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Trudeau Humiliated by Bill Maher on Live TV


A Brutal Takedown

Bill Maher delivered a brutal 10-minute smackdown of Justin Trudeau as he burns away the myth of Canada as a progressive and woke paradise.

Armed with stats and common sense, Maher torched Trudeau for tanking Canada into an unaffordable woke mess lurching from crisis to crisis. Whether it be the economic crisis leading to unemployment, or a health crisis plaguing all Canadians, Maher didn’t leave much to save face.

His ruthless mockery and declaration how Canada is a cautionary tale for every nation should make every Canadian cringe in embarrassment and look to change things for the better.

This is Canada’s rock bottom moment. A classic liberal comedian verbally demolishing Trudeau’s progressive fantasyland.

So, what are honest and hard working Canadians prepared to do about it?

Trudeau is Humiliated on TV

Trudeau has driven Canada to the lowest of lows when it comes to every possible aspect, so much so that it has become a tradition for Canada to be humiliated on the world stage with every powerful global nation laughing at the dire state that Canadians are in under the leadership of the Liberals and Justin Trudeau.

The latest round of shame and public humiliation comes from Bill Maher who took almost 10 minutes of his show’s time to present the woes of today’s Canada as a cautionary tale under the unchecked leadership of Trudeau and the corrupt liberal elites.

American comedian Bill Maher delivered a scathing takedown of Canada’s embarrassing state, skewering the myth that America’s northern neighbour is a progressive and woke paradise.

His brutally honest remarks exposed the growing dysfunction plaguing Canada under Justin Trudeau’s leadership.

Maher’s biting criticism should embarrass not just Trudeau but should in fact embarrass all Canadians into doing the right thing and booting the liberals out of office once and for all.

For too long, American liberals have held up Canada as an idyllic role model – a place of tolerance, generosity and enlightened government. Maher shattered that phony image, highlighting Canada’s ballooning debt, rising unemployment, healthcare crisis, and out-of-control woke ideology run amok under Trudeau’s nose.

Maher rightly pointed out that Canada is no longer the liberal utopia of old. With runaway immigration straining public services, unaffordable housing, and an economy buckling under massive government spending, Canada increasingly resembles a failed socialist state.

Our vaunted public services are crumbling thanks to an increasingly strained tax base and ideological mismanagement.

Maher then continued making light gestures about the state of Canada while highlighting various issues plaguing the country and how warning signs are blaring all over while Trudeau is silent about fixing any of the mess he has created.

Canada is now seen as a cautionary tale for other countries to avoid the extreme left and keep any liberals in check. It is just deeply unfortunate that Canada has now become an example and a case study instead of learning from another nation and avoiding this Liberal disaster altogether.

Bill Maher then proceeded to take the time to further highlight the issue with excessive and unchecked immigration that the liberals and Trudeau support unequivocally. He talks about how the issues will keep rising until the people are fed and will look for someone else to fix the problems for them, someone with some common sense.

Kudos to Maher for boldly puncturing the grand delusions Canadians maintain about ourselves. We are not the open, tolerant, fiscally responsible society of old. Runaway wokeness and government overreach have damaged Canada under Trudeau’s leadership.

Coming from a self proclaimed liberal, Maher’s words make too much sense in contrast with Trudeau’s liberal and corrupt policies. Maher stated how liberals have always been seen as the gas pedal while conservative are often rightfully seen as the brakes, but he will not support putting pedal to the metal when the car is going to go flying off a cliff.

A perfect analogy for what Canadians feel with trudeau, and what a perfect analogy without data and evidence to back it up.

Everything Bill Maher talked about was 100% right and provable by data and some common sense. Every day, hard working Canadians can simply go about their lives while bearing no mind or effort to highlight the woes of living and they will be promptly met with the sad reality of our great nation.

Trudeau Broke Canada

Let us start with the healthcare issue that Bill Maher highlighted among others.

Canada’s vaunted healthcare system is failing patients with new data revealing how dire the state is as we rank dead last in primary care access among 10 high-income nations. Just 86% of Canadian adults now have a regular doctor, down from 93% in 2016. This means a staggering 4 million Canadians lack basic primary care.

