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Trudeau is Letting Banks Scam Canadians


Introduction to the Scam

Trudeau is proven to be an incompetent and corrupt leader once again.

Recent journalistic investigations uncovered a rampant corrupt scheme running inside major Canadian banks.

Hidden cameras and whistleblower testimonies shed the light on corporate banks pressuring its employees to not care about the Canadian people’s well being in favour of achieving monthly sales targets.

This disturbing revelation is detailed in the process of giving bad financial advice to struggling Canadians and trying to ultimately sell them a product.

All of this happening under the noses of Trudeau and his Liberal finance minister, Freeland, without any foreseen consequences.

But why would Canadians expect justice from a crook who accepted these same banks’ money just to fund his little immigration scheme.

Corruption and greed are rife within Canada and the only solution is to elect responsible and effective common sense leaders.

Trudeau Allows Banks to Run Rampant

Under Justin Trudeau’s Liberal governance, corruption is rife within federal and private Canadian institutions. And the latest culprit in this recent debacle? The Canadian banks, again.

The alarming revelations coming from Canadian bank employees have peeled back the curtain on an industry awash in avarice and abuse of power.

Immense pressure to mislead customers into unnecessary and amoral fees and products has become the standard practice for every bank.

This unethical sales culture treats trusting clients like cash machines, pushing dangerous debt and bad investments to pad profits and reach monthly targets.

The courageous bank whistleblowers exposed how profits disturbingly supersede people across the industry.

A TD advisor admits she faces daily pressure to sell clients products against their interests, leaving her completely and utterly distraught.

A recent BMO employee states he had to mislead customers routinely just to meet unrealistic sales targets and avoid firing.

Ex-staffers confirm an intense focus on sales over principle. Employees describe a demoralising workplace of public scoreboards, daily manager browbeating, and constant threat of termination for even daring to miss some of the targets.

This toxic culture is driven by insatiable greed from the executive suite. Alongside a clear path for abuse laid out by Trudeau and his gaggle of liberal cronies.

With Canadians financially squeezed, managers demand workers push more unnecessary credit cards, mutual funds, and other costly products.

This shameless opportunism seeks to extract every dollar possible from cash-strapped families barely treading water. It represents the worst of predatory corporations allowed to fester and grow like tumours under Liberal governance.

Hidden cameras, held by undercover journalists, prove these unscrupulous practices infest every major Canadian bank.

Undercover journalists were brazenly on the receiving end of pitched unnecessary products and fees at nearly every turn.

Employees frequently provided misleading information and advice that violated the bank act.

With examples like bank employees suggesting a hypothetical individual, seeking advice on utilising his inheritance money, to spend it on vague and useless programs and initiatives instead of paying off a mortgage or debt, just so that the bank employees could say that they delivered a hollow, meaningless and ultimately harmful target at the end of the month.
If this doesn’t represent an appalling industry-wide betrayal of public trust at a time when citizens can least afford it.

The human consequences of this unprincipled greed are very real.

A remorseful advisor admits he felt forced to push unsuitable products to save his job, even knowing the financial harm to customers.

One bad product mindlessly piled atop another can sink families into an inescapable debt spiral.

This is the inevitable result when ethical counsel gives way to coercive sales tactics.

This is the inevitable result of an uncaring Liberal government headed by Trudeau that does not mind regulating these corporate monsters and settling down their financial rampages on every hardworking Canadian.

Things like credit card pitches to indebted customers clearly demonstrate that profit trumps morality in Liberal Canada’s banking sector.

Canadians pay the price through this bad advice in the form of burdensome debt, exorbitant interest payments, and poor market returns.

Meanwhile, banks reap massive gains through credit card rates exceeding 20% and mutual fund fees far outpacing reasonable costs.

This institutional clown show now runs so rampant that advisors feel no choice but to betray their trusting clients.

What an abhorrent perversion of federal duty thanks to unrestrained corporate power and a complicit government.

Trudeau and his Liberal Government Think they are Heroes

While the Trudeau government likes to pay lip service in regards to protecting consumers, they have utterly failed to restrain or penalize large corporations across sectors.

The Financial Consumer Agency has only issued paltry fines totaling under $20 million over 20 years. Compare this to billions in fines by U.S. and U.K. regulators over a similar timeframe.

The agency’s director is appointed by the liberal finance minister, Chrystia Freeland, creating an inherent conflict of interest instead of true independence.

And Freeland’s name has been highlighted a lot in the recent weeks with controversies and the budget soon being declared. She is known for being a no better crooked Liberal that looks up to Trudeau of all people

So, of course when she claims “zero tolerance” for misleading advice, it invites endless ridicule as her promises, just like her mind, ring hollow while her government concentrates on shielding banks from meaningful penalties.

When the expected punishment is insignificant, unethical sales targets will persist indefinitely.

But why would honest and hardworking Canadians expect any form of punishment and regulation to be imposed on these vicious and uncaring corporations when it has been more than confirmed that they lobbied our dear and saviour prime minister for increased immigration just to drive up their own profits.

Trudeau sold all of Canada’s financial and economic future just to stuff his money and make sure he stays in power for longer.

Lobbying, Corruption and Canada

Major Canadian banks were, and still are to be frank, shamelessly exploiting issues plaguing Canadians like mass immigration to reap massive profits, with no regard for the harmful impacts on citizens and our environment.

By funding groups that lobby for record immigration levels, banks boost demand for mortgages and housing, causing prices to skyrocket.

This delivers billions in revenue for banks while imposing an enormous hidden tax on Canadians through inflated housing costs. It is unethical profiteering at the expense of society, and it is 100% supported by Trudeau and the Liberals.

Banks like BMO, Scotiabank and TD – ironically enough, familiar names from earlier – are financing organizations dedicated to dramatically increasing Canada’s population through mass immigration.

One such group, Century Initiative, aims to expand Canada’s population by 60 million people by 2100. This would require immigration totally unprecedented in Canadian history.

The banks’ motives are clear – more immigrants mean more housing demand and higher prices. This translates into substantially more mortgage lending revenue.

Over the past 40 years, mass immigration has added 12 million people to Canada’s population and necessitated at least 3 to 4 million additional housing units. Each of those millions of homes equals a new mortgage, lining bank coffers.

And each of those homes could have, easily and without any crisis, been the home for a beautiful Canadian family that doesn’t get burdened with increasing costs and debts.

While the banks profit enormously, this system imposes punishing costs on citizens. Newcomers are forced to take on crushing mortgage debt just to gain a foothold in Canada’s housing market.

Younger native-born Canadians find themselves completely priced out of home ownership. And existing homeowners must shoulder enormous inflationary costs.

But don’t worry because Trudeau and the predatory banks are more than happy for your suffering and burden as long as illegal immigrants get to enjoy the fruits of your labor and as long as a stack of corrupt money line their disgusting pockets.

Major Canadian banks should not be allowed to deliberately promote policies like mass immigration that serve their self-interest while imposing steep costs on citizens and our environment.

No industry should wield such unchecked power to engineer conditions that guarantee its own profits at the expense of society.

Major Canadian banks should also not exploit Canadians and treat them as cash cows to milk for their sad monthly targets.

It is important to repeat the facts over and over just to stick to the message, and the fact of the matter is that Trudeau has, and continues to fail every Canadian with his weak, inept and blatantly corrupt Liberal governance.

Canadians don’t need leaders that give excuses and protect corporate interests after taking lobbying money to further their political and economic agenda.

That’s why common sense conservatives like Poilievre are taking a stand against corporate meddling and corruption.

Because Canadians always deserve better.

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