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Trudeau is Happy to Sink $2.7 Billion into Failing Project


Justin Trudeau’s Public persona wears thin as the liberal prime minister appears to lack any commitment when it comes to his own climate goals. Even with an alliance of Canada’s largest oil sand companies, Trudeau wouldn’t mind ghosting them and their plans if it meant supporting his failing green projects. He and his liberal government are more than happy to sink billions of taxpayers money into hollow, vanity projects. Trudeau will then go on and not offer any form of tax cuts or incentives unless you are a liberal province supporting his frail regime. The people see through his lies and the failure of projects like the electric heat pump is only the beginning of total rejection.

Justin Trudeau’s political posturing continues to actively harm and hinder Canada’s progress as a country. He acts wary and snubs corporations out of their climate deals, all because it does not have his name attached to it. He is more than happy to cause further anguish for the taxpaying Canadian people, in a vain effort to save the world’s climate. The clearest example is the recent uncertainty surrounding the Pathway Alliance’s carbon capture project which highlights the consequences of ideological policies that fail to balance economic and environmental objectives.

The Pathway Alliance’s attempts to work with the liberal government has been met with a lack of long term government support. The $16.3 billion Pathways proposal aims to play nice with Trudeau’s climate demands while allowing Canada’s energy industry to remain viable and its economy to remain afloat. This project is the epitome of the pragmatic approach that is desperately needed to achieve economic success.

However, reliance on uncertain government policy and financial support could jeopardize the viability of the project. Pathway Alliance has made clear that firm, long-term commitments from both federal and provincial governments are necessary to secure funding from private investors and banks. But governments’ minds can change and so can policies.

Stringent regulations and unreliable incentives undermine confidence in long-term planning, which would eventually lead investors to get cold feet. This would ultimately end with the project’s termination and a total waste of money and resources – something that is not new or novel for Justin Trudeau’s government.

The oil sands remain a crucial engine of our prosperity. The liberal government needs to work with the industry as partners, not smother it through over-regulation.

The world still requires oil and gas for the foreseeable future. If we hobble our firms with short-sighted policies, production will simply shift overseas to nations with far weaker regulations. This helps no one and harms Canadians the most.

Tax cuts and reliefs seem to be off the table for Trudeau as he aims to move forward with his failing green plans without taking any chances with Canada’s largest oil companies. This scares away investment, puts jobs at risk and harms Canada’s ability to better develop our resources.

Trudeau has proved that posturing about his righteous causes is the only platform he truly holds. If he can’t have his name out there as the savior everyone desperately needs in Canada, then you see another weary and less committing side of the man. He does not care to properly invest in initiatives that help the Canadian economy. As long as plans are vain, and only looking good on the surface, the spending will not stop. But do his plans even attempt to work?

Let’s talk about these green plans Justin Trudeau is so happy about. One of the ‘green’ programs, that was offered by the Trudeau’s government in February of last year, is aimed at replacing Canadian homeowners’ heating oil furnaces with less reliable electrical heat pumps. This initiative has been proven to be a complete failure by a recent “inquiry of ministry” put forward in the house of commons.

The inquiry showcased that despite massive proposed spending, the initiative has only seen 80 homeowners across the nation partake in it – calling into question the entire scheme. This tracks with the larger problems surrounding Ottawa’s approach to energy and climate policy.

The so-called “green” initiative offering grants up to $15,000 for homeowners to replace perfectly functional oil furnaces with heat pumps has proven to be immensely costly for the average Canadian taxpayer.

This $15,000 itself is an increase, that was introduced last october, from the original $10,000 amount that acted as a desperate incentive for eligible homeowner to quickly make the change.

With estimated expenses ballooning from $750 million to a whopping $2.7 billion, it reveals the vast discrepancy between the Trudeau government’s climate rhetoric and practical reality.

Hard-earned tax dollars are being wasted on vanity projects to bolster the government’s green credibility. But feel-good announcements do little when policies fail to resonate with everyday citizens. This exemplifies the liberal elites’ disconnect from the lives of hard working Canadians.

Home heating requirements vary dramatically across our diverse country. What works in downtown Toronto differs greatly from rural Saskatchewan. Yet the Liberal government insists on imposing uniform standards regardless of regional needs and realities.

The Liberals pander to their urban base with plans tailored to their tunnel worldview. The heating conversion program exemplifies this bias. Public money is squandered to fund the whims of special interests. Working families are left footing the bill.

Natural gas, propane and heating oil remain essential – especially in frigid winter climates. Yet the heating conversion program seeks to restrict choice while downloading costs onto households. Ottawa appears intent on phasing out carbon-based energy regardless of reliability, affordability and technical feasibility.

Homeowners understand their needs far better than politicians and bureaucrats. This government would be wise to listen rather than preach ideology.

What happens when Trudeau recognizes failure that he pretends to not acknowledge? The answer is carbon tax breaks for his liberal base and staunch supporters, all the while provinces like Saskatchewan and Alberta remain shut out from carbon tax exemptions gifted to Liberal eastern provinces. After doling out special treatment to political allies, the government then denies equitable access to benefits.

As leaders here in the West have rightly pointed out, this exemption for Atlantic Canadians leaves families in provinces like Saskatchewan and Alberta out in the cold, literally. The double standard is unacceptable and epitomizes the liberal elitism we have come to expect from this Trudeau government.

Hardworking families trying to heat their homes during frigid winters deserve the same treatment as those living in Eastern and Atlantic Canada.

The exemptions granted reveal the true purpose of the carbon tax – a political weapon for redistributing wealth and exerting control, not a serious plan for lowering emissions. If it were environmentally motivated, offsets and exemptions would not be handed out arbitrarily based on electoral considerations. This undermines any shred of credibility Liberals had left on this file.

With families struggling with inflation and stagnant wages, the government’s misplaced priorities are even more egregious. Yet Prime Minister Trudeau continues doubling down on elite sensibilities divorced from the real world. Canada needs leadership focused on the priorities of hard-working people.

The actions of the Trudeau government has eventually led Saskatchewan premier Scott Moe to call out and defy Justin Trudeau by not collecting the federal carbon tax in his province as of January of this year.

Premier Scott Moe has repeatedly expressed his deep frustration with parts of Canada getting tax breaks while other parts are left in the dust with no relief. “I cannot accept the Federal Government giving an affordability break to people in one part of Canada, but not here. So today I am calling on the Federal Government to offer the same carbon tax exemption to Saskatchewan families” Premier Scott Moe stated.

Canada can lead in emissions reduction without sacrificing living standards or economic growth. But punitive schemes like the carbon tax undermine competitiveness while asking working people to shoulder the load. Atlantic Canadians receive a free pass while the rest of us pay the price. How is this equitable in any way?

Conservatives remain committed to Balanced, Responsible, Realistic solutions that put hard working people first while upholding our global climate commitments. Premiers like Scott Moe and Alberta’s own Danielle Smith highlight the disparity between Trudeau’s treatment of liberal and conservative territories. Tax cuts being gifted out for support after continuous failure of “green” initiatives display weakness and uncertainty in the liberal agenda.

The government does not know or seem to care about balancing overly ambitious climate goals with our aching economy and this is best shown with money being sunk into vanity projects like the electrical pump initiative while the government acts stingy with the Pathway Alliance. Time after time the Canadian people realize the incompetence Canada’s liberal government exudes. And time after time the people can’t help but ask for better. Better accountability, and better governance. Pragmatism over zealotry, this is what Canada needs right now and moving forward.

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