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Trudeau is called “Completely Bonkers” by Australian Media



Trudeau is having an awful day being lampooned on by the Australian media.

Seeing Trudeau try to lecture the world about fighting climate change despite clearly having no clue what he’s talking about would be pure comedy gold if it wasn’t also embarrassing for every Canadian that has to bear his corrupt leadership.

In the video, Trudeau blatantly claims that climate change is not compatible with democracy as the Sky News host calls him bonkers for even suggesting authoritarianism to combat the liberal “boogeyman” of climate change.

But Trudeau and his liberals seem to enjoy inviting criticism and laughter as Toronto officials float the bizarre idea of taxing rainwater. You can’t make this stuff up.

This is the Canada of today with everyone laughing at its dire state as the people in power look for more ways to steal money from you.

This is Trudeau’s Canada, and Canadians have had enough.

Trudeau is the Joke

An Australian Sky News host reacted to the “laughable” Justin Trudeau in a highlight section on climate change insanity in first world countries.

The Sky News host put on display for the world to see how little understanding and knowledge climate activists and politicians, that claim to fight against climate change, actually possess in regards to the issue with climate.

It was quite embarrassing to watch the liberals claim that truckers, who are working in fields like logging, can easily replace their trucks with electric ones. Nevermind the fact that logging in of itself should be something these corrupt climate activists are against in principle, but the lack of understanding, in regards to how much power the truck would consume in hopes of becoming as efficient as it was when it ran on fuel, is quite astonishing in a stupid kind of way.

How are these people, who are duller than a spoon, just living with and around us with no repercussions?

Well, if you want an answer to that then you are out of luck but if you are waiting to have your mind further blown at the sheer sight of climate stupidity then hold on to your seats as the Australian Sky News host plays a video of Trudeau being his usual corrupt and malicious self trying to further promote his infamous initiatives like the Carbon Tax.

The video is of Justin Trudeau warning everyone about “disinformation” and “manipulation” from conservatives on the internet and in real life with politicians taking an “undeserved” stand, as he would like everyone to call it, against the climate mafia in Canada.

Justin Trudeau is trying to frame the distrust in the government, that greatly increased since the pandemic, as nothing but a tool used against initiatives that will help Canada whether Canadians ask for it or not.

Trudeau is viewing this polarisation from the typical and quite expected authoritarian lens that he denies any of the Liberals, including him, possess or utilise. But his mask is ever so slipping right in front of everyone as he declares investing a huge sum of money to research “how climate change interacts with democratic decline”.

If this is not Trudeau coming to a realisation that democracy won’t help him nor his liberal cronies in their climate endeavours any further as he announces to the world, as blatantly as he possibly could, that he will take authoritarian steps to make sure his future of combating climate change is a reality without democracy getting in the way, then I don’t know what could Trudeau possibly have done to make it more obvious than that.

Except of course going on national news and just bluntly stating that he and the liberals will do as they see fit and no Canadian can say otherwise or disagree, but perhaps he is not so bluntly half-witted as this or maybe keen Canadians have already figured him out and realised what he wanted to say a long time ago.

Alas, it is already too late for Canadians to avoid being embarrassed by Trudeau as the Sky News hosts laugh at his earlier statement and indicate how all the words Trudeau and the liberals like to use and just that; words that are used to limit down your own freedom as it scares you from any meaningful choice you could have made

And they are completely right with Trudeau and the liberals using buzzword after buzzword like “disinformation”, “polarisation”, “misinformation”, and “climate change” to create boogeymen that scare every unique and individual hard working Canadian into following the liberal groupthink without second guessing the liberals’ beliefs or motives.

A groupthink that has led us to become a laughing stock for the whole world to see.

And if you think the circus is just about over then you are being ignorant to the liberals’ true corrupt potential. Because down in Toronto they are seriously trying to find ways to implement a tax on rainwater.

Trudeau and his Agenda has Led to this

You heard that correctly, these government officials want to tax citizens for the rain that falls on their property now.

As ludicrous as it sounds, it bears repeating that this is not a joke. The city has issued an official call for public “consultation” on what they are benignly referring to as a “Stormwater Charge” and “Water Service Charge.”

A language so bureaucratic and mundane, but make no mistake, this is a rain tax they want to levy against Canadians.

According to the city’s announcement, the reason for this egregiously proposed rain tax is that stormwater runoff from properties is overburdening the sewer system and causing flooding and water pollution.

They claim the hard surfaces like roofs, driveways, and patios contribute to stormwater runoff instead of absorption into the ground.

So instead of the city upgrading its abysmal sewer and drainage system, which is so horrible that it seemingly floods when it rains just a little bit stronger, they are following the Trudeau textbook of holding everyday Canadians accountable and just taxing them for any governmental mistake. And these liberal freaks keep wondering why people have resorted to treating them like insane asylum patients.

The method the city plans to use to calculate the rain tax is also dubious. They say they will use aerial photography to estimate the square footage of hard surface areas on properties like roofs and driveways.

This crude estimation method seems intended to maximise revenue collection and optimise stealing from every Canadian’s wallet rather than accurately measure stormwater impacts.

Making matters worse is the city’s lack of transparency about this proposed rain tax.

It would simply appear as a separate line item on water bills without explicitly being labelled as a tax.
How is this allowed exactly? This is clearly a deceptive tactic to obscure the true nature of the charge.

As deceptive as timing the consultation on this tax in April of this year, when seasonal rainfall is low. It is a plan that is devised in order to minimise public attention towards the clown show and the expected subsequent backlash.

Imposing a rain tax would expand government control while burdening citizens and businesses with yet another excessive tax. It would likely incentivize property owners to reduce green space and vegetation in misguided efforts to limit their tax liability.

Additionally, a rain tax inserted as a line item on water bills would only obscure the true costs of government from taxpayers.

Only the Tip of the Iceberg with Trudeau

This is what we get with a liberal circus running rampant with Trudeau on top; the world is laughing at our state and the people in charge are fixing to tax you for rain dropping on your property rather than ease the tax burden amid an affordability crisis.

Worst of all? This might just be the “Tip of the Iceberg”.

A new report from the Canadian Climate Institute reveals the carbon tax on consumers is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the true costs of Trudeau’s daydreams of reducing emissions.

In fact, the carbon tax accounts for only 8-14% of projected greenhouse gas reductions by 2030 needed to meet the government’s emissions target.

The burden placed on major industries through carbon pricing and emissions regulations will be far greater, accounting for up to 75% of reductions.

Indicating the government has downplayed the massive disruptions these policies will cause to the economy.

Canadians are getting a sugar-coated version of carbon pricing while industries face an onslaught of new costs and red tape.

Costs that are surely going to affect the day to day lives of Canadians and increase the affordability burden more than it already is.

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