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Trudeau is Called a Liar by Poilievre


Election Interference Strikes Canada

Pierre Poilievre is on the warpath and his target is none other than Canada’s Pinocchio Justin Trudeau.

Poilievre tore into Trudeau’s flimsy testimony on the Chinese election interference scandal, lambasting the PM’s pathetic excuses and bald-faced lies regarding his lack of reading any documents or briefings about the case.

Trudeau waltzed into the hearing room expecting his fake charm to smooth over his incompetence, but that fantasy crashed hard.

He is busy covering up his corruption and coming up with new lies that he forgot how his chief of staff has exposed him all the way back in 2023.

But, Trudeau will not change his unfounded stance about the elections being fair and free, as he would rather joke around and tone down the allegations in the public eye.

Canadians however, know exactly where he is playing at and will not budge as well when it comes to exposing the Liberal establishment and Trudeau.

Trudeau is Publicly Humiliated by Trudeau

Pierre Poilievre took to the stage to publicly shame and call out the failure of a prime minister called Justin Trudeau.

Poilievre made sure to lambast and make fun of Trudeau’s dismissive remarks during his testimony on Chinese election interference in Canada.

Trudeau went out there with all the unfounded confidence of a million Canadians and thought his non-existent charm and charisma would perhaps carry him to an “innocent” public opinion verdict. But the reality was far from that dreamworld of his.

In an effort to appear impartial and not responsible for any slow or incompetent response to warnings about foreign interference within the Canadian election; Trudeau admitted publicly and in testimony that he never reads any paper or detailed briefings, he is only informed orally and during conversations where only the most important bullet points are read out loud to him.

Trudeau chose to out himself as an incompetent fool of a leader just to defend himself from other accusations of incompetence in other areas of the investigation. This is the prime minister of Canada that some people choose to support for some reason. A man so incompetent and lacking any form of intelligence he can’t help but implicate himself while trying to save himself. What an embarrassing display for a global leader.

Poilievre took the chance to highlight the absurdity of the situation and the nature of this silly defence by Trudeau.

However, in his own opinion, Poilievre thinks Trudeau is not lying, and this is something Canadians can honestly go ahead and believe as everyone is already well aware of how incompetent and corrupt Trudeau and his Liberal government have been during their undeserved tenure in leadership. So when Trudeau states he did not do a basic prime minister activity, then he is probably correct and that’s why he should be booted straight out of the office.

Poilievre then goes on to list all the reasons this particular defence was interesting including how it exposes all the so-called experts and the ivory tower elites who support a bumbling buffoon that does not read important documents about the safety of Canada and its people. They are more concerned about power and greed rather than actually running a nation democratically.

It does raise interesting questions on why Trudeau is just throwing his hand in the air when it comes to this particular issue, even when there is evidence, as Poilievre has stated in his speech, about how Trudeau admires the communist dictatorship and wants to emulate it.

The answer is not novel or new and it has certainly been stated multiple times but it bears mentioning once again to put it into perspective; Trudeau wants all the power and control that he can get without any of the accountability that comes as consequences for his actions.

Trudeau thinks this is a Game

Trudeau thinks leadership is a game to him and his Liberal goons, and he is now looking to cheat his way into the system and break the code of this country.
And that is why he is doing his routine of claiming innocence in the face of honest adversity.

Justin Trudeau would have Canadians believe he is an innocent bystander when it comes to foreign interference in our election, with his testimony being a mess consisting of outright lies to complete and utter ignorance to the severity of the subject at hand.

Being well aware of credible reports of Chinese interference in the Liberal party, Trudeau did nothing substantive to address it. His evasiveness and excuses betray a Prime Minister who clearly prioritized his political fortunes over national security.

Trudeau admitted he was briefed about Chinese interference in the nomination of Liberal MP Han Dong just two days after the 2019 election was called.

But he would rather lie about how he couldn’t have acted against foreign interference because our spy agencies didn’t provide explicit recommendations. This is a total abdication of his responsibility.

As Prime Minister, it is his duty to direct security officials to aggressively confront threats to Canada’s democratic process. Punting responsibility when politically inconvenient is not leadership.

This wasn’t general interference or some false flags to scoff at – it was specifically about a candidate in Trudeau’s own party.

His security officials judged the threat as serious enough to personally brief the Prime Minister during the heat of an election campaign.

Yet by his own admission, Trudeau did nothing to follow up. He displayed a shocking lack of curiosity and refused to order his own government to investigate further. Why you might ask? What could possibly get him to not put the extra effort to truly make sure nothing was out of the ordinary? It was because he did not think the evidence was sufficient enough to pursue a full investigation.

This is the prime minister having a casual conversation about election interference without even reading the key memos and playing dumb when questioned so that he is not hel accountable when actual evidence comes out. The choice was clear by Trudeau to ignore and keep ignoring valid warnings from his government because it affected his corrupt political standing.

But this is the work of an incompetent fool right? It is just the bad luck of Canadians that Trudeau is the one in charge and he always fumbles right? Well, this is where I think calling him incompetent is doing him a lot of favours.

Trudeau is incompetent and half-witted when it comes to navigating government and Canadian issues. However, let us not forget how Liberals can be snakes, and how Trudeau has displayed his fair share of malice and intentional corruption.

A Liar is Exposed

When it comes to his testimony regarding never reading any of the briefings on the case, he was 100% lying as usual. And his chief of staff is the one that exposed him, all the way back in 2023.

Katie Telford, chief of staff for the prime minister, testified on the same issue back in 2023 and after incessant questioning on whether Trudeau happened to have read any of the documents pertaining to the case, she confirmed to the election interference committee that the prime minister always gives time and reads any document or briefing that he is required to.

So wait, if we were already aware of how he read the documents in 2023, why would he blatantly lie in 2024 about the careful and intricate process where he just never reads any document and only know about some bullet points given to him through a casual conversation?

Clearly our Prime Minister thinks he can flat out lie about his conduct without consequence. Or was he too incompetent to even remember how he lied in the first place and as such have invented a new contradicting lie.

It should not be that hard to categorise a prime minister even when he checks all the corrupt boxes. But with Trudeau, everything he states is either embarrassing on all fronts, or an outright lie that can be fact checked as easily as how China interfered in our elections to hand the Liberals an undeserved victory.

Trudeau loves talking about establishing the Foreign Interference Commission to supposedly safeguard our democracy. Yet his testimony exposed his apathy and deniability tactics in the face of credible threats.

He loves to go on a tirade lying about his involvement and the misinformation conservatives supposedly peddle, all so that he can stand there with a dumbfounding conviction that the elections were fair and there was no interference involved in favour of any of the running parties.

Never attempting to single any act or focus on how his Liberal party is the only one benefiting from such action, Trudeau would rather joke around and act like his weak charisma will just tone down the mood and paint an image of how unserious these allegations are.

This is his sad excuse of an attempt to make this all seem like a joke to every honest and hard working Canadian.

But his efforts are in vain when every Canadian knows Trudeau is the actual joke here.

Lying and corruption is his second nature; Incompetence and stupidity is just who he is; This is the prime minister that wants to destroy Canada from within, with the help of the Chinese communist party, so that he can gain more control and power over Canadians.

Canadians do not need a malicious and chaotic actor in power, they need some common sense conservatism to get them out of this Liberal hell hole.

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