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Trudeau Let Former Speaker Take The Fall for His Own Mistake


It has now been revealed that Justin Trudeau framed former House Speaker Anthony Rota and forced him to resign in order to escape accountability for being the and only person responsible for the invitation of the Nazi veteran in parliament a few months back.

Once again,Trudeau’s remarkably poor judgement and astounding lack of due diligence have led to deep national and international embarrassment. Trudeau made it look like he didn’t know a thing about the Nazi’s invitation, then made his former house speaker resign and apologise for such a huge mistake. turns out Trudeau himself is the one who sent the invitation to Hunka.

As calls for his own resignation mount, Trudeau now confronts the precipice of a credibility crisis years in the making. Yet even with the damning proof in hand, he remains defiant while pointing fingers anywhere but at himself. Now, Trudeau’s political future hangs by a thread as his web of lies implodes under the weight of the truth. The only question that remains – will he face the music, or will his defiance plunge Parliament into chaos?

It has now been revealed that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was actually the one who invited the Nazi veteran to Parliament a few months back, not former House Speaker Anthony Rota, as was originally claimed. Trudeau used Rota as a scapegoat and let him take the fall for the controversial invitation that caused widespread outrage across Canada.

The truth came to light after an investigation into the matter. It turns out Rota was telling the truth when he said he did not personally invite the Nazi veteran, Yaroslav Hunka, to attend the reception with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. The invitation came directly from the Prime Minister’s Office, though Trudeau tried to deny responsibility at the time.

Emails and documents that just recently came to light show that Trudeau and his staff coordinated all the invitations for the reception with Zelenskyy. Hunka’s name was on the guest list sent over by the PMO. This revelation flies in the face of Trudeau’s earlier claims that he had nothing to do with Hunka being invited and that it was all Rota’s doing.

For months, Rota faced intense criticism and was pressured to resign as Speaker of the House for the invitation of Hunka. Rota ultimately stepped down, saying he took responsibility for the invitation because it came from his office, even though he did not personally sign off on it. This essentially made Rota a scapegoat, taking the fall for Trudeau’s invitation.

Meanwhile, Trudeau faced no accountability or consequences for his actions. He stood back and let Rota take all the heat, despite knowing full well that it was his office who invited Hunka. Trudeau sat idly by while Rota’s reputation and career were damaged.

The revelation confirms that Trudeau invoked Rota’s name and office for political cover. He allowed Rota’s reputation to be tarnished just to save himself from backlash over the Hunka invitation. Trudeau put his own interests ahead of the truth.

For Rota, the last several months since his resignation have been incredibly difficult. His name was dragged through the mud, his character questioned, all while Trudeau knew the truth but did nothing to defend him. Rota says “it has been hell” dealing with the fallout.

Anthony Rota’s self-pitying remarks cannot obscure the reality that the Nazi collaborator scandal lays squarely at Justin Trudeau’s feet. Despite claiming ignorance, it is simply not credible that the PMO’s “fine-tooth comb” vetting process would have missed Hunka’s background. Rota is clearly covering for Trudeau’s failure. 

The official story did not add up from the start. Canadians were expected to believe protocols were followed, no one knew Hunka’s history, and the whole affair was an innocent mistake? It strains belief that everyone in the Liberal government simply failed to do basic due diligence on their guest list.

In truth, Trudeau knew full well what he was doing by welcoming an extremist sympathiser to boost his pro-Ukraine credentials. His office deliberately bypassed proper vetting, knowing it would raise red flags. Now he hopes using Rota as a scapegoat and sealing records will contain the damage.

Trudeau’s personal invitation to Hunka makes it clear he either did not grasp or simply ignored the severity of honouring a man who pledged allegiance to Hitler during WWII. It also indicates a shocking failure in properly vetting event attendees by the Prime Minister’s Office, just as former Speaker Rota failed to do so in Parliament. The excuse from the PMO that Hunka’s name was merely proposed by the Canadian Ukrainian Congress is feeble at best. The buck stops with the Prime Minister, who evidently failed to absorb the lesson after enabling the disgraceful Parliamentary ovations.

