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Trudeau is Silent As Protests Rock Canada



Coast to coast, outraged Canadians took to the streets in protest as April Fools’ Day brought the cruellest joke yet from Trudeau and the Liberals against hard working Canadians.

The dreaded carbon tax hike of 23% took effect, draining citizens’ pockets while accomplishing nothing for the environment.

Chants of “freedom” are now ringing out around Parliament as hundreds have gathered demanding an end to Trudeau’s punishing tax grab.

In Calgary, the highway became a single lane for kilometres as outraged citizens created a blockade visible from above.

And as if the carbon tax wasn’t enough, in an ultimate screw you to taxpayers, Liberal and NDP MPs boosted their six-figure salaries up to $17,000 on the very same day. Laughing all the way to the bank while raiding citizens’ pockets.

Canadians have had enough of Trudeau’s elitist tax-and-spend hypocrisy. His government is utterly detached from the real economic pain felt across this country. But patriotic Canadians are making their voices heard, chanting for freedom and change.

The tireless protesters have made their demands clear – axe the tax, and put Canadians first again.

Trudeau and the April Fool’s Protests

April fool’s day came and with it came the latest cruel joke Trudeau and the liberals have sprung on all hard working Candians. The Carbon Tax hike by 23% went into full effect and Canadians are not content with the way things are and how they will be in the future.

Canadians are sick and tired of being the fools every single time under Trudeau’s inept leadership; and they are taking their frustrations to the streets and highways where freedom chants once rang so high, Trudeau was scared and off came his politician mask to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was a tyrant all along.

Across Canada, thousands of citizens took to the highways and streets to protest Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s infamous and widely unpopular carbon tax hike.

From British Columbia to New Brunswick, the peaceful demonstrations sent a clear and strong message that Canadians are beyond fed up with the Liberal government’s costly climate policies that are making life increasingly unaffordable for absolutely no gain whatsoever.

On Parliament Hill in Ottawa, hundreds gathered to demand an end to the punitive carbon tax that rose nearly 23% overnight. Canadians from all walks of life waved flags and held signs reading “Axe the Tax” and “Trudeau Taxes Everything.”

Chants for “Freedom” were surrounding the parliament as the people cried out for justice and fairness. With the only form of justice being Trudeau resigning completely and leaving Canada and Canadians be.

The rally took place just steps from the House of Commons, where the opposition Conservatives recently introduced a motion of non-confidence over the tax hike. However, the corrupt NDP and Bloc Quebecois shamefully protected Trudeau and prevented any form of accountability.

The dreaded carbon tax has added over 11 cents per litre to the price of gasoline and 13 cents to diesel since the Liberals imposed it in 2019. Experts say it will cost the average family nearly $1200 this year alone.

With inflation already at a 40-year high, Canadians are rightly outraged that the out-of-touch and crooked Liberals chose to increase the regressive tax now of all times.

In Calgary, one of the largest protests took place on Highway 1 leading to the Rockies.

Hundreds of vehicles flying Canadian flags created a spectacle visible from above, turning the major highway into a single lane for kilometres.

Many farmers and rural Canadians attended, as the carbon tax disproportionately damages the competitiveness of industries like agriculture, manufacturing, and natural resources.

Ranchers like Allan Hunter, have sarcastically said thanks to Trudeau for raising the costs of everything today retroactively and decreasing affordability further on Canadians and farmers. It is the new normal to be struggling in Canada after 8 long years of Trudeau.

In B.C., opposition leader Kevin Falcon slammed the cruel tax grab as an “April Fool’s joke” on citizens already struggling with astronomical fuel prices. Vancouverites pay nearly 60 cents per litre in various fuel taxes alone. Falcon promised to eliminate provincial fuel taxes if elected, providing much-needed relief.

Protestors included local conservative electoral associates, John Meloche and Usha Chahar, arguing how the carbon tax is unfairly targeting the common day to day Canadians alone and not the corrupt politicians and people in power.

