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Trudeau Insults the Italian Prime Minister


Trudeau, the righteous liberal who always seems to be slamming Conservatives for being misinformed, has fallen into the trap of misinformation – embarrassing Canada on the world stage. In response to Trudeau’s remarks, Italy’s Prime Minister has described Trudeau as a “victim of fake news”. Just a few days later, Trudeau does it again, embarrassing and patronizing a member of the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea.

After 8 years of serving as Canada’s Prime Minister, by now we are used to Trudeau and his government making a fool of themselves and Canada. To name just a few of his guffaws, there is the time he chanted Bohemian Rhapsody two days before Queen Elizabeth’s funeral and the footage of him overdressed and dancing awkwardly on his trip to India. Although Trudeau himself has mocked his behaviors, it’s no laughing matter when it comes at our country’s expense. 

So it’s no surprise that Trudeau did it again when he commented on Italy’s LGBTQ+ rights position during a press conference at the G7 summit in Hiroshima.   

The timing of his remark and his outspokenness visibly upset the Italian prime minister, Giorgia Meloni, and Italian media outlets have erupted since the incident. The Italian media has taken the opportunity to ridicule Trudeau, highlighting that our great nation is led by a Buffoon. 

On this point, we would have to agree. Trudeau’s fake woke agenda and incessant need to push his ideals on to everyone around him – even other countries – has gone uncurbed long enough.  

Well, Meloni was not afraid to correct Trudeau at a later press conference, saying that he clearly was a victim of fake news. Meloni accused Trudeau of being rash, making such a declaration without having all the facts since after discussing the matter together, Trudeau seemed to realize his error.

It’s no secret that Meloni supports the ideals of a traditional family, saying in an interview, “I’m not in favor of adoption [by same-sex couples]. I’m not, because I think that a child who’s unlucky needs to be given what’s best, right?!!! And what’s best is having a father and a mother. I was raised without a father. Was I raised well? For the love of God, yes. Would I have wanted a father? Yes.”

While her stance against adoption by same-sex couples may be controversial for some, Italy has never granted equal adoption rights to same-sex couples. According to Prime Minister Meloni, her government is just following court decisions and is not deviating from previous administrations. While it’s impossible to know what Trudeau was suggesting with his comments, it appears that he was deeply misinformed. 

The irony of Trudeau’s guffaw is not lost on journalists like David Krayden who commented on the incident saying, “Oh, the horror! Trudeau blathering about misinformation bites him in the ass while he looks like an idiot and hypocrite lecturing Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni on human rights and democracy.” 

Meanwhile, Canada has become the butt of Italy’s jokes because our Prime Minister was publicly misinformed on the same matters he is a supposed crusader for.

The Italian media has taken the opportunity to roast Trudeau for criticizing the Italian prime minister, describing him as a hypocrite for oppressing protestors and freezing their bank accounts while also sharing infamous photos from Trudeau’s blackface scandal. Needless to say, this incident was likely a reminder for Trudeau that his power is limited to Canada’s borders. 

Sky News Australia host Rita Panahi had this to say about the incident: 

Her comment hits on an issue that many have pointed out since it appears that Trudeau was actually attempting to mansplain politics to the Italian Prime Minister.

For someone who has built his whole career on the perception that he is a feminist and women’s rights activist, his little lecture has led many to see through his facade. 

It’s also worth noting that Japan and Korea have laws similar to Italy, yet Trudeau has only found the time to criticize Meloni for it. (Hypocrite much?!!!)

So what’s the difference between Japan, Korea, and Italy? Maybe their Prime Ministers look like this and Italy’s looks like this. 

Following this international embarrassment, Canadians have also commented on Trudeau’s hypocrisy in preaching about democratic rights abroad while crushing them at home.

As most Canadians know, Trudeau has no right to criticize other nations’ governments regarding their policies when he is so clearly out of touch. 

Whereas, Meloni has made no secret of her stance on the indoctrination of young children. She has stated before that she is against kids taking medication to prevent their development and believes gender ideology is used as a tool to dismantle family and tradition. 

But during her campaign, when she was confronted by a young man holding the pride flag on stage in front of her, she applauded the young man’s courage and guts to stand up for what he believed in despite disagreeing with him, saying that this is a part of democracy. 

What a contrast between the way Meloni treats those she disagrees with and the way Trudeau treats them. Instead of trying to play hero all the time, Trudeau should try setting his egoism aside and stop trying to impose his agenda on the whole world. 

But will Trudeau ever stop making Canada a laughingstock on the world stage? 

It’s doubtful since only a few days after insulting Meloni, Trudeau made a fool of himself while posing for a picture with Kim Jin-Pyo – a member of the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea. Not only did he look very strange, but his posture was taken to be degrading and patronizing to Representative Kim Jin-Pyo. 

Perhaps, Trudeau just enjoys being a fool – his long history of guffaws and scandals seems to support the theory. And every time he leaves Canadian soil, you can be sure that he will embarrass and humiliate us with his outrageous actions abroad.

It won’t be long before his actions upset another leader who might react rather aggressively. As the world’s perception of Canada sinks lower, our international relationships will suffer the consequences, then it’ll be the Canadian people paying for Trudeau’s unfortunate idiocy. 

Better yet, Trudeau should spend more time in Canada, focusing on our country and how to help its citizens. Not only will he be releasing fewer emissions from his aircraft, but it will save us from more public humiliation on the world stage. Maybe then he will realize how misinformed he is. 

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