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Trudeau introduces bill that expands eligibility for citizenship


Trudeau’s Questionable Policy Uncovered

Justin Trudeau has made yet another questionable policy move that could profoundly impact what it means to be a Canadian citizen.

In an effort to loosen eligibility requirements, the Liberal government is pushing through a new law that will make it much easier for non-Canadians to gain citizenship status.

Trudeau has made a joke of a system, one that’s  designed to maximize new citizens who will back Liberal policies. But existing citizens who built this country get left out in the cold.

Trudeau thought he could rule with impunity. But his reckless gamble to trade away Canadian sovereignty for power is about to backfire horribly. 

His house of cards is collapsing as outraged citizens unite against his dictatorial agenda. But what the PM doesn’t realize is that the truth always comes out!

Tonight I will expose the stunning citizenship crisis engulfing Canada under Trudeau’s corrupt reign. And if you think this is the extent of the story, then you are in for a long and shocking ride, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Trudeau Showers Citizenship Status for Political Gain

In another unbelievably reckless move, Justin Trudeau’s government is now pushing through a law to make it way easier to get Canadian citizenship for non Canadians. This huge drop in standards could flood Canada with new citizens, all while giving the Liberals a political boost and pushing their agenda.

Immigration Minister Marc Miller says Canadian parents now only need three years of past residency in Canada to pass citizenship to their kids born abroad. 

This ridiculously low requirement shows that Trudeau is seriously watering down what it means to be Canadian.

Gone are the days when citizenship was for those with a strong connection to Canada. Now, the bar is so low that citizenship is being handed out like cheap party favors.

This citizenship giveaway is all about serving Trudeau’s political interests while betraying Canada’s. New immigrants tend to favor the Liberals, so making it easier to get citizenship is a sneaky way to manipulate the vote in their favor. 

With more grateful new citizens supporting Liberal policies, Trudeau is trying to lock in a permanent advantage.

Meanwhile, the bill is completely ignoring what’s best for Canada. Us existing citizens never asked for this crazy move that’s gonna stretch public services thin and completely change the cultural fabric overnight. But as usual, Trudeau’s more into pleasing woke ideologues than actually listening to us.

And get this: the 3-year Canadian residency thing for foreign-born parents doesn’t even have to be in a row. It’s meaningless! Someone could hang here for a year, jet off for a decade, then pop back for a hot minute and suddenly they’ve “met” the requirement. 

Seriously, why not start handing out citizenship certificates in cereal boxes? I wouldn’t be surprised if Trudeau suggests setting up an express lane at the airport where newbies can grab their citizenship and a free “I Love Canada” t-shirt on the way in, and of course, don’t forget to vote Liberal!

This bill totally fits into Trudeau’s globalist vision of erasing borders. By loosening up requirements, he is basically aiming for this blurry, undefined population without a clear national identity – one that’s more in line with his dreams of transnational governance.

Trudeau has always shown he is more into pushing his own agenda than listening to what regular citizens want. Despite recent polls showing most Canadians are all about reducing immigration, Trudeau is just charging ahead with his plan to bring in as many new citizens as possible who owe him one.

The surprising thing though, is that even recent immigrants are against Trudeau’s mass immigration policies. A Leger poll found 24% of those who came to Canada in the last 10 years now favor the Conservatives, who promise reduced immigration, while just 22% still support Trudeau’s Liberals. 

The poll shows Trudeau is badly misreading the immigration issue and defying the will of both established and new Canadians in his quest to drastically expand citizenship eligibility.

So Trudeau is out here saying he had no other choice but to shake things up because of some court ruling. But check this out: his crew didn’t even bother to challenge that controversial ruling in a higher court. It’s like they just used it as an excuse to do what they wanted all along.

The judge’s reasoning for scrapping the old citizenship law was seriously flawed and could’ve been argued against. But Trudeau conveniently decided to let it slide because, surprise, it fit right into his plans.

This whole thing, where a bunch of new citizens are being crowned out of nowhere, thanks to some judge and Trudeau’s nod, messes with Canada’s democratic values. 

Something this big should be talked about in public and debated in Parliament, not just handed down by some unelected judge whenever Trudeau feels like it.

Citizenship Giveaway Benefits Donors, Not Citizens

Trudeau is dead set on turning Canada into this globalist party zone where citizenship doesn’t even mean anything anymore. 

Trudeau has already done a number on Canada’s rep on the world stage by caring more about selfies and fame than actually getting stuff done. And now, with this latest move, he’s just making our citizenship look like it’s worth less and less to other countries.


Our allies must be scratching their heads at how Trudeau is just tossing our citizenship around like it’s nothing. We used to be a model for how to do citizenship and border policies right. But now, thanks to Trudeau, we’re the joke of the international scene.

And it’s not just our global reputation at stake – Trudeau’s citizenship giveaway also conveniently provides corporations with a massive new pool of cheap, easily exploitable labor.

By loosening eligibility rules, he’s opening the floodgates to hundreds of thousands of new citizens who will compete for jobs with Canadians and drive down wages.

With the job market suddenly packed, big businesses will have all the power to keep wages low. Freshly graduated Canadians trying to find their footing will have no choice but to accept whatever low pay they can get in the competitive environment Trudeau is creating.

This means corporations can slash labor costs, saving millions while Canadian workers see their incomes shrink. Trudeau is selling out citizens to please his corporate donors, who will reward the Liberal Party for delivering a new low-wage workforce.

Trudeau also wants to give citizenship to those already working illegally, like failed asylum seekers and visa overstayers. This move pads the labor pool for corporate Canada’s benefit.

Granting citizenship to hundreds of thousands of illegal workers lets companies keep an underground workforce with no labor rights and abysmal pay. Trudeau is trading the well-being of Canadian workers for corporate favors and Liberal Party donations.

This massive labor pool expansion is a cunning political move disguised as compassion.

Trudeau thinks he can just reshape Canada however he wants without facing any backlash. But people are fed up, and they’re not gonna put up with it for much longer.

Trudeau has been messing with Canadian democracy, civility, and unity for way too long. But this whole citizenship mess might just be the last straw. 

Canadians are sick of Trudeau doing whatever he wants, ignoring what they actually want. His days of bulldozing over the people’s wishes are numbered.

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