The people of Canada, the patriots and the hard working common folk, are all irked beyond simple relief and the only way to quell them is to reverse this useless clown show tax and for Justin Trudeau to be kicked out of office for good. Even if it takes them weeks or months, Canadians have the strongest resolve and will not be shaken even an inch until their quite reasonable and common sense demands are fulfilled with no strings attached.

Trudeau Pays Himself for the Trouble

And while everyday Canadians struggled with mounting costs and taxes, Liberal and NDP MPs laughed all the way to the bank without a single shred of sympathy.

MPs boosted their own six-figure salaries by up to $17,000 even as the carbon tax drained more money from citizens’ pockets.

It would be an understatement to say that hardworking taxpayers are rightfully and justifiably fuming at the MPs rewarding themselves with a massive 4.4% raises on the very same day Canadians have to suffer through a corrupt and slimy carbon tax increase.

Trudeau and liberal MPs saw fit to pad their already-cushy $200,000+ salaries on the backs of those struggling with inflation.

The average Canadian worker would be thrilled with a 4.4% raise this year. Instead, most are lucky to get 2-3% as wages fail to keep pace with skyrocketing prices.

But Liberal and NDP MPs live by a different set of rules, boosting their pay to $203,100 for a backbencher and $406,200 for the dear Prime Minister.

These are not politicians working for the benefit of the Canadian people; They are slimy and sleazy vampires sucking the life out of every Canadian and coming back for seconds.

And their corrupt spree is not stopping anytime soon with just increasing the carbon tax. Oh no no, Trudeau and his liberal goons are looking through every nook and cranny possible in order to extract the most amount of money from you.

We are already seeing the level of shamelessnes that they are willing to get to with Ontario eyeing up taxing Canadians for the amount of rain falling on their property. It can not get any stupider and more infuriating than that, but the sad and harrowing reality is that you never truly know the limit with Trudeau and the liberals.

Trudeau and his crooked gang know no sympathy, but they enjoy pretending they do. So don’t expect them to truly change a thing or reverse a damning policy when liberal goons like Freeland go out there and deliver condescending speeches lacking any sort of self awareness, trying to console young Canadians struggling from a system stacked against them.

A speech that would serve its purpose if it weren’t for the fact that Freeland and Trudeau, among every other liberal in office, are the system that is stacking struggles and obstacles and hurting the ability for young Canadians to survive and thrive

Is this truly their best shot at gaining the young vote and swaying the public opinion against them? They are addressing the struggles of young Canadians while adding on to it with the carbon tax and giving themselves a bonus for all the “hard work” and corruption while they are at it. What a sick and twisted joke that Canadians have had to endure for 8 years.

Conservatives are the Only Hope

Pierre Poilievre – who has been leading the charge against the carbon tax hike and the tax in of itself – delivered a speech after the unfortunate tax hike went into effect, iterating the cost of the carbon tax and how this costly nightmare can only end with Justin Trudeau and his gang of liberal thieves on their back and out of office, leaving a place for common sense conservatism to bring it back home for all of Canada.

Canadians are out there right now exercising their freedom of speech to showcase to Trudeau that tyranny does not last and patience has its limits.

With Canadians voicing their opposition from coast to coast, the pressure is mounting on the Liberal government to stop raising costs on hardworking taxpayers.

Trudeau will be forced to reverse his tone-deaf tax grab immediately and rethink his ineffective climate agenda that is unnecessarily inflicting economic pain on citizens. But Canadians know that Trudeau and wise may never be used in the same sentence.

Conservatives on the other hand will continue fighting this tax both in Parliament and at the grassroots level.

With an election likely next year, the widespread carbon tax protests should worry Liberal MPs in vulnerable ridings.

Trudeau can either start listening to the concerns of ordinary citizens, or he may find himself on the opposition benches come 2025, if he is even that lucky.

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