Trudeau’s invitation to Hunka was an insensitive misstep that deeply dishonoured the memory of Holocaust victims and veterans who courageously fought fascism. It is well past time for the Prime Minister to personally apologise and ensure such a shocking debacle never happens again.

By claiming he was oblivious that Hunka was invited, Trudeau has also demonstrated weak leadership and a lack of accountability. Despite his office personally extending the invitation to this extremely controversial Waffen-SS veteran, Trudeau implausibly claimed he was unaware Hunka would be attending the high-profile reception. This absurd excuse is both insulting and unbecoming of a Prime Minister. Rather than hiding behind bureaucracy, Trudeau should take full responsibility for unacceptable decisions made in his name.

Passing the buck to the Canadian Ukrainian Congress for recommending Hunka is a shameful abdication of leadership. It exposes Trudeau’s ongoing unwillingness to own his mistakes despite the extensive fallout. His claim that he knew nothing of Hunka before the Parliamentary ovations is likewise difficult to believe. The massive backlash and Rota’s rapid resignation should have made it abundantly clear this was an inappropriate figure to associate with in any capacity. Yet Trudeau still saw fit to invite Hunka to his exclusive event with Zelensky.

At best, Trudeau’s excuses suggest he is dangerously disconnected from the actions of his own office. At worst, it indicates he deliberately courted more controversy by continuing to cosy up to a blatantly objectionable former Nazi collaborator. Either way, it shows an astounding failure of judgement from the head of government. Canadians deserve honest, accountable leadership, not evasive justifications and finger-pointing when things go awry. Trudeau’s passing of the buck demonstrates he is unable or unwilling to take responsibility as Prime Minister. The Ukrainian Canadian community and Canada’s allies merit a sincere apology and commitment to vastly improved vetting, not platitudes and excuses.

When Speaker Rota recently resigned in disgrace after inviting Hunka to Parliament, it became clear that responsibility for this reckless decision obviously could not rest with Trudeau or his impeccable judgement. The perfectly logical excuses from the PMO let Trudeau himself avoid any true accountability for enabling this regrettable situation that occurred right under his nose. It would be preposterous to expect the virtuous Trudeau couldn’t handle such a minor confusion with trademark skill and integrity.

Surely at this point Canadians comprehend that occasional flukes like honouring actual Nazis must be forgiven to retain Trudeau and his stellar leadership. With his sterling character, this insignificant bump in the road will smoothly fade from memory without consequence. Citizens can relax knowing no serious reflection or accountability will be expected when small missteps happen under his infallible guidance. All can be confident that nothing meaningful will change within a PMO that routinely makes virtuous gestures gone wrong under Trudeau’s peerless wisdom.

Unlike Justin Trudeau’s feckless leadership, the Conservative Party is showing real accountability and principle in response to Speaker Anthony Rota’s disgraceful decision to honour a Nazi collaborator in Parliament. Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre has rightly called for Rota’s resignation, correctly arguing that the Liberal Speaker must go for breaking the sacred trust of his office.

While Trudeau lamely tries to avoid responsibility, the Conservatives recognize the buck stops with the Prime Minister. His massive diplomatic apparatus should have properly vetted guests to prevent this national humiliation. Poilievre rightly called out Trudeau’s failure here, showing the principled leadership sorely lacking from the PMO.

The Conservatives also echo the justified outrage from Jewish organisations and Canada’s allies over glorifying a Waffen-SS soldier. They understand the gravity of giving standing ovations to a Ukrainian ultra-nationalist who endorsed ethnic cleansing. Unlike the Liberals’ apathy, the Conservatives take seriously the pain this causes Holocaust victims and veterans of the anti-fascist cause.

While Trudeau weakly tries to smooth over this debacle, the Conservatives are keeping the pressure on and demanding real accountability. Poilievre has made clear that Rota enabling the presence of a Nazi collaborator in Parliament brought shame to Canada. His resignation is necessary but doesn’t absolve Trudeau of blame for the Liberals’ vetting failure.

Now that the truth has come to light, Trudeau should finally take responsibility. The least he could do after months of denying involvement and forcing Rota to resign, is to apologise and resign himself. Trudeau abused his power as Prime Minister and deflected accountability. He owes it to Canadians to come clean.

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