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Trudeau is Resorting to Influencers to Garner Young Canadian Vote


Liberals Give Influence

The smell of desperation lingers heavy in the air as the rattled Trudeau Liberals enact another last-ditch effort to stay relevant among young voters.

The government has invited social media influencers to attend an early reveal of the federal budget.

Never before has access to fiscal blueprints been so freely handed to those lacking any financial expertise or journalistic integrity. But if you are willing to fan the flames for the liberals then Trudeau will be more than happy to reward you.

This is not meaningful youth engagement – it’s cheap influence peddling. Social stars will echo party talking points, not speak truth. Any dissenting perspectives will be excluded from the curated narrative. It reflects the Liberals’ insincerity on diversity of thought and their presumptive entitlement to power.

Meanwhile their budget doubles down on higher taxes and reckless spending while Canadians feel the vice grip of inflation.

Even traditional Liberal supporters see the writing on the wall. The self-interested influence campaign cannot mask bad policies that could very well be political suicide. And that’s why the MPs are flocking to Pierre Poilievre.

The conservative leader who recently announced he will cut income taxes if the conservatives were elected. A clear contrast to the overly spending Trudeau Liberals.

Conservatives offer the clear alternative needed to restore unified purpose. Liberty, prosperity and fiscal sanity will prevail over desperation

Trudeau is Desperate

The Trudeau Liberals, in a desperate bid to garner young Canadian support, are turning to social media influencers ahead of the next election.

This time, the government invited several YouTube and Instagram personalities and influencers to attend the federal budget lockup.

Traditionally, access to this meeting where the blueprints of the new spending budget are carefully examined has been reserved for subject matter experts, stakeholders and journalists from established or mainstream news outlets.

However, the Liberals are – out of nowhere – embracing these influencers in hopes of connecting with disillusioned millennials and Generation Z, who increasingly get their news and information from alternative media like the various social media platforms rather than traditional mainstream sources.

A move that would have been clever if it was much earlier and was consistent from the Trudeau regime, but it now reeks of desperation on the part of the corrupt liberal government.

With the Prime Minister’s popularity declining rapidly, particularly among younger demographics, the Liberals are desperately grasping at straws in an attempt to seem “hip” and relevant. Relying on the same tactics that got them the win all the way back in 2015 is a risky play when the liberals have been the ones running Canada and Canadians into the ground for the past decade. What boogeyman will they fight now? Will they fight themselves?

Relying on social media influencers shows how out of touch and antiquated the Liberal approach has become. It demonstrates that the Trudeau government values style over substance and social media clicks over real policy solutions.

The choice to embrace influencers also exposes the hypocrisy at the heart of the Liberal party. Prime Minister Trudeau has criticised platforms like TikTok and banned federal employees from using the app due to privacy and security concerns.

Yet now his government is more than happy to use these same platforms to spread their partisan messaging. You will find nothing but moral bankruptcy and casual hypocrisy among the Liberal ranks.

Influencers may produce slickly-edited videos, but they lack the objectivity, experience, and journalistic standards that will stop them from succumbing to a good money deal to throw away all bias in favour of praising the government’s actions. If the government can do this with state owned media like the CBC, who says they can’t do it ten times more easily with young influencers?

Young influencers are a better investment in the eyes of Trudeau and the Liberals since they reach the coveted young demographic that media corporations like the CBC struggle to even entice into watching.

And what will happen when the wrong influencer gets the same power as a channel that posts financial advice? Some influencers are greedy just like your typical Canadian liberal and that’s why they only engage in sponsored content that is designed to sell products and attract viewers, not to inform the public or speak truth to power.

Relying on them to analyse something as complex as the federal budget is an insult to Canadians. It reduces serious policy discussions to soundbites and slogans.

The Trudeau government claims they want the perspectives of regular Canadians. But hand-picking friendly social media stars, giving them special access and opportunities is the opposite of that. It ensures only narratives that are favourable to the Liberals will be amplified online. Critical voices and conservative criticism will continue to be ignored and shut out of the conversation.

This underscores a larger problem with progressive parties like the Liberals. They claim to stand for diversity, but in reality they only respect diversity of appearance, not of thought and opinion.

They are happy to elevate social media stars who will parrot Liberal talking points to their followers. But they have no time for the millions of grassroots Canadians who hold legitimate concerns and disagree with Liberal policies.

Trudeau is not Ideal to Liberals

And now even some of the MPs in the Liberal party can see the writing on the wall when it comes to the dissatisfaction that Canadians are feeling towards Trudeau and his fiscal policies.

For years, Trudeau has governed as if he had a majority mandate despite only winning a minority government. Now, with another election looming, many Liberal MPs are breaking ranks out of fear that their leader’s fiscal mismanagement will cost them their seats.

All of this due to the latest Liberal budget’s ramp up of spending to unsustainable levels while slapping job creators with punishing tax hikes. This has sparked intense backlash, including from Liberals representing swing ridings. They know implementing these policies would be political suicide in their constituencies, bearing in mind that many of them were on the verge of getting booted and they barely scrapped by and got re-elected.

Constantly increasing taxes while ignoring the cost of living crisis will not play well with middle-class voters. Already facing an uphill battle, another budget that ignores kitchen table issues could be the last straw that costs Liberals their cushy jobs.

The internal turmoil exposes a key weakness in Trudeau’s leadership – he puts partisan interests ahead of sensible policy.

When the Prime Minister rams through legislation without proper consultation, backbench MPs take the heat from upset constituents. Trudeau’s top-down style has bred deep resentment within Liberal ranks.

Liberals Pick Poilievre

Conservatives understand that good policy comes from listening to Canadians in all parts of the country. It comes from empowering MPs to speak their minds and stand up for their constituents.

While the Liberals fracture, Conservatives are offering a clear alternative focused on restoring affordability, responsibility in spending, and respect for taxpayers.

And that’s why many of the disillusioned Liberal MPs are now seriously thinking of jumping the fence to Peirre Poilievre.

You have a corrupt and incompetent leader in Trudeau that promises a lot but never delivers on one hand, and on the other hand you got Pierre Poilievre recently announcing that a key priority if elected will be cutting income taxes for Canadians struggling under the weight of Justin Trudeau’s affordability crisis.

Poilievre made the remarks while touring The Daily Bread Food Bank in Toronto, seeing firsthand how Trudeau’s policies have squeezed middle-class budgets. He believes the solution is letting Canadians keep more of their hard-earned money.

Poilievre understands that the solution is not more of the same failed policies.

Trudeau believes every problem can be solved by a growing government and raising taxes. But excessive taxation on middle-class wages just exacerbates the affordability crisis. It restricts economic growth and limits job opportunities.

But Poilievre is determined and already has a plan and an answer to counter all Trudeau’s useless policies, especially when it comes to the housing crisis.

When questioned whether he feels proud that Trudeau is not stealing his housing ideas to garner cheap support after the liberals mocked Poilievre’s ability as a former housing minister; Poilievre simply laughed it off as he stated how unlikely any of these promises will be delivered by Trudeau or the liberals.

Trudeau’s policies are all just talk, because talk is very cheap in Canada.

And if you happen to read between the lines and take a second to understand the implications, you will realise that after 8 years of Trudeau, Liberals will never be worth the cost.

The choice is clear – between Trudeau’s divisive policies that even his caucus rejects so much so that he has become desperate to garner support using influencers, versus the hailed Conservative plan to get Canada back on track.

Leadership means uniting a country behind common goals, not dividing citizens against each other. In the next election, we need principled leadership that puts people before agendas once again.

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