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Trudeau is Urged by Singh to Rush Legalities for Illegal Immigrants


A Corrupt Coalition

Bombshell revelations about the corrupt Liberal-NDP coalition lay bare how the essence of our country is being attacked from within. As we have learned of a new dark conspiracy that Trudeau and Singh are cooking.

In a recent blatantly egregious letter cosigned by the NDP and some unions, Singh urges Trudeau to hurry it up and facilitate a pathway to permanent residency for undocumented immigrants.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at Singh’s demand for an “uncapped” amnesty program to be rushed through “without delay.” Talk about a slap in the face to every immigrant who played by the rules for a chance at the Canadian dream.

There is no retrospection, or debate, or even second thoughts about the impact a change like that would bring to Canada.

It is pretty clear with this recent news, that the enemies of Canada are within the gates my friends. And unfortunately, they are also the ones leading all of us into the deep end.

Trudeau Receives a Letter

Everyday we are reminded that we live amongst and under the explicit leadership of a coalition of people that do not believe in Canada and its people, nor do they even attempt to pretend to be otherwise anymore. It is as blatant as it can get with Trudeau and Singh.

But what is really infuriating is when these same corrupt people in power brazenly and openly claim to fight for the Canadian people and their prosperous future, while turning around and working toward the complete opposite.

What could I be possibly talking about? What has got me right in a twist lately? Well, I am talking about the recent co-signed letter between the NDP and several unions to urge Trudeau into making all the temporary and undocumented immigrants – residing currently in Canada – to be recognized as permanent Canadian citizens.

Where do we even begin with such abhorrent news? Perhaps we could begin by detailing the clear slimy and manipulative language used by Jagmeet Singh and his supporters while writing the abysmal request letter.

In the letter, Jagmeet Singh is publicly calling for an uncapped and broad regularisation program for the current undocumented immigrants. And he is asking for Trudeau to get on with it as fast as humanly possible within the context of the Canadian bureaucracy.

So not only is he adopting a losing and corrupt stance on illegal immigration, but he is also giving out unhinged orders for Trudeau to speed up the pathway to permanent residency for all those immigrants. Can you get any more corrupt and sleazy than Singh?

It doesn’t need a certified genius to recognize and acknowledge that an uncapped regularisation initiative will only reward those who have broken Canada’s laws. Which will obviously send a message to everyone worldwide that Canada’s laws can be ignored without consequence if it means you get to stay and assume Canadian citizenship while ignoring the system put in place.

The immigration policies – before Trudeau messed everything up at least – were put in place for a specific and logical reason. It would also be monumentally unfair to the millions of immigrants who have patiently waited for their turn through the system and earned legal status.

Trudeau Already Made Up his Mind

But unfortunately, it seems like Trudeau might go ahead and accept the stupid NDP request since he himself has been eyeing the idea for a while now.

It was only earlier this month that Trudeau brought the conversation to the forefront aiming to find pathways to facilitate undocumented immigrants and international students’ permanent residency.

Keep in mind that the government aims to do all these “woke” and pretend compassionate programs when they don’t even have reliable data on how many undocumented immigrants currently reside in Canada. The number is in the range of 20,000 to a gargantuan 500,000.

A range so high that the sheer incompetence of the Liberals when it comes to keeping track of and calculating illegal immigrants in Canada is just laughable. But it is also mortifying when you let it sink in that this many people are illegally residing in Canada and taking up space without the government even batting an eye; hell, they are even trying to reward them currently.

Now, do I have to remind everyone once again that what Trudeau and the NDP are trying to achieve here is foul and will lead to catastrophic results? I guess it doesn’t hurt to remind everyone how Trudeau himself acknowledged that unregulated immigration is causing a long list of issues for Canadians, starting with the fact that it adds a ton of fuel to the housing crisis that is already bubbling to its absolute limit.

Trudeau will do everything he can to feign ignorance and dodge full accountability for all the problems and suffering his liberal immigration policies have caused all Canadian people.

But everyone who is sensible and appeals to basic human logic can clearly see how the unprecedented levels of immigration that Trudeau and the liberals are allowing without any strict oversight is suppressing wages, driving up demand and increasing pressure on social support initiatives like food banks, and most of all – driving up demand and decreasing affordability in terms of housing for every Canadian.

Immigration and the Housing Crisis

Who could have possibly foreseen that increasing the population levels to such a high extent without planning a proper infrastructure to hold all these extra and undocumented people being added will hurt us more than it could possibly benefit us in the long run?

Certainly not the people working under the guidance and leadership of Trudeau since you have individuals like Sean Fraser – who was a former Minister of Immigration and now a Housing Minister in the most ironic move possible by Trudeau – talking about how immigration levels are exactly at the right place and level for Canada’s prosperity.

Yeah the immigration level is so appropriate that it would never lead to a corrupt cycle of wasteful liberal spending trying to throw money at a problem that can never be fixed with tax dollars.

Immigration levels are so appropriate and definitely not affecting the housing crisis negatively leading to Trudeau and the liberals posting cringe liberal propaganda videos trying to advertise their costly and pathetic new housing programs where Canadians will be able to pay in order to live in 3D cardboard houses.

There is no beating around the bush with this one anymore, unregulated illegal immigration will lead to a worse housing crisis, which will in turn lead to Canadians suffering day in and day out.

Trudeau and the liberals will never seem to realise that much, even if you slap them in the face with all the evidence in a clear timeline.

Their time is already up anyway; the people reject this continued ignorance in favour of some common sense conservatism.

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