused, truth twisted, while citizens’ concerns go ignored? The Liberals seem to be operating in pure self-preservation mode.

It’s clear Trudeau’s government has lost its way, forsaking principles of transparency, responsibility and accountability. Perhaps the prospect of losing power has created a bunker mentality where they brazenly abuse authority for as much gain as possible before the clock runs out. Their growing list of improprieties suggest a group drunk on power, with no concern for voters.

The CBC’s wasteful lawsuit is just one example of institutions aligned with Trudeau abusing public trust. As we near the election, the government seems focused not on serving Canadians, but on self-dealing and obstruction. Their impulsive behaviours reek of an establishment throwing ethics out the window now that the end is in sight. Voters must demand better.

The recent onslaught of financial improprieties under Trudeau suggests his leadership may be coming to an end. From lavish globetrotting to contract cronyism, it seems every week brings a new misuse of funds by the PM or his allies. This barrage of controversies reeks of karma finally catching up for 8 years of ethical breaches. But while bad policy and reckless spending are now coming back to bite Trudeau, the real losers are everyday Canadians. 

We are the ones left paying for his scandals, failed ideas, and culture of waste and entitlement. Citizens see their taxes wasted on partisan lawsuits, unaccountable spending, and Liberal-friendly firms scoring sweetheart deals. Trudeau evades consequences, but voters face the bill. The PM’s era appears set to close with Canadians once again suffering for his mismanagement. The only question now is whether voters will hold Trudeau accountable in the next election, or if he will slip away leaving citizens to shoulder the burden of repairing the damage he’s done

Senator Plett’s dogged pursuit of the CBC lawsuit costs reveals a Conservative party determined to fight for fiscal responsibility. Despite stonewalling from the Liberals and CBC, Plett kept demanding answers on this inappropriate use of public funds.

“We have the right to have these answers is what Plett said about this matter in the Senate 

Trudeau and his Ministers stonewall legitimate questions, ignoring demands for transparency.The CBC itself refuses to provide answers or justification for concealing these exorbitant costs for years. When Conservative Senator Plett pressed for details on the legal fees and expenses, the CBC deliberately delayed and obstructed.

The Liberals seem to assume this scandal will simply blow over if they wait long enough, just as they have with previous controversies. But Canadians are tired of the evasiveness, secrecy, and the attitude that rules don’t apply to the Liberal establishment.

Voters deserve full answers from the government and the CBC on why our public broadcaster tried to hide this egregious misuse of tax dollars for partisan ambitions. If Trudeau continues acting above public scrutiny, and the CBC keeps stonewalling without consequence, citizens must demand better in the next election. 

The time has come to finally hold both the Liberal government and the CBC accountable.

This contrasts sharply with new Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre’s pledge for improved transparency and accountability. Poilievre promises to reform access to information, require proactive disclosure from Parliament, and end the Liberals’ culture of hiding expenses and decisions from Canadians.

This saga underscores a government drunk on power and devoid of ethics. Trudeau and the Liberals continue acting as if they are above accountability and scrutiny, even when engaging in egregious abuses of public funds.

The CBC has shown itself complicit, more devoted to protecting the party line than transparently serving Canadians with their dollars. And citizens continue suffering the consequences.

Voters must ask -How many more times will the Liberals and their allies waste taxpayer money on pet projects and partisan hits, only to arrogantly dismiss calls for responsibility?

Trudeau has stretched the public trust to its breaking point. Each new controversy further erodes what little faith remains in his leadership. The PM seems to have forgotten that his authority derives from citizens, not partisan privilege.

If Liberals refuse to reform their culture of entitlement, Canadians must take a stand. Either Trudeau restores integrity and accountability to his office, or voters must restore it for him. The choice falls on citizens now. The Liberals have abdicated their duty – will the people now reclaim theirs?

The time has come to say enough. Citizens deserve truth, they deserve respect, and they deserve a government that works for them, not partisan masters. The next election may be Canada’s opportunity to demand that change. Until then, we must keep holding power to account. The country’s future depends on it.

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