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Trudeau is All Alone With His Government Turning On Him


Introduction to The Fall

Trudeau as the disastrous Canadian PM, ploughs ahead with an economy-wrecking 23% carbon tax hike, deaf to the cries of suffering citizens. Now a mutiny brews as Trudeau’s own provincial premiers and government officials turn against him and scream to abandon ship

Trudeau’s perfect world is falling right around him as P.E.I’s Premier Dennis King warns the massive new fuel tax will brutally batter islanders and businesses. Meanwhile, Ontario’s Premier Ford tells Trudeau that angry voters will Annihilate him come election day. All of this while Premiers like Moe Scott of Sasketchwan and Danielle Smith of Alberta continue to defy his corrupt carbon tax.

Powerful voices across the political spectrum urge Trudeau to end his obsessive fuel fleecing, while Candaians are voting in favour of removing him as prime minister but the arrogant PM refuses to alter the disastrous course he is already on.

Trudeau Vs. The World

The dis-honourable prime minister Justin Trudeau appears to continue being increasingly isolated in his self righteous insistence in regards to ploughing ahead with a massive 23% carbon tax hike amid an affordability crisis in Canada.

When you have several prominent voices from across the political spectrum and your own province premiers ganging up and urging you and your corrupt Liberal government to halt the scheduled tax increase set for April 1st, then you should realise that you screwed up and take a moment to reflect on all your recent actions.

But who are we kidding here people? Certainly not ourselves; when we should be pretty familiar by now with Trudeau’s childish antics as he remains stupidly and stubbornly committed to making life more expensive for Canadians already struggling to make ends meet.

The widespread opposition, especially now with more government officials speaking out, makes clear that Trudeau’s carbon tax agenda is wildly out of step with the concerns of everyday Canadians.

With inflation driving up prices from groceries to gas to housing, people need relief. Imposing a draconian new tax hike shows Trudeau’s disconnect from the kitchen table issues foremost on every Canadian citizen’s mind.

Prince Edward Island’s Premier Dennis King, recognizes the questionable timing of hiking taxes during a difficult affordability crunch.

Dennis King penned a letter appealing to Trudeau to halt the carbon tax increase to provide Islanders relief from rising costs.

King expressed concern that the tax hike will disproportionately impact Islanders by further increasing the already high cost of living in the province as it would burden an already high gas and diesel prices, driving up expenses for households and businesses.

As an island province heavily reliant on diesel-fueled transportation, the impact on PEI could be very severe.

Rural Canadians face limited transportation options and depend on personal vehicles out of necessity.

The reality is that these policies simply amount to an invasive tax grab by the Trudeau government.

Hard-working Canadians are already struggling under the weight of inflation and the rising cost of everyday essentials like gas and groceries.

Forcing yet another tax increase on Canadians right now is unnecessary and tone-deaf.

Unsurprisingly, Trudeau’s tax grab takes no consideration of actual or any real-world impacts on Canadians even in remote communities.

And that’s why King heavily urged Trudeau to “revisit any further increase” until PEI families and businesses regain stable financial footing.

In his own words during a provincial legislative assembly, talking about the carbon tax hike “When we don’t have any other alternatives here, it becomes punitive and unfair tax”.

But P.E.I’s premier is not the only government official, or even premier for that matter, to call out Justin Trudeau on his harmful carbon tax hike. Ontario’s very own premier Doug Ford, has issued his own blunt call out and outright warning, in the friendliest way he can, aimed at Trudeau and his Liberal government if they go forward with their useless carbon tax plans.

Ford rightly pointed out that with inflation and cost of living skyrocketing, now is the worst possible time to pile on more taxes that will drive costs even higher.

He urged Trudeau to “wake up and smell the coffee” because Canadians are fed up with unaffordable homes, groceries, gas and more.

Imposing a massive 23% tax hike on gas through the carbon tax is tone deaf and will only exacerbate the affordability crisis so many families are facing.

Ford went on to warn Trudeau that his actions will always have consequences and the people never forget, so if he goes ahead with his tax hike; the people of Canada will respond by voting and Trudeau alongside his band of crooked Liberals will be “annihilated’.

These actions and stances against Trudeau from his government should not surprise you however, as he is used to this level of disrespect since Scott Moe, premier of Sasketchwan, has openly defied him and his carbon tax that was causing suffering for the people of Saskatchewan who would not afford to heat their homes during the harsh winter.

What about Danielle Smith, premier of Alberta, being one of the first few to outright object to the carbon tax plan and call out its countless disadvantages and general burden on the average Canadian’s wallet!!

Trudeau Vs. His Own People

It has been crystal clear among the Canadian people how weak and inept Trudeau is when it comes to leading a great nation like Canada, and it is now slowly being clear as well in the eyes of his own government officials.

The people of Canada have long voiced their concerns with polls like the one showcasing how 70% of Canadians reject the corrupt and burdening carbon tax hike come April 1st.

And now new polls reveal that this was not a mere fluke; this was not a coincidence and it is not certainly an outlier; It is the Canadian people being fed up with rampant corruption that has tarnished a once beautiful and prosperous country. Canadians understand that Canada as it is right now, is broken.

A new national survey reveals that a strong majority of citizens across political lines agreed with that gloomy assessment, reflecting growing discontentment with the direction of the nation.

The poll shows approval of Justin Trudeau’s management of national affairs deteriorating even among traditionally sympathetic groups like NDP voters.

And how can you possibly fault them when we have insane things like “ 2% carbon fees” slowly being added to restaurant bills across Canada.

Because if you are not being squeezed for every dollar and penny you hold as Trudeau wastes it all as he overspends on virtue signalling and woke policies and projects, then you are not getting the current full Canadian experience.

The poll found economic pressures mounting highest among voter worries. Inflation and cost of living outpaced all other issues as the top stressor amongst Canadians. Over two-thirds expressed anxiety over making ends meet for their families

Yet, Trudeau is slow enough to ignore all these issues and the pleas of the Canadian people to pile on more taxes.

If Trudeau continues to be this slow to the issues plaguing Canada, he might just start walking backwards permanently.

Conservative Light

However, as every dark tunnel has a shining light at the end of it; people in power are waking up to the mess Trudeau is making and adding on to the words of the P.E.I and Ontario premiers, Conservative and opposition leader Pierre Poilievre continues to voice his just opinion and criticise Trudeau’s nonsensical and maddening actions every chance he gets and that would obviously include the looming tax hike.

Pierre Poilievre has stated, in a conference addressing the greater Vancouver board of trade, that the carbon tax hike that the Liberals and the NDP support is going to severely affect the already struggling families in Canada; citing how visits to the Canadian food bank have increased over the years to a breaking point where the food banks are starting to reject and shoo away Canadians in need just because the banks don’t have enough food for all of them.

And that is why Poilievre is taking a stand to do what he can and fight the tax hikes that Justin Trudeau and his gaggle of simpleton Liberals are trying to impose on people in the midst of one of the worst inflation and affordability crises that Canada has ever gone through.

Leaders are judged by the decisions they make during difficult times.

Trudeau already shows a propensity for tax-and-spend policies without regard for economic climates or household impacts.

Credible leaders listen to citizens and alter flawed approaches accordingly but Trudeau is not a leader nor is he credible in any way so goes along and ignores the widespread affordability worries and opposition to his misguided carbon tax.

It is time for him to resign and for a new competent leader to take his place. This sentiment has been echoed to what some might consider an “annoying’ degree, but it never loses its footing and with each day of Trudeau’s corrupt governance, it means much more to every Canadian.

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