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Trudeau is Warned by RCMP as They Prepare For a Revolt


Introduction to the Revolt

Trudeau is a witness to a storm is brewing in Canada. After years of declining living standards, unaffordable housing, and incompetent leadership under Justin Trudeau, citizens are reaching a breaking point. And the RCMP sees the writing on the wall.

A recently leaked report rings the alarm of imminent civil unrest as frustrations boil over. Its dire outlook paints a nation plagued by economic stagnation and mistrust in public institutions.

The RCMP report amounts to a final warning. Canadians are awakening to the incompetence and indifference of the powers that be.

From food crisis to housing hell, living standards sink and dreams fade, and as such anger swells.
The people still value decency and justice. But their patience has limits.

Trudeau is Oblivious to the Storm

Canadians are slowly realising that they have lost control of the country under the dictatorial and oppressive regime of Trudeau and his gang of liberal goons.

The economy and the state of Canada is in complete shambles and the reasons for that are many, but they all seem to stem from the same corrupt, greedy and incompetent person; Justin Trudeau.

The RCMP have also come to this very same realisation, only difference is that they are predicting that Canadians will not stop at just realising the folly in their situation, in fact Canadians will rightfully revolt as soon as they fully understand how screwed over they are under Trudeau. This information comes from a recently leaked RCMP report.

The leaked RCMP report warns of civil unrest in Canada as it paints a concerning picture of our great nation’s future.

The report predicts that declining living standards and lack of economic opportunity will spur discontent that was boiling from the very beginning, especially among younger generations.

It, for instance, states that many Canadians under 35 are unlikely to ever afford housing, and the situation will get much worse in the coming years, especially if Trudeau is re-elected.

And when people have nothing more to lose, they will be looking to cause the people in charge of this mess all the misery that they were afflicted with.

This bleak economic outlook is compounded by warnings of decreasing productivity and real earnings. It is almost like concepts such as increased immigration will not magically solve productivity when the workers are lazy.

Canadians have enjoyed a high standard of living, but the report suggests this may become increasingly unattainable as the years go by.

Imagine how pissed off Canadians are right now with the state of their country after 8 years of corruption, mistakes, and blunders under the leadership of Trudeau; Now imagine much anger and rage Canadians will feel when things only get much worse from this point forward.

Younger generations could experience a permanent decline compared to their parents and grandparents. With prosperity slipping away, the report foresees citizens becoming frustrated with their circumstances and probably acting on those feelings.

In addition to economic stagnation, the report highlights unpredictable and severe weather events as another source of instability.

The coming years are expected to bring more disasters like flooding, wildfires, and extreme storms. Things that will further strain an already weak and bungling Liberal government and will ultimately use up resources that are wasted and test the resilience of countless Canadian communities.

The report then moves on and contends that Canada will face pressure from other nations encroaching on its Arctic territory.

Rising international interest in the Arctic could threaten Canadian sovereignty in the region. This combines with weather disasters to present complex new security challenges.

And Canadians are already familiar with Trudeau and his lack of funding, or as some would accurately describe it as outright ignoring, the Canadian military, adding to the increasing pile of frustrations aimed at Trudeau and his liberal cronies as they seem uncaring about the nation’s safety and sovereignty even at the dawn of a rising amount of foreign and national security risks.

But what do you expect from lovely Trudeau when he couldn’t even bother to have his officials screen chinese scientists for their affiliations with chinese government programs, leading to a chinese spy willy-nilly infiltrating one of Canada’s top research labs, stealing top secrets and handing it out the chinese government with absolutely no repercussions or punishments.

Trudeau has been consistent in one thing throughout his career; He is consistent with his failure. Everything he touches, or enacts or even vouches for is revealed to be rife with corruption, incompetence, and greed.

At some point it stops becoming an honest mistake or a simple misstep and starts becoming intentional sabotaging of a whole country, and Canadians agree with the second sentiment.

Trudeau and the Ignorance of Losing Trust

The report warns that Canadians are losing trust in institutions.

It states that government misinformation, conspiracy theories, and paranoia are fueling societal polarisation. The erosion of faith in democracy itself could have dramatic consequences.

Canadians have traditionally had relatively high institutional trust. But this report indicates that social cohesion is now under threat.

Mounting political divisions combined with economic decline raises the spectre of unrest.

This may seem like an unfortunate and troubling revelation from an outsider’s perspective, but to every hard working Canadian this is just stating what is already so obvious to so many people.

Trudeau and the Liberals are the fuel to the raging fire that Canadians feel towards their government.

It is not a conspiracy theory to call out Trudeau’s incompetence or greed.

It is not a conspiracy theory to dislike a virtue signalling government that does not attempt to even truly tackle all the issues that every day Canadians go through.

And it is certainly not a conspiracy theory that every Canadian can just go outside and look around them at the state of their beloved country to realise that Trudeau is not worth the cost or the corruption.

Finally the report ends on a cautionary conclusion, that all these issues, that are increasing and will continue to by the day, and all of this bubbling frustration form Canadians especially when they realise the reality of their dire situation under Trudeau, will only lead to a massive and ugly revolt against the forces of corruption responsible for the state of Canada.

The report cautions that law enforcement must prepare for increased social disorder.

The lack of faith in government paired with worsening quality of life could unleash widespread protests and dissent. The report paints an image of a nation plagued by constant internal turmoil.

The Writing was Always on the Wall

While some may dismiss these warnings as exaggerated, the identified trends are measurable. Productivity, growth, and home ownership are declining. And various surveys show institutional mistrust is rising.

I mean we are now having troubles with food banks being overwhelmed so much that reports of hundreds lined up outside the Parc-Extension food bank point to rising desperation among lower-income Canadians.

The overwhelmed food bank was even forced to call the police when crowds became unmanageable. This scene is increasingly common as more individuals and families struggle to afford basic necessities.

Wade Thorhaug, executive director at Food Secure Canada, called food banks a “Band-Aid” solution that is unable to solve problems at the root.

And he is completely right in the sense that it is just merely a way for politicians, Liberal in our very case, to pretend and posture about helping and aiding people when they could be solving the root cause of the food and affordability crisis in Canada.

Food banks were intended as an emergency measure, not a permanent pillar of society.

Their institutionalisation over decades reflects government failure to ensure Canadians’ basic needs are met through good jobs and wise economic policy.

While food banks provide a critical service, the goal must be to reduce the inequities forcing citizens to rely on them.

Canadians want nothing more than to provide for themselves and their families. But current conditions deny many this dignity.

Conditions that are laughed at by the liberal establishment as they provide meaningless and hollow solutions such as micro-apartments.

Deputy prime minister Freeland touted the Hudson House development and Ottawa’s housing programs as ways to increase affordable housing supply.

But the average rent at Hudson House is actually 11% higher than prevailing rents in Victoria.

The cheapest units, dubbed “micro-suites,” are just 330 square feet yet cost over $100 more per month than the average local apartment.

The liberal government under Trudeau considers struggling Canadians a joke that doesn’t get old.

They will laugh away and ignore real issues plaguing Canada and its people, and then either focus on solving issues no one asked for like the unnecessary carbon or they offer laughable and embarrassing solutions like the inhumane micro-apartment that cost more than an average apartment.

And then you wonder why the RCMP has such a damning report warning of an upcoming revolt from frustrated Canadians?

It is simply because Canadians live day in and day out enduring corruption and nonsense from countless inept liberal voices, and as every man has their limit, Canadians seem to have reached theirs.

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