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Trudeau is Criticized by Poilievre for Letting Murderers Live Large


Trudeau like clockwork, has found himself in hot water yet again with Poilievre setting his sights on his “soft on crime” policies.

Poilievre took to Twitter to attack the failings of Trudeau’s C-83 bill that enabled monsters like Luka Magnotta and Paul Bernardo to be transferred to a medium security prison where they are now enjoying a more luxurious and peaceful life than most hard-working Canadians, when instead they should be punished for their horrendous crimes.

But why is Trudeau going so easy on these violent criminals, pulling strings to give them cushy treatment? Could it be that he has some personal connection to them or their networks?

It seems suspicious that Trudeau would work so hard to reward murderers and extreme assaulters with cozy cells and unlimited free time for hockey or tennis.

Is this really the world we live in? A world where hard working Canadians’ tax dollars are funding a leisure life for the very same people that brought hell upon Canada?

The Liberals may seem to want that vision to exist but Canadians will never go down silently and accept corruption wholeheartedly.

Pierre Poilievre recently took it upon himself to shine a light on the news of Luka Magnotta’s prison transfer. News that should be shocking and disturbing every Canadian.

Poilievre talked about how Luka Magnotta, the infamous sadistic murderer, has been transferred from a maximum security prison to a medium security prison to enjoy more free and leisure time.

The loophole he used to get this lavish treatment? Bill C-83 according to Poilievre.

Bill C-83, introduced under Ralph Goodale’s and the Liberal leadership, required prisoners be held in the “least restrictive environment” possible.

In other words, utmost priority was given to the rights and comfort of murderers and thieves rather than protecting Canadian society and citizens.

Unfortunately for every Canadian, this “soft on crime” pattern from Trudeau is not new and the transferring of serial murderers to lesser security prisons is becoming the disgusting norm.

Paul Bernardo, arguably one of Canada’s most notorious serial killers, had received a similar transfer just months prior.

Many conservatives were outraged but not entirely surprised. This was exactly the type of soft on crime policy they had come to expect from Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government.

Ever since taking power in 2015, the Liberals had implemented a series of criminal justice reforms that favored offenders and serial convicts over innocent victims.

They introduced and passed bills that aimed to eliminate mandatory minimum sentences, lowered penalties for gun crimes like smuggling, and introduced bail reform that made release the default even for repeat violent criminals.

Conservatives kept warning how these changes would ultimately do nothing but endanger the public further, but the Liberals dismissed such concerns as fear mongering.

Now, it seems their worst fears are being realized, and the liberals could care less.

And if you are ever skeptical that Canada would ever stoop this low under the Liberal establishment and the leadership of Trudeau, then unfortunately you can be sure with details of Magnotta and Bernardo’s transfers emerging, confirming this was no accident nor was it a mistake, but rather this is the direct result of corrupt Liberal policy.

When questioned, Correctional Services Canada hid behind claims of following “applicable laws and policies,” but everyone knows the laws and policies were ones passed by Trudeau’s own government.

Under Justin Trudeau, you can be Paul Bernardo, violating and murdering three women, causing unspeakable trauma to their families and loved ones, and yet still you would be treated like every other petty crime convict and will go on to enjoy all the free time you so desire while the victim’s families never live down the nightmare you caused.

Under Justin Trudeau, prisoners that have committed horrible and unspeakable crimes, like chopping someone’s body and sending it to schools and homes across the country, as Magnotta did, will be treated as royalty by Justin Trudeau.

Under Justin Trudeau and the Liberal’s leadership, you can be mentally unwell and suffering from issues that cannot be simply resolved by putting you out there into the world, but you will still get to enjoy luxuries that some honest and free Canadians can’t even begin to hope for. All because you claimed to be stressed and wanted to experience change.

Magnotta used and abused the system in his favor. He used his cunning to ultimately get on top and take what he desires. It only took someone being murdered for him to live like a king and enjoy hobbies like tennis.

If you don’t believe the level of respite these medium security prisons possess, and why you should be concerned and enraged at such a prospect, then you don’t have to take my word for it, take the word of MP Frank Kaputo.

Mister Frank Kaputo personally visited one of the so-called medium security prisons, specifically the one that happened to hold both Magnotta and Paul Bernardo.

He talked about the freedom and openness of the prison compared to a maximum security one, where there are doors and blockades everywhere, but the medium security one felt more like a “University campus”.

Entering the unit where Bernardo is seemingly imprisoned in, Kaputo is met with an empty cell that feels like a normal Canadian lived in, complete with mint chocolate bars and an electric razor. When he turns around he is met with Paul Bernardo himself, and according to MP Kaputo, he looked very well fed and taken care of.

And if that wasn’t enraging enough, Kaputo continues and talks about the activities that the prisoners get to enjoy in the outside court. With a hockey rink, complete with nets and everything, that can be turned into a tennis court when needed, the prisoners get to enjoy their free time in ways most Canadians don’t.

How is this possible and permitted in our country? How can prisoners that caused pain to countless Canadians be living like they are guilt free of all of their misdeeds? How has this become the new normal?

The message is very clear – that even humanity’s worst doers deserve leniency and freedom under Justin Trudeau.

Nevermind that their victims could never know such kindness from the establishment.

Conservatives like opposition leader Poilievre were righteously outraged but not entirely surprised by this development.

They had watched with dismay as the Liberals chipped away at tough-on-crime policies year after year, always under the guise of “reform” and “rehabilitation.”

But true reform used to mean justice and ensuring criminals face real consequences. Not coddling murderers in cozy and luxurious medium security jails like ordinary and petty offenders.

Make no mistake, Magnotta and Bernardo’s comforts were paid for by lifetimes of agony for their victims’ families.

A mother would never embrace her daughter again due to Bernardo’s savagery. A Chinese exchange students’ life was cut short thanks to Magnotta’s depravity, their anguished parents left to wonder what fate befell their children.

Where was the justice or mercy for them in all of Trudeau’s so-called reforms?

Conservatives saw clearly that this soft on crime agenda valued criminals over communities, with reckless disregard for the toll on victims.

As word spread of Magnotta and Bernardo’s carefree lives, victims’ advocates were understandably disturbed.

At some point, even the most rehabilitated convicts must face real punishment proportional to their crimes, not leniency that spits in the face of justice.

This case and many others like it prove the deadly consequences of Trudeau’s naive policies that are aiming to further his political posturing rather than actually solve and mitigate issues.

Communities deserve protection and victims deserve restitution. They don’t deserve to relieve their trauma or look behind their back fearing for their lives. They certainly don’t deserve this mockery of the system.

Justin Trudeau’s feel-good reforms had gone too far, endangering the public.

Only a tough-but-fair approach that respects both victims’ rights and public safety would do.

It’s time leadership stood up unequivocally for communities over criminals. But this might need a different leadership.

Magnotta and Bernardo’s transfers were the latest indignity under Trudeau’s failed leadership.

Only real change could restore justice and the principles of a system that protects the innocent above all else. When Election Day comes, Conservatives will be more determined than ever to deliver that much needed change.

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