The data exposes the crumbling state of Canadian healthcare under Justin Trudeau’s watch. Despite massive and wasteful – as we have come to expect from the liberals – spending, healthcare delivery is worsening with longer wait times, doctor shortages and lack of access.

Other nations are outperforming Canada by wide margins. The Netherlands achieved 99% primary care access in 2023. Even the American private care model fared better at 87%.

Canadians now struggle to get appointments, with just 26% able to secure same or next-day access versus 46% in 2016. This strains emergency rooms as patients seek care.

The impacts are real. Nearly 40% of Canadians without a family doctor have a chronic condition and 29% take prescription medications. Denied proper care, their health will predictably worsen.

Low-income Canadians suffer most with less access to doctors. The system fails those who need it most while the affluent can access private options. This unequal, two-tier outcome is the inevitable result of cramped government monopolies.

Long wait times for tests, specialists and procedures further degrade Canadian healthcare. Patients endure agonising delays for essential diagnostics and treatment. Many turn to foreign hospitals paying out-of-pocket for timely care.

Canada now badly trails its peers in healthcare. We spend more per capita but achieve worse results due to mismanagement and strained capacity from excessive demand. Resources are spread too thin as the system verges on collapse.

All of this and we are not even touching upon the disastrous “safer supply” program that has Canadians smoking meth as a way to somehow magically curb addiction.

But the stupidity and the incompetence, sprinkled with some overt and wasteful spending does not end with Canadian healthcare. Because housing is an issue that will stay with Canadians for a while to come, and it is all because of Trudeau and the Liberals’ immigration policies.

Bill Maher touched upon this issue as a thorn in the side of Canada and how Trudeau’s way of handling it should be a cautionary tale for other nations looking for immigration as a temporary solution.

For years, Canadians have urged Trudeau and the liberals to pump the brakes on the increased immigration that will surely mess with our way of living and our economy and now Canadians are the ones left to foot all the misery that comes from such a rash and uncalculated decision by Trudeau.

He almost came close one time to fully admitting and taking responsibility for the excessive immigration policies during a conference on housing where he was heckled to hell and back.

But even after acknowledging the harm caused, he remains stubbornly committed to bringing in record numbers of new immigrants.

Trudeau conceded his flood-the-zone approach has driven down wages in some sectors by allowing businesses to exploit temporary foreign workers. He also linked surging immigration to the housing crisis pricing Canadians out of the market. You would think he would finally address immigration as a leading and root cause for the housing crisis, but you would be putting the wrong amount of trust into the wrong individual.

Trudeau insists on continuing mass immigration at a pace beyond what Canada can reasonably absorb.

He still claims 450,000-500,000 new permanent residents per year “benefits our citizens” – an assertion thoroughly contradicted by lived experiences of young Canadians.

With immigration-fueled population growth outpacing housing supply, home prices have skyrocketed out of reach for most young workers. Trudeau’s immigration policies directly contribute to this generational injustice.

Likewise, an oversupply of labour enabled by loose immigration depresses wages and job prospects for young people entering the workforce.

Business interests profit from cheap foreign workers while young Canadians pay the price. And this where unemployment rises and affordability continues to be nothing but a frivolous dream.

Instead of addressing core issues and making it easier for everyone else, Trudeau instead chooses to just keep spending taxpayers money without a second thought on housing plans and programs that have failed since he assumed leadership back in 2015.

A Government full of Liars

This is a liberal government that does not care where this excessive spending will lead Canadians. Even when asked about the possible consequences of a budget deficit, deputy prime minister Chrystia Freeland opts to lie and paint a rosy picture about Canada’s economy and how good they will be holding up.

Which is ironic considering her comment on Canada’s triple A credit rating is at risk according to an RBC report.

As RBC warns, a downgrade would hit Canadians directly through higher interest rates on mortgages, loans and credit cards. Households already struggling with unaffordable housing and record debt will have to endure even more financial pressure.

The upcoming Liberal budget promises even more lavish new spending rather than restraint.

Trudeau seems unable to control his tax-and-spend addictions despite the risks. This is how great nations quickly lose their financial footing.

And this is exactly how Canada might never escape the clown role on the world stage.

Canadians can listen to people like Bill Maher and conservative leaders like Pierre Poilievre, or they can choose to continue supporting a liberal government that is only in it for themselves.

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