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Trudeau Ignoring Warnings as Deficits and Bureaucracy Balloon


Trudeau’s Reckless Spending

The reckless spending and mismanagement under Justin Trudeau ‘s government is leading Canada down a dangerous path. 

Despite repeated warnings from experts and the conservatives, Trudeau continues expanding the bureaucracy and racking up massive deficits that current and future generations will be stuck paying off. 

Public service unions have voiced shock over Trudeau’s latest plan to trim jobs through attrition. However, this tiny bandaid does little to reduce the bloated bureaucracy that has ballooned under Trudeau’s watch. 

Yet Trudeau insists on running up a $40 billion deficit while making mere token cuts. His priorities seem focused on growing government at all costs, not exercising restraint. Canadians are now thousands of dollars poorer in GDP per capita thanks to Trudeau’s failed economic policies.

With Canada’s economy unable to sustain Trudeau’s bloated bureaucracy and reckless spending, tough decisions on controlling deficits are needed. 

Trudeau’s gravy train risks driving the economy off the cliff. Will Canadians stand up and demand a change of course before it’s too late?

Trudeau Shoveling Your Money to Bloated Bureaucracy Unchecked

The Trudeau government’s mismanagement of the public service and reckless spending habits are putting Canada’s future at risk. Despite repeated warnings from experts, unions, and the opposition, Trudeau continues to bloat the bureaucracy and rack up massive deficits that current and future generations will be stuck paying off. 

Public service unions have sounded the alarm on the government’s latest move to trim the bureaucracy by 5,000 jobs through attrition. Chris Aylward, president of the Public Service Alliance of Canada, said “It’s always concerning to us, but to be honest, I think it’s a modest number.” 

This comes after huge growth under Trudeau, as Aylward pointed out: “From 2015 to 2020, the federal public service recovered from the Harper era where they cut almost 50,000 jobs. So from 2015 to 2020, the federal public service recovered from 10 years of Harper and Poilievre—and then of course the pandemic hit.”

While Aylward tries to defend the ballooning bureaucracy, even he admits “I think we can work with Treasury Board to figure out the least impact.” 

Other union leaders share concerns about increasing workloads. Ryan Campbell of the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada said for departments already struggling, this attrition “is going to make things harder for them.” 

Nathan Prier of the Canadian Association of Professional Employees said the government should be limiting contracting out, not reducing public sector jobs. Prier warns “There’s a big rush to cut accountable public service jobs. That’s not only bad for our members, but it’s bad for Canadian taxpayers who still foot the bill.”

Economist Don Drummond also called out the government’s out-of-control spending and misplaced priorities. He said “the size of the civil service has increased so phenomenally under the Liberal government.” 

Drummond points out the irony of Trudeau claiming this budget is about “fairness” and “affordability for young people,” when in reality it just piles on more debt for future generations. 

With the central bank fighting inflation, Drummond says there should be no deficit at all right now. But the government insists on running up a $40 billion deficit, along with a $15.8 billion projected spending cut that’s a mere drop in the bucket of their over $1 trillion debt. 

As Drummond writes, “Whether it is a bit over or under $40-billion is of little consequence.”

Treasury Board President Anita Anand defended the cuts, saying “We are simply looking at ways in which we can save money, cut red tape, and ensure that our taxpayer dollars are allocated towards our government’s priorities.” But their priorities seem to be growing the government at all costs while ignoring the warnings of fiscal responsibility.

Are we even surprised by Anand’s position? She has been supportive all along, covering up for the Liberal messes, including the GC Strategies ArriveCAN mess.

Anand has also championed diversity initiatives, focusing first on reforming military culture and now aiming at the public service. However, her methods are nothing but wokness and virtue signaling. 

After walking into a briefing with no Black employees present, she admitted “I said to the individuals briefing me: ‘Why aren’t there any Black individuals facing me?’ This is not acceptable.” 

Strong-arming the bureaucracy into quotas and scolding public servants seems more performative than effective. The top-down shaming approach risks brewing resentment, not cooperation. 

The Liberals seem convinced that spending endless amounts of money and growing the government is the solution to every problem. But Canada’s economy can’t sustain this. Tough decisions need to be made to rein in reckless spending and focus on people’s real priorities. 

