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Trudeau in the Crosshairs: Joe Rogan Sounds Alarm on PM


Trudeau is criticized by Joe Rogan as he has a dire warning for Canadians with the nation approaching a pivotal election in 2025. Rogan is sounding the alarm that giving Justin Trudeau four more years will have devastating consequences.

And when Rogan unleashes on someone, he pulls no punches! This scorching hot take on keeping Trudeau in power is already lighting up the internet.

Rogan clearly sees the damage Trudeau has inflicted after nearly a decade in power. And he knows well that Canadians are hungry for a new direction.

Rogan may be an outsider, but his perspective cuts through the political spin Canadians are tired of. 

And Rogan can recognize the dangerous path Canada is on if Trudeau’s arrogance and hypocrisy continue unchecked. He sees a clear fork-in-the-road ahead for the nation in 2025.

With his endorsement of “common sense” Conservative Pierre Poilvrie he calls for all Canadians to get together and change this dire Liberal leadership.

But will Canadians heed Rogan’s dire warning, or continue sleepwalking into Trudeau’s liberal dystopia?

As Canadians slowly approach the elusive October 2025 date for the federal election, popular podcaster Joe Rogan is sounding the alarm for Canadians – re-electing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will only accelerate the country’s decline. Or as Rogan puts it bluntly himself “If Trudeau gets elected again, you guys are gluttons for punishment.”. 

And Rogan is completely right. Trudeau’s disastrous leadership has sent Canada tumbling down a dangerous path, and giving him four more years could deal a devastating blow to this great nation.

After eight years of ineffective leadership, empty virtue signaling and vanity politics, Trudeau has utterly lost the confidence of the Canadian people.

“I love Canadians, I just hate their government.” These are the words Rogan used to describe his feelings for the dire situation Canadians feel.

He sees Trudeau and the Liberal elites’s actions from an outsider’s perspective but even that doesn’t stop him from seeing the Liberal failures clear enough to declare how they are directly responsible for Canada’s decline over the last eight years. 

In Rogan’s eyes, Trudeau’s arrogance, hypocrisy and incompetence have damaged the country almost beyond recognition.

But this is not the first rodeo for Rogan, as he has been adamant on criticizing Trudeau and the Liberals for years. 

One example late last year had Rogan explain why he would never visit “This Communist place”, as he bluntly puts it, Highlighting Trudeau’s response to the trucker protests in Ottawa as one of many prime examples for Trudeau’s Incompetence, alongside the Liberal’s government unlawful efforts to take away guns and their attempt to censor individuals and their opinions on the internet with their “online harm bill”.

While Canadians continue to stand up for their rights and livelihoods, Trudeau seeks to demonize and punish them. To Rogan, as to many patriotic Canadians, Trudeau’s authoritarian clamp down shows he sees taxpayers as “second class citizens” instead of empowered constituents.

Trudeau’s long and exhausting tenure as prime minister deserves every bit of criticism especially from well known figure heads like Joe Rogan.

When ordinary citizens are forced to dig through garbage for their next meal, it’s a searing indictment of Trudeau’s weak and hypocritical leadership. 

“Too broke to afford food” is the common refrain used by everyday Canadian citizens that have joined Facebook groups like the Dumpster Diving Network to share tips and trade discarded groceries.

Their concerns go unheard and their cries for help will be met with silence from Trudeau, who swore food costs would come down months ago. 

But under his watch, prices just keep rising even as corporate profits soar. The real world data paints a far bleaker picture than Trudeau’s lofty rhetoric. Half of all groceries were up in last year’s fall season and data indicate the increase is not stopping any time soon.

Trudeau has made life unlivable for the working class Canadians he claims to champion. Young people and hard working Canadians now dumpster dive just to see the next day. 

If this does not represent the real cost of Trudeau’s hypocrisy and why everyone is easily criticizing his leadership, then you choose to turn a blind eye to the faults and failures of this sad regime. 

A regime with misplaced priorities as Trudeau grandstands about “inclusion” and “compassion” while spending billions on vanity projects to feed his ego. 

His elitist policies are pushing more families into poverty every day as Canadians dig through dumpsters to find food.

And these policies are aiming to censor any opposing opinion that speaks up, leading to a Liberal dystopia full of spoon-fed information and not a single free thought.

As Rogan criticized earlier, Trudeau’s insane “online harm act” aims to satisfy the Liberal need for complete censorship and control of the media by utilizing intimidation and scare tactics.

The Liberals aim to punish so-called “hate speech” online with fines up to $70,000 and in some cases even life in prison.

This misguided law claims to target extremism and violence. But its true purpose is revealed in the alarming powers it grants unelected left-wing ideologues. 

Under the guise of fighting “hatred,” it lets activists bring complaints against any speech that offends their feelings or politics. Accused violators face trial before the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, which can levy devastating financial and legal punishments with little due process.

This draconian assault on expression degrades cherished rights that define us as a free society. Its arbitrary bans on ill-defined “hateful” content give unaccountable bureaucrats control over what we say, hear and think. 

The act treats Canadians like children who must be guarded against dangerous ideas by their government caretakers. But a once-proud, free nation need not accept such insulting paternalism.

And The Liberal establishment thinks we will accept such conditions as they lie to our faces with “guarantees” of freedom of expression, when we all know too well by now how Trudeau’s track record goes. He cannot be trusted with these new speech tools with how he and his government flip flop on defining “hate speech”. 

He has repeatedly smeared dissent to his policies as extremism, including the freedom convoy truckers. There is no doubt his bureaucracy will wield its vague “hate speech” powers as a political weapon. Their definitions explicitly target statements that merely “offend” what they deem protected and radicalized groups. 

This is why Rogan firmly believes the common sense conservatism of the opposition leader Pierre Poilievre as he presents the clear alternative Canada needs. 

Rogan sees the sad state Canada has been in and can’t eye a better “common sense” alternative than the Conservative leader. 

While Trudeau divides, Poilievre unites. While Trudeau doubles down on government overreach, Poilievre pledges to empower citizens again. Poilievre’s whole career embodies the populist principles Rogan admires – standing up for the hardworking taxpayers that Trudeau’s elitist policies ignore and condemn.

Rogan sees Poilievre as Canadians like to see him; a leader attuned to the issues that matter most to average everyday Canadians. 

His surge in popularity pales in contrast to Turdeau’s ill fame, and further showcases how Canadians are hungry for this brand of down-to-earth conservatism.

With such a wide chasm between Trudeau’s words and actions, Rogan sees his re-election as unthinkable. As he so bluntly put it in early january when reacting to a crowd voicing their disapproval of Trudeau.

One more term of Trudeau’s arrogance and elitism will only quicken Canada’s race to the bottom. The choice facing voters is clear – continue ceding power to an out-of-touch elite, or take the country back with Poilievre’s people-powered conservatism.

In Rogan’s view, the fork in the road is clear. Does Canada choose more decline under an incompetent and hypocritical Trudeau? Or does it empower citizens and restore hope with Poilievre’s principled populism? Rogan thinks the choice is obvious – it’s time for Canadians to think the same. It’s time to take Canada back with Poilievre’s common sense leadership after Trudeau has sent the country dangerously off course for too long.

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