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Trudeau is Secretly Paying Millions to Spy on You


Liberals Plot Propaganda to Brainwash Voters

New documents reveal just how crazy authoritarian Trudeau and the Liberals have become. They’re secretly funneling tons of your hard-earned tax money to shady spy groups like Meltwater.

Why’s Trudeau throwing so much cash at these creepy surveillance companies? It’s simple – to dig into Canadians’ data and shut up anyone who disagrees with them. That way they can more easily manipulate the public and control the story to benefit themselves.

Make no mistake – this government doesn’t care one bit about your rights or privacy. All they want is total control over information and discussion. While waging this sketchy war on Canadians’ Freedoms, Trudeau and his liberal ministers are actively planning how to brainwash Canadians with customized propaganda before the next election.

They want to bombard us with psychological mind games specifically designed to shape how we think, feel and act. All tailored to fit their agenda, based on the super personal data they’ve taken from us without asking.

Trudeau and his pals have shown their true colors – power-hungry technocrats obsessed with narrative control, not serving the public.

Trudeau Building a High-Tech Tyranny Straight Out of Orwell

It seems Trudeau can never get enough ideas from the authoritarian system in China. He is probably taking private classes at the CCP, discussing how to control the population and silence dissent. The latest info reveals that his government paid nearly $50,000 to surveillance company Meltwater to monitor Canadians is just further proof of his dangerous authoritarian tendencies.

This is not the first time Trudeau has shown his willingness to give up our liberty for security and control. Let’s not forget his admiration for China’s “basic dictatorship” that allowed it to turn its economy around quickly. And his remark that Canadians have “no core identity” that makes us ripe for social engineering by the government.

With recent contracts to Meltwater totaling over $1.8 million, it’s clear the liberals have a vast social media spying operation. And their cozy partnership with Microsoft guarantees even more data mining and AI-powered propaganda capabilities.

Is this not the stuff of dystopian nightmares you probably read about before in a novel?

A blog posted to Meltwater’s website reads: “Everyday billions of conversations take place on social media: tweets, posts, comments, blogs, reviews, podcasts, and much more.”

And Trudeau wants access to all of it – to monitor dissent, control narratives, and manipulate public opinion. Just like his idols in the CCP.

Researcher Nya Pfannerstill warns that the government is not using this to serve citizens, but to “build better propaganda.” Trudeau views the public as something to be shaped and molded through information control, not as free individuals with inherent rights.

When Meltwater was given access to Statistics Canada databases, alarm bells went off. Now the government can connect online profiles to personal information like addresses and even IP addresses.

Nya Pfannerstill posted to X, formerly Twitter, that the federal government permitted Meltwater access to Statistics Canada databases. Why? So the agency could better understand you so they get to know the best brainwash technique that will work on you.

Does this Orwellian tactic remind you of something? Do you remember Trudeau’s Orwellian online bill? Trudeau is up and down figuring out how to spread propaganda before the next elections knowing his chances are very low compared to the conservatives.

Meltwater brags its tools can “fight misinformation.” But we all know what that really means – silencing anyone who disagrees with Trudeau or says stuff he doesn’t like. This crap is straight out of some thought police manual. Trudeau wants to control what people think and make sure no one speaks out against him.

Conservatives have been warning about Trudeau acting like some power-hungry dictator for years now. This guy sees Canadians’ rights as stuff he can take away whenever he wants, not core freedoms to defend. He’s straight up copying the communist dictator playbook from China, while wrecking our democracy here at home.

Trudeau dreams of having the total control and forced obedience that China’s evil system gives its leaders. Why else would he create the most messed up government spying operation in Canada’s history? He’s turning Canada into some dystopian police state without asking any of us regular people for permission.

And get this – China’s creepy Skynet surveillance system now has over 700 million spy cameras watching everything people do – that’s half the cameras in the whole world!. They use it to give all 1.4 billion Chinese people a social credit score based on how they behave. It’s like real-time spying to control the whole population.

Are you ready for Trudeau to bring that nightmare here to Canada? Big Brother watching everything we do all the time, then giving us a social score? Trudeau wants us to end up with China-level spying controlling our entire lives.

His father Pierre Trudeau famously said “there’s no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation.” But Justin doesn’t seem to care about putting cameras and mics in everyone’s bedrooms. Nothing is off-limits for him in wanting total control of information.

Experts are warning these deals with companies like Meltwater are just the start. The tech for spying on all of us keeps getting scarier every day. Facial recognition, AI merging all our data, computer learning – it’s all crap that power-hungry elites like Trudeau can abuse.

Trudeau Welcomes Chinese Military Spies

Another proof that Trudeau is China’s biggest fan is this latest bombshell info of a Chinese military lieutenant colonel with ties to the cyber warfare department residing in Winnipeg.

Trudeau’s weak leadership allows Chinese spies and other agents of the authoritarian Chinese Communist Party regime to live rent-free in Canada.

Huajie Xu is a former lieutenant colonel in the People’s Liberation Army and spent 20 years serving the Chinese regime before coming to Canada and obtaining permanent residency status in Winnipeg thanks to Trudeau’s naïve policies.

Xu’s wife also worked at the military academy training Chinese hackers before being allowed into Canada as a permanent resident.

According to reports, Xu worked as an instructor at the PLA Information Engineering University, the Chinese military’s premier academy for cyber and electronic warfare.

A Federal Court judge described this university as “China’s only military academy for cyber and electronic warfare and is reputed to be a center for information warfare research for the Chinese military.”

In other words, Xu was right at the heart of the Chinese military’s cyber spying and hacking operations, which are routinely used to steal sensitive information and intellectual property from Western governments and companies, including Canada. Yet thanks to Trudeau, this Chinese spy was welcomed into Canada with open arms.

When interviewed by Canada’s border officials, Xu denied being directly involved in cyber espionage or warfare efforts, claiming he was “just a teacher.” But, the Canada Border Services Agency is saying Xu totally helped out China’s cyber warfare by teaching soldiers who ended up doing cyber attacks for them.

Doesn’t matter if Xu himself was sitting behind a computer hacking other countries. By training those cyber warriors he gave a lot of help to China’s government and their spying, even if he wasn’t the one directly breaking into systems.

But under Trudeau’s weak leadership, Xu was able to obtain permanent residency status in Canada back in 2019.

The Communist regime in Beijing is one of the biggest threats targeting our country with cyber espionage. Allowing someone so closely tied to their cyber warfare department to settle here is the height of stupidity. But it’s par for the course with Trudeau’s clueless government.

It was only in February that a Federal Court finally quashed Xu’s permanent residency status after the judge declared the original decision “unintelligible.”

Does this ring a bill? Remember the infuriating case of scientist Xiangguo Qiu? Another Chinese spy who was fired from Canada’s top infectious disease lab in Winnipeg after sharing biotechnology with China’s military. This woman also spent years deceiving officials while advancing Chinese military research on deadly pathogens.

It seems a never ending pattern under Trudeau’s watch.

More authoritarian countries are racing towards digital tyranny these days. China’s leading the charge with its freaky social credit system and AI spying on everyone. And Trudeau seems all too happy to follow their lead by growing the government’s digital surveillance and control over Canadians’ lives.

Trudeau’s contracts with Meltwater are just the tip of the iceberg. Behind closed doors, he and his liberal allies are building a technocracy designed to monitor and modify human behavior on a massive scale. Just like Beijing.

All these things prove that Justin Trudeau is a power-hungry authoritarian who dreams of turning Canada into a surveillance state like communist China.

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