Trudeau’s virtue-signaling optics do nothing to help working Canadians struggling with inflation and the rising cost of living. 

Canadians Poorer as Trudeau Grows Bureaucracy Unchecked

Speaking of economic pain, yet another devastating report exposes Trudeau’s utter failure on the economy. GDP per person is a whopping $4,200 lower than it should be based on the usual trends. That’s a chunk of change that could’ve made a real difference for hard-working Canadians. 

Instead, thanks to Trudeau’s policies, Canadians are thousands of dollars poorer while immigration keeps on surging.

This new StatsCan report pretty much shreds any claims the Liberals have about knowing how to handle the economy. Canadian incomes and living standards just keep slipping under Trudeau’s watch.

Our GDP growth last year was a measly 1.1% – the slowest since 2016. But Trudeau’s acting like everything’s good, while the rest of us deal with shrinking paychecks and sky-high prices.

Trudeau talks a big game about helping the middle class, but his crazy-high immigration policies are only making things worse. Our population shot up by a whopping 3.2% last year, mostly thanks to immigration. More people vying for jobs means lower wages for Canadians.

Even Trudeau himself admitted these outrageous immigration levels are putting “so much pressure” on communities and businesses are relying more on temporary foreign workers, further eroding Canadian wages and job opportunities.

And the hits keep coming for Canadians under Trudeau’s failed policies. Another shocking new report reveals that 50.1% of Canadians now say they’ve been forced by obscene food inflation under Trudeau to take risks with expired food. This staggering statistic exposes the true scale of the economic disaster the Liberals have inflicted on us.  

Canadians are so desperate to afford groceries that 23.1% admit they never throw out expired or overripe food anymore. 

Even worse, 20% believe they’ve gotten sick or had food poisoning from eating expired items. That’s 10% of Gen Z, a whopping 41% of Millennials, 24% of Gen Xers, and 20% of Boomers who’ve paid the price for Trudeau’s incompetence.

Nearly half of us have resorted to hoarding and freezing food to extend its shelf life since it goes bad long before we can afford to buy more. The cost of living is so out of control that we have to choose between buying fresh, safe food or keeping the lights on.

Canadians are fed up with the crazy prices they see when they grocery shop, all thanks to Trudeau’s 8 years of making life harder on Canadians who are struggling to provide the bare minimum for their families and kids.

No Canadian should have to face such an impossible choice. But for Trudeau, lavish state dinners and five-star hospitality at the next UN conference are higher priorities than the children and elderly going hungry in his country.

While he claims to sympathize with the middle class, his policies have crushed us. Canadians didn’t work hard to build one of the world’s greatest countries only to have a trust fund PM and his cronies demolish it.

Make no mistake – we are suffering because of Trudeau’s failed economic experiments and mountain of crippling debt. He can keep making excuses, but the facts don’t lie. 

Canadians are fed up with Justin Trudeau’s empty platitudes and being dictated to by out-of-touch Liberal elites. It’s time to get back to basics – controlled spending, responsible management, and respect for hard-working taxpayers. 

Trudeau’s bloated public service and culture of waste only benefits Liberal cronies, not average citizens struggling to get by. 

The bureaucracy needs to be drastically streamlined and modernized, not used as a bottomless piggy bank for Trudeau’s ideological pet projects and vote-buying schemes.

The federal bureaucracy has become fat and entitled after years of Trudeau’s reckless largesse with taxpayer money. But trimming a mere 5,000 jobs is a drop in the bucket when drastic action is required. 

Public sector unions act as if they have a right to endless growth and funding, while private sector workers foot the bill.

Canadians have sacrificed a lot over Trudeau’s years of mismanagement. Now it’s time for the bloated public service to face necessary cuts and reset its culture of waste and excess. 

Protecting bureaucrat jobs should not take priority over controlling Trudeau’s runaway deficits that hurt us all.  

Trudeau views taxpayers’ money as his personal campaign war chest. He is addicted to wasting it on big government boondoggles that reward his Liberal cronies and allies. This reckless road of soaring deficits, higher taxes and institutional groupthink must end.

It’s time Canadians demand a professional, efficient, fiscally responsible government that works for all people. The Conservatives under Pierre Poilievre present the clear choice for positive change and reform. The choice for Canada’s future is clear for all who care about this